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Transport Scotland Design Competition

Just a reminder about the Transport Scotland Design Competition.

Transport Scotland is looking for young designers to create a logo and/or slogan to promote the wearing of seatbelts.

The Seat Belts on School Transport (Scotland) Act 2017 means it is now a legal requirement for seatbelts to be fitted on all school transport.

Transport Scotland is looking for a striking logo and snappy slogan which will bring attention to the new national campaign.

3 entries per school are to be submitted by Wednesday February 28th. In order to meet the entry deadline, entries must be submitted to the JRSO team by Monday 26th at the latest.

Get creative and use your imagination, we look forward to seeing your designs!

For more information, please see the link below:



Road Safety Police Visit

On Tuesday our Community Police Officer, Officer MacPherson, came to speak to us in assembly.

We asked Officer MacPherson to come in because with the new Westlink Road, there is a lot more traffic around our school. With this in mind, we want to make sure everyone is staying safe while travelling to school.

Officer MacPherson revised the Stop, Look and Listen rules as well as discussing ways in which we can be safe when walking and cycling. These include wearing bright clothes, never running across the road, wearing a helmet and having lights when you are cycling.

We would like to thank Officer MacPherson for coming in to speak to us this week.


Road safety week competition

Thank you for all your Road Safety poster entries, they were fantastic! It was a very difficult to pick winners from each class but eventually we managed it!

We, the JRSO team, have selected a winning poster from each class, which you can see below. Make sure to look out for the winning posters, around the school car park.

C block road safety rotations

Today for Road Safety Week, we enjoyed a carousel of activities in C-block involving P5, P6 and P7.

  1. With Mr. Henstridge we looked at a Road Safety PowerPoint and answered questions all about road safety.
  2. With Mrs. Chalmers we enjoyed blether stations. This allowed us to share our opinions on current rules of the road such as whether we agree with speed limits around schools
  3. With Mrs Nicholson we enjoyed a range of computer games all in relation to road safety from the Think! website.
  4. With Mr. Ross we learnt all about the different road crossing including Toucan, Zebra and Subways.
  5. Finally with Miss Allan we created our Road Safety posters. These will will be entered into a completion with winning entries from each class being displayed around our school carpark.

“It’s good to make road safety posters so adults and children know in the carpark have information such as the speed limit and where to park – it makes them more aware.”

“I learnt that a solid white line means no overtaking and a broken white line means it’s okay to overtake.”

“Always look left and right when crossing the road.”

“I am making a road safety poster about looking both ways when crossing.”

“I made a speed limit poster, explaining that school car park speed limit is 5mph.”

“I enjoyed the blether stations because it was nice to talk and share opinions.”

“I liked the computer game where you had to cross when no cars were coming and the game where you got to be a police officer.”

“The fine for drivers when they are caught speeding is on average £100.”

“I learned all the different types of crossing for example the toucan crossing which comes from two-can-cross so bikes and pedestrians can use the same crossing.”

“I liked the blether stations because we could say what we thought about rules of the road.”

“I learned not to be silly on the road because it can hurt others.”

“My favourite activity was creating a road safety poster which helps people to stay safe.”

“I enjoyed being in a mixed group with lots of different classes.”

“Today was really good – it was good because the activities were fun and we were learning all about road safety.”

“I liked the game don’t distract Dad, so it taught me how to behave in the car when mum and dad are driving”

“I learned all about the different crossing which I didn’t know before.”

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