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New Year Nursery January 2019

We are starting a new term in nursery and have welcomed some new boys and girls this week.  There has been lots of interesting play both indoors and outdoors.


One of the new jobs in Nursery is the ‘Helper Badge Person’.  This person volunteers to be a help to anyone who would like a hand to do something or find something.  The Helper Badge Person wears a badge for the day and is very helpful!

Our first Helper Badge Person.  Thanks for volunteering to help, you were a great help today.  ‘Today I helped a friend unclip the cycle helmet.  It was tricky’.

We have a helper in both rooms with the official job title in the Bear Room being ‘The Help Inspector’, At circle time we spoke about what the role of this job would be with the children coming up with lots of good ideas –

“help people who don’t know what to do”

Help tidy up”

Help someone who is upset”

“help find a teacher”

“show people how to play games”


Another new job has been created for our Job Centre in the nursery as there are so many children eager to help.  The job has been named by the children as the ‘lunch helper’ and as well as promoting literacy through ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ it really does help staff prepare for the next day.


This week the boys and girls have spent time in their new play house in the Turtle room.    On Tuesday the house had 3 new visitors for the children to meet.


A great first week of 2019!