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Developing The Young Workforce

P5 had employees of Wills Brothers who are the main contractors for building the new Ness-side Bridge in to talk about their jobs.  Before they came P5 got together to make a list of the questions that we could ask them.

  • It was interesting because we got to hear from 5 different people and their experiences in their job.
  • I learnt that it doesn’t matter if you are male or female to become a builder or office manger or digger driver.
  • A digger can move at 4/5 miles an hour.
  • You need maths for all the jobs we listened to today.
  • If the digger get stuck when its raining it is hard to pull it out.
  • In every job there are dangers but that’s what the health and safety manager looks after.
  • One of the workers went to more than 30 countries with his job.
  • You need to be good at maths, reading and writing in all the jobs for example for doing reports.
  • Office managers need good organisational skills.