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P3 & P3/4 Visit to the Highland Wildlife Park

P3 & P3/4 had a fantastic day visiting the Highland Wildlife Park.

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Emily “I liked it when we saw the polar bears getting fed.”

Charley “I liked the polar bears the best too.”

Lewis “Me too.”

Amber ” I liked seeing them doing normal things.  It was nice to see some of them in the water,. just swimming about.”

Oscar ” I liked seeing l the real antlers and fur with Jasper on the bus.”

Amelie ” I liked when we drove all around the park to see all the different animals and find out lots of facts. The wild cats were my favourite animal.”

Quotes from P3/4

  • I enjoyed seeing Victoria and Hamish, I had never seen them before, and they were very cute and playful.
  • I really enjoyed seeing the tigers, they were big close up and very scary when they came up close to the fence.
  • I liked seeing the park keepers feeding the polar bears; they were fed some apple, melon and rats.
  • I liked seeing the artic foxes because the little ones were very cute.
  • I enjoyed seeing the snow leopards because it was funny when one of them fell off the high ledge onto the ground but it was ok because it got up straight away.
  • I learnt how tall a polar bear is; when it is standing on two legs it’s as tall as the bus.
  • I learnt that the artic fox changes colour, in the winter it is white and in the summer it is brown.
  • The Wildlife Park opened in 1972, it looks after the animals, sometimes breeds them and prepares them for going back into the wild.
  • I learnt that polar bear fur is clear and not white.
  • I learnt that the red deer antlers are made from bones; we got to feel these on the bus.