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Primary 7 – 15/16

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Dancemania – June 2016

At the beginning of this year, Dancemania restarted for Primary 5 – 7.  During this very short time, the children have achieved so much.  I was proud to watch them celebrate in their many successes including:

The ASG Dance Platform where they performed a dance to “Sax” by Fluer;

The international Big Dance Pledge 2016 on May 20th at 1pm;

and recently led the whole school in morning dance sessions.

Thank you to all my Dancemania Divas and Rockstars.  I have loved working with you all.

Inter School Sports- Champions!

On Saturday a group of children from P6 and P7 represented Holm School at the Inter School Sports event at Bught Park. It was an extra special year for the South Highland Athletics Association as it was the centenery  year .Our pupils performed extremely well in the events including 80m, 150m and 600m races, relays, shot putt, high jump and long jump.

Two of the children from P7 broke records for High Jump and Shot Putt .

  • Section 2 High Jump new record- 1m 43cm
  • Section 2 Shot Putt new record- 6m 57cm

Holm won overall for Section 2! What an incredible achievement. We are very proud of everyone who participated. Well done!

Here are some thoughts from our wonderful competitors.

  • “It was a fun experience.”
  • “I liked doing my events, it was really good that the school won and that we broke some records.”
  • “I was really nervous before running the 150m but I felt good after running it.”
  • “I enjoyed doing the relay because it was fun running for the school.”
  • “I thought our team did really well in the relay. I had fun because it was my first time in the competition.”
  • “It was fun cheering and supporting our team when they were running in the race.”
  • “It was good cheering on our team mates.”
  • “I enjoyed the 80m because it’s nice to win.”
  • “I felt nervous for the relay but when it came to the time I really enjoyed it.”
  • “I enjoyed the 80m sprint because I got in the top 3.”
  • “It was fun because we got to try a lot of different sports.”
  • “Personally I felt surprised when I won 1st place.”
  • There were a lot more people than I thought were running in our race.”
  • “There was a good atmosphere and was fun,”
  • “The relay was fun as we were against different schools.”
  • “It was exciting when you were running because we could hear everyone cheering for us.”
  • “It was a great atmosphere competing because we all wanted everyone to do well.”
  • “Everyone was really encouraging and supportive.”



‘Medal Muddle’ Maths

Today we worked in teams of 10 or 11 to solve the problem ‘Medal Muddle.’ We were given a list of countries who had participated in a competition but their scores/positions were muddled up and we had to work out the correct finishing positions. We had to pick out  the key information, put names of the countries on labels and made a human model to solve it. Once we had more information we could move the countries around.

“First we figured out which country came first then worked logically to find out the correct order of the countries.”

“I thought it was fun because it was hard to sort out the countries.”

“Problem solving was fun because I like maths.”

“It was really hard.”

“It was fun working it all out together.”

“It was tricky working in the groups but we got there in the end.”

“It took lots of thinking and problem solving strategies.”

DSCN4564[1] DSCN4560[1] DSCN4559[1] DSCN4552[1] DSCN4551[1] DSCN4566[1]

Health and Well-being Dancing Fun and Boxing

We had a super start to the day with a fun ‘Wake and Shake’ led by our Dancemania group. We joined in with four different dance to wake us up. It was great fun and we can’t wait to do it again tomorrow morning. Thanks Dancemania!

 DSCN4478[1] DSCN4476[1]

DSCN4475[1] DSCN4474[1]


We also took part in some Boxing sessions with Mr Ross.

There was a very important rule that we had to follow: Don’t make contact with anyone because we were just learning the different types of moves.

We had a great time, thank you Mr Ross!

DSCN4531[1] DSCN4530[1] DSCN4519[1] DSCN4522[1] DSCN4521[1] DSCN4508[1] DSCN4509[1] DSCN4504[1]

  • “I liked boxing because we got to box for the first time.”
  • “I enjoyed boxing because it was the first time and it was really fun.”
  • “I liked boxing because I liked the moves.”
  • “I found it fun because I learned that there are lots of different types of punches.”


Thank You Eco Crew!

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the Eco Crew members as today went so well. The Eco Crew created the activities and led the workshops. They have worked very hard at sharing our agenda with the school and they showed great leadership skills throughout the day.

Well done,

Mrs Gibb!

DSCN4428[1] You have worked well as a team,encouraging others to get involved in the school’s eco agenda. I can see from the happy faces that as well as having exciting learning experiences, a fun time was had by all. Well done!

Mrs Matheson

Eco Day – The Trouble with Dragons!

A great day was had by all today at our Eco Day!

At one of the stations the children listened to the story ‘The Trouble with Dragons’ and thought about the messages the story was trying to teach us. Here are some of the children’s thoughts:

‘I liked the book because it was about being kind to animals. It was also trying to teach us that we must show kindness and love to our world.’ Melody P2

‘I enjoyed the book because I liked how the dragons had to look after the world and not treat it like a dump. They learned their lesson in the end.’ Suzie P2


DSCN2118 DSCN2119


The children had a wonderful time exploring all of the different activties!

‘It was a really good experience because I’ve never done it before!’ Rosa P2

‘I enjoyed all of it!’ Lincoln P2

‘I really enjoyed listening to the story because I hadn’t heard it before.’ Katie P2

DSCN2108 DSCN2109 DSCN2115 DSCN2122 DSCN2126 DSCN2130 DSCN2132 DSCN2135 DSCN2136 DSCN2140 DSCN2141


Eco Assembly and Katy the Ranger

Today we had an Eco assembly to let everyone in the school know what the Eco Crew have been up to.We also showed pictures from the wild life camera and let people know what is going to happen during Eco Day.They interviewed the nursery children and they explained what they have been doing for Eco.

  • ‘I felt nervous about the assembly but after I felt happy because we did really well.’
  • ‘I liked seeing the photos of the animals.’
  • ‘I liked that the Eco Crew interviewed nursery because I think it’s a good idea for nursery to do the eco.’
  • DSCN4365[1] DSCN4370[1] DSCN4355[1] DSCN4363[1]

Katy the Ranger presented a talk about Endangered Species in the afternoon. We learned lots of interesting facts.

Here is what some of us learned:

  • ‘I learned lots about animals and how they could become extinct. Now I know more about what’s happening to them.’
  • ‘Now I know about their habitats and where they live. I found out that the red squirrels normally live in Pine Cone Trees and the Pine Martins only go for the grey squirrels.’
  • ‘I know a bit more how they are struggling to live and how they suffer.’
  • ‘It was good learning about different animals. I felt sad that the elephants were endangered.’
  • ‘Now I kind of know if I see one of the animals are in danger I will help them. I feel sad about all of the ones in danger.’

DSCN4392[1] DSCN4391[1]

Loch Insh day 1

Good morning from the beautiful Loch Insh. The weather has been outstanding and we are set for another scorcher!

So far we have built rafts and tested them ( where many failed and we all feel in),  canoed and did orienteering. Great fun.

I will try to post each morning,  but it is a rush so I may not be able to.

Everyone is happy and having a great time!


Spring Fayre

We are fast approaching  the day of our Spring Fayre, run by the Parent Council. This takes place on Saturday, 23 April from 12pm-3pm. There are a LOT of exciting things to do, including;

  • Bouncy castle
  • Fun slide
  • Stalls
  • Competitions
  • Stocks – throwing things at teachers!

We hope you can make it and we look forward to a great community event

Spring Fayre

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