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Week 5

Primary 1 had an exciting and busy 3 days this week.

On Wednesday the children all settled back into classroom routines so well after their long weekend.  We were working hard on taking our pencils for a walk and carefully completing some pencil control work.  We have been learning about how to be a good friend.  The children sorted pictures of friendly and unfriendly behaviors which generated great paired discussion.

“Good friends help each other.”  Rebecca

“Unfriendly people say unkind things.”  Autumn

Good friends play together and share.”  Joshua YM

Thursday was an exciting day!  We had a visit from Indigenous Drummers.  We went to a whole school assembly to meet the drummers.  We loved seeing so many smiling and mesmerised faces while the children watched the drummers and tried so hard to keep a beat.  We also had so much fun taking part in class drumming and dancing workshops.  It was great to see the children being so enthusiastic learning new skills.


“The beat went all over my body!” Owen

“I liked the drums.  The were loud!” Robbie

“The dancing made me really hot!” Lucia

“The dancing was fun!”  Ellie

“Everyone had to play the drums together.  I liked the music.” Finlay

In the afternoon we thought about what it feels like to be angry.  We learned some strategies to help us be calm.  We enjoyed using feathers and our fingers to practice calm breathing.  We also tried some Cosmic Kids yoga to help us stretch out and relax.

We had a visit from Mrs Bradley who takes the school choir. She is going to be visiting our class regularly to help us learn some new songs.  We loved the Loopy Lou song and actions!

In gym we are practicing our ball skills and focussed so well to roll and throw a ball with our partners.

Thank you for another great week!

We hope you all have a fab weekend!