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Severe weather


A note regarding what action to take during bad weather is distributed to all children in November.

The following is important:

The decision as to whether a pupil should attempt to travel to school in adverse weather conditions, whether by transport or on foot, lies with the parents. While recognising that education should be interrupted as little as possible, the Education Authority accepts that in severe weather conditions the safety of the pupils is paramount.

During adverse weather conditions, the school would always try to maintain a normal service. If there was an occasion when the school was unable to open, due to overnight power failure and/or heating problems and bad road conditions, notice would be given in the morning on local radio and through the HOLM PRIMARY SCHOOL TELEPHONE MESSAGING SERVICE and HIGHLAND COUNCIL WEBSITE.

Normal hourly news bulletins will carry local information on weather, roads and conditions affecting schools. In severe conditions normal programmes will be interrupted to carry emergency bulletins. Radio stations request that since telephone lines are busy at such times, parents should not telephone in for advice but listen to appropriate broadcasts or telephone the school messaging service.


This service allows parents to listen to a recorded message from the head teacher. To use this service:

Dial Highland Council’s access number 0800 564 2272
Now enter the school’s own pin number when prompted 04 2230
Press 1 to hear the school’s message about adverse weather

The Education, Culture and Sport Service has developed a winter weather website which parents can log onto from home in order to access school closure information. This can be accessed at the following web address:-

Please make sure that if you do send your child to school when the weather is doubtful and you have to leave your home that he/she clearly knows what action to take if the school is closed i.e. to go to the home of the emergency contact.