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The Rainbow Fishes Adventure Begins…

Welcome to our first blog!!  We are The Rainbow Fishes in Primary Three!!!

The first term was extremely busy!! We have achieved so much and there is still so much to do.  I am excited about our continuing journey together. Below are some of the highlights and great successes of this term.  

  • We have completed lots of getting to know you activities.  This has involved lots of games, working together, encouragement and team building.
  • During some of our mornings we have structured play.  This allows us to use numerous skills to learn and develop.  Many of us enjoy and thrive on using technology in our class. We had to create and make a structure to show and explain to our peers.

Another activity we had to do was to make important things for a classroom.  This involved name tags, labels, books, instructions, games, etc. The children have observed how every adult has to wear a badge in our school.  Each person has a different colour depending on their role.  We discussed how this was a new rule to ensure everyone was safe.  Here is an example of our home made one.

  •  Well done to our many achievers both in and out of school this term too.  Here are only some of them.

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  • In reading we have worked consistency on our phonics to make us better spellers and writers.  We have continued to work on fluency and expression.  In the later part of the term, we have been learning about poems.  We shared some whole class poems about kindness.  Some reading groups have presented some poems they have been learning about in guided reading.  They have discussed how and why certain ways are better to present different poems to an audience.

We were very lucky to have a block of Kodaly lessons with an expert.  Rosalind is a Kodaly specialist that has come to work with us.  We are delighted to say she will continue to work with us at the end of this year in 2018 and then again next year. Here are some photos to capture some of the songs and games we have learnt.

We are so very grateful to all the families completing our kindness and homework grids this term.  The children have been undertaking so many wonderful challenges and becoming better mini people for it.  Well done to all the creative homework masterpieces too!!!

At the end of the term we wrote a diary entry explaining what stuck with us, what we enjoyed the most and why.  We hope you enjoyed our sharing. Have a wonderful holiday and we will see you next term for some more adventures together.  

Abbie M I liked PE, handwriting and doing our patterns in maths.  
Abbie S I loved making our fish because I decorated my one with rainbow colours.  This term I liked PE because I like when we played basketball. Basketball is my hobby and I love it.  
Ala I loved it when we did the spelling challenges.  I got the most words to spell and was the last one still doing the words.  This was a nice surprise for me as I did not expect it. I also liked doing the tree chalk pictures.  I thought my one was great. Plus I liked it when we got to design our own shoe after reading the story “Those Shoes”.  Next time I would like to do more topic work.
Amber I have enjoyed doing joined up handwriting because we get to do lots of writing.  I also enjoyed doing the trees on black paper with chalk because I like drawing.
Amelie My favourite thing was PE and reading.  I liked PE because we played lots of games.  I like reading because I had lots of good books this term.  The best one was “Spike Says”. We were learning about our phonics in reading.    
Billy I liked art.  
Calum I enjoyed maths this term and doing patterns.  I like my pattern as it is different and in the shape of a cross.  I like being creative.
Callum I liked when we were doing the computers because we played lots of different games.  I liked doing the art this term too. This is because I like colouring.  
Cameron I enjoyed doing the wordsearch with a partner as I like working together.  

I liked doing the rainbow fish too as I enjoyed making it.  

Charley I liked doing the word searches because I enjoyed trying to find all the words to colour them in.  I really enjoyed making and designing my rainbow fish. The display looks great as it is colourful and includes everyone in the class.  I liked doing the t-shirt art because I like colouring in. We learnt about primary colours – red, yellow and blue. I liked doing our patterns in maths.  We were able to do some work in art designing our own pattern in a square. I liked completing a tree picture on black paper with chalk too.
Clement I liked the patterns.  I liked colouring the shapes to make a pattern.    
Daisy I like the computers.  I like working with my partner Lily.  It is so much fun.

I like PE and we play games together.  

Daniel I liked playing on the computers in class and playing outside with my friends.  I liked when we played with a football in PE and my favourite game to warm up to is tig.  I like the computers because we have done lots of different types of games for maths and phonics.  
Emily I liked ERIC time this term as I enjoy reading.  I want to do more art next term as I enjoy crafts, paint and glitter.  I like doing Gonoodle as we get to do exercises during the day and dancing too.    
Erin I liked my helping homework because i Iike helping people.  I liked making my robot at home too. I liked doing pattern in maths.  We got to colour our own pattern and colouring shapes to make a pattern.  I liked doing this.
Esmee I really enjoyed doing the wordsearches.  I had to work with a partner and we nearly finished our wordsearch.  I enjoyed it because we worked hard together to do our best work. We even learnt new fruit that we did not know about.  
Finn This term I liked doing PE.

In maths I liked doing our pattern work.  We completed patterns and made our own ones too.  I made lots of bead patterns too to help with my fine motor skills for handwriting.  

Innes I like when we do art because I am extremely good at art.  I also think it is fun when we do PE. I have enjoyed mental maths and writing too this term.  My favourite thing to do is reading.
James My favourite day this term was when I got star of the day.  
Kyle I liked maths because we have played lots of games.  I really liked it when I got star of the day too.
Layla I have enjoyed many things this term.  I liked patterns in maths, golden time, star of the day and many many more things!! I liked PE and loved art.  I really loved us doing the tree in chalk. I hope we can do more kindness challenges next term.
Lennox I liked PE because I like getting fit.  I liked maths too. I like working on the number patterns.  I want to be smart.
Lewis I liked when we got a chance to make robots this term for homework.  I liked seeing everyone’s work in class. I like maths and we have played some fun games this term.    
Lily This term I really enjoyed phonics because it was fun and challenging.  I liked PE because we did basketball and it was fun. The best thing we did in art was the t-shirts.      
Oscar This term I have really enjoyed working on my writing as it has been fun!  
Struan I really enjoyed maths.  I liked making patterns. A pattern I know is circle, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle…  We have done a video on patterns in PE following the exercises and I made lots of patterns in a group.   
Zara I liked maths this term.  I enjoyed doing the patterns and I hope we do more.  I liked reading too as it is fun. Lastly I liked PE too.  

Thans for reading.  Come back soon for more updates!!!