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Nursery at the Creative Cafe 23rd Feb 2018

Nursery and Primary 1 Creative Cafe 2018

All ready to sell our cakes at the Creative Cafe.

Some of us can’t wait!

We are at our table waiting to see the parents coming in.

Our first customer. She thought our cakes looked lovely.

Carole was very impressed with our stall. She bought cakes and cookies.

We soon got the hang of selling and our cookies quickly sold out. This was the last packet! Luckily we had moon cakes and crispie cakes still to sell.

The crispie cakes sold well too and we had to make sure we were giving the right change.

Sometimes we said, ‘Have a nice day!’, when the customers left.

We all took the money when we were selling. Sometimes it was 50p and sometimes it was a pound coin.

Our price board helped us know what amount to ask.

All of us were selling the cakes.

We even sold cakes to our friends who came to visit our stand.

They gave the right money . . .

. . . and we gave them change if they needed it.

Finally the last cake was sold.

Now it was time to count up the money.

We all had a go.

Then we had a look at all the coins we had been given. Lots of numeracy and coin matching work at this stand. The children were keen to engage with the parents and sell their cakes. This gave them great practice in experiencing a shop environment and they all were enthusiastic to take part.

Creative Café slideshow 2018