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Numeracy & Maths

Numeracy and maths are essential parts in our daily lives. At Holm School, we strive to engage our children in meaningful and challenging maths experiences which prepare them for life and work beyond school.

Below are a number of links that can be accessed at home to help develop your understanding of our maths curriculum.

This particular section of the Education Scotland website provides examples of ways parents and carers can help to support their child’ s numeracy development at home.

This website will show you important documentation regarding the structure of the curriculum.

This blog concentrates on the games, resources and research that many Highland council schools use to aid the delivery of their maths curriculum.

This site gives parents and carers advice to help develop their chid’s reading, writing and counting skills through different games and activities.


Here are some tried and tested websites we like to use in school to incorporate digital technologies to our maths curriculum.  Please feel free to use these at home.

“Games that make learning fun”. A free and individualized website that allows children to have their own account. As the children play games and answer questions, the programme differentiates the level of questioning to enable a bespoke experience. If your child solves problems correctly, it will gradually increase the challenge. The school will set up accounts for all children and distribute these to you.

An interactive website that allows children to participate in games that can be chosen to suit needs.

An interactive website that allows children to participate in games.

An interactive website that allows children to participate in games.