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Nursery learning week beginning 13th January 2020

This week the children have all continued to settle back into nursery and are once again exploring both rooms and outside, getting to know their new friends who have joined us this term and generally being very busy.

This week we have used technology to help us learn about the world around us and their world closer to home.


The boys and girls have been exploring making their own worlds and creating animals and characters to live in them.  Lots of team work and discussions and negotiations going on to build what the children want to create.


We are still using our maps and globes to talk about the places we know and what they mean to us.


On Wednesday we had another baking session, well not so much baking, but lots of stirring and discussion about smells and textures of our ingredients.

Our sensory path is getting bigger as we continue to  work hard adding new sections.  Due to the wet weather the path was even more adventurous as the hole we had dug was filled with water …..perfect for splashing in!



To continue our interest in faraway places, the children are welcome to bring in a book from home that is from a faraway place or as about animals from faraway countries! They could even read it to the other children if they know the story well enough!

 Remember your child can bring in photos of themselves in faraway places and we will try to find the place they visited on the map!