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Holm PC Newsletter June 2019

Please find proposed agenda for the Parent Council meeting to be held on Monday 13th May. We are sure you will agree we have a lot to get through but if there is anything we have missed then please do get in touch. Previous approved minutes can be found on the school blog and in the Parent Council Folder at the school office.

All Holm families welcome to come along and we look forward to seeing you there.

Parent Council Minutes

Feb 2019 Minutes of the Holm Primary PC


Holm Primary Parent Council Meeting
Monday 13th May 2019
Holm Primary School

1) Welcome & Apologies
2) Approval of previous minutes
3) Matters Arising
a) Communication with school
b) Class/teacher allocations
c) School trips
4) Additional Needs Support & Pupil Support Assistants
5) Safer Routes to School
a) High Visibility Vests
b) Cycling Proficiency & White Lining
6) Finance Update
7) Headteacher Report/Update
a) Mrs Matheson Retirement/Headteacher appointment
8) Fundraising Update
a) The Sun Book Tokens and books
b) Spring Fayre
9) Playground Supervision/Parental Concerns
10) Partnership/Working together
a) Social Media
b) Parent volunteers
11) Highland Parent Council Partnership
a) Chromebook covers
12) AOCB

Dates of future meetings: to be arranged
All meetings held in the school from 1915 to 2100

March Newsletter Holm PC Newsletter March 2019

Dear All,

We require volunteers to help with the set up & running of stalls, signing in and out and keeping an eye on the children on the dance floor during the discos.

If you can give just 30 mins of your time before, during or after each disco then please get in touch. We cannot do it without your help.

Please email us at to let us know when and if you’re free.

 Many thanks 


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Parent Council Agendas

PC Agenda 26th Nov 2018

PC Agenda 3rd Dec 2018

PC Agenda 11th Feb 2019


Parent Council Minutes

Parent Council Meeting Minutes 11.09.17 

Parent Council Meeting Minutes 20.11.17

Parent Council Meeting 3.9.18

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