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Nursery learning week commencing 16th December 2019

The snow this week has given the children lots of learning activities outside with a new twist!  Snow!


Well done to all the children for their singing and performing.  All the children have been singing their Christmas songs in Nursery, to the staff, to Primary 1 and to parents of children moving to P1 next year.  Well done to you all!  You are all great singers!

On Thusday morning the boys and girls had a look at a great big map to see where Santa flies to on Christmas Eve.  Lots of children had some ideas of the world and countries but all were interested in the idea of a map and places ‘a really long way away!’  This will be something we will take forward with the children next year.

We finished with a quiz using buzzers which the children respond so wel with, one to use in the new year!


Nursery staff wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year – 2020!

Nursery will reopen on Monday 6th January.