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P5 World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March P5 celebrated World Book Day by partaking in a variety of different literacy based activities.


A – Z of book characters, authors or titles


Groups had to think about characters, authors or book titles beginning with every letter in the alphabet. 3 points were awarded for authors, 2 for book titles and 1 for characters.


Big Book Bonanza Quiz


In groups we took part in a very difficult book related quiz.


My Character Profile


Using either a someone from a book or our imagination, we wrote a character description.


World Book Day Wordsearch


We searched carefully for a variety of book related words.


Book Token Design Competition

We had the opportunity to enter a national competition where some designs will be used on book tokens throughout the UK.


Book Swap

We had the opportunity to bring in and swap books that we no longer wanted.  This was a great way of seeing the huge variety of authors and genre available, allowing us all to continue to enjoy reading.

  • I enjoyed World Book Day because it was fun learning about different books and doing a quiz.
  • I enjoyed swapping books and doing lots of different activities to do with books I had read.
  • I really enjoyed World Book Day because I loved the book swap and I got another great story book to read instead.
  • It was great fun to make up a new character of our own!
  • I think it is a great way to encourage people to read and to help people enjoy books.