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Nursery Learning week commencing 6th January 2020

Welcome back to nursery and our new term and welcome to all the new boys and girls who have joined us for the first time.  We look forward to getting to know you and will support any uncertainties you may have.  Do let nursery staff know if you are unsure.  So far everyone has been very busy despite us loosing a room to a flood!  This has meant moving to another room in school and the children have enjoyed this new experience with familiar toys and adults around them.

Whilst the Turtle Room has been out of action we have been able to use the time out of the room as a transition for the children, introducing them to A block (which is where they will go when they go to primary 1) and the demountable (next to Primary 7)


Next week we will choose different technologies and reference sources (using the Ipad, Alexa and books) to find out about the animals and countries we are learning about.

If you have visited a faraway country and have photos of your child there, do bring them in and we will try to find them on our giant map!


We plan to learn lots more about our world.