Encouraging independence, creative thinking and more

RME and Literacy


Why join these 2 subjects?

Interdisciplinary learning occurs when experiences and outcomes are grouped across different curricular areas. This enables relevant, challenging and enjoyable experiences for the children.

We are using this approach to join Literacy and Religious and Moral Education in order to develop higher order thinking skills for all children in the school, and to encourage deep, personal reflection upon the issues of morality and religion.

There aims of this page are to:

  • Challenge your children’s thinking, and your own, using our weekly challenge.
  • Give information and links to useful websites for enhancing literacy and RME from home.


thinkingEach week, we will either share thought provoking ideas , or create questions to get you thinking and talking at home.

We hope you enjoy these thought provoking challenges and look forward to hearing about the discussions that have resulted from them!

THINKING CHALLENGE – click on the link below and enjoy stretching your mind!


If you would like to encourage higher order thinking skills at home, these question fans (using Bloom’s taxonomy) will enable you to create questions about the book that you and your child are reading – Bloom’s question fans