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Nursery – week beginning 24th June

Last week we had a busy day cutting the grass with a real lawnmower.  The grass was so long our little push along mower didn’t make a dent in it!  We spoke to the children about how the 2 mowers were different,they quickly spotted that one used power to make it go as it had to be plugged in. Rules were discussed and a timer was used to ensure every one could have a turn with the mower.





The Turtle Room currently has a ‘camper van’ homecorner, which has initiated lots of good imaginative play along with some good questions about what might be inside a real van.  We felt the best way to answer these questions was to show them the real thing!  The children all had a look inside, finding a cooker, fridge, table and 2 beds, one in the roof!  They were also able to draw some great pictures of the van .


After seeing inside the campervan the children then began to play campfires in the garden.  We felt this was an ideal opportunity to make our own real fire, and after establishing a safe area and talking to the children about the dangers of fire and the rules they would have to follow to ensure their safety Mrs Christie lit an amazing fire.


Sports Day, here are just a few photos of our great sports day. We were so lucky with the weather and with the amount of people that came to see us.  ThePrimary 5’s were also an excellent help.