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Primary 5 – 15/16

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First Aid with P5 & P5/6

Today P5 & P5/6 got together to learn about Emergency Action.

  • Know that getting help in an emergency is an important part of first aid.
  • Learn when to get adult help.
  • Know how to call 999.
  • Find out what happens when they call 999 and what information they need to give.
    • I enjoyed first aid because it gave me the experience of how to do first aid.
    • I learnt different ways of treating people if they are in need of first aid – putting pressure on a bleeding wound.
    • I enjoyed the different groups because I enjoy working with others.
    • It was fun doing the quiz because it made me more confident.
    • I enjoyed doing the 999 call because I now know what to do if I am in that situation.
    • If you put butter on a burn it keeps the burn going and it hurts even more.
    • I learnt the basics of first aid.
    • I now know when to phone 999 in an emergency.
    • The computer games helped me identify hazards in the home.

Dancemania – June 2016

At the beginning of this year, Dancemania restarted for Primary 5 – 7.  During this very short time, the children have achieved so much.  I was proud to watch them celebrate in their many successes including:

The ASG Dance Platform where they performed a dance to “Sax” by Fluer;

The international Big Dance Pledge 2016 on May 20th at 1pm;

and recently led the whole school in morning dance sessions.

Thank you to all my Dancemania Divas and Rockstars.  I have loved working with you all.

P5 Visit to Highland Wildlife Park

  • I enjoyed the school trip because I got to learn about different animals.
  • I liked seeing the tigers, snow leopards and all the endangered animals that we got to see and might not get to see again.
  • It was a good opportunity to see animals that I have not seen before.
  • I enjoyed seeing the polar bear when it was eating the frozen meat for its dinner.
  • My favourite part of the school trip was getting the bus tour around the park and my favourite animals were the snow leopard and tiger.
  • I enjoyed learning about the animals that were endangered and how we could help them.
  • I learnt about the different endangered and critically endangered animals such as the northern white rhino, snow leopard, tiger and Scottish wild cat.
  • My favourite part was seeing the snow leopard because I have never seen one before.
  • I learnt that animals at the park get their names after they are born from places, mountains and rivers in Scotland.
  • I learnt that snow leopard’s tails can be as big as their body.
  • I learnt lots of different ways of how we can help endangered animals from not becoming extinct.
  • I enjoyed seeing animals that I have never seen up close before and seeing them being fed.
  • I learnt that most of the animals that are endangered are because of humans using bones for medicine and fur for clothes.
  • I enjoyed the tour because you got to touch and feel real antlers, horns and fur.
  • I learnt that there are only 3 white rhinos left in the world.
  • I enjoyed the artefacts being passed around the bus because it gave me a chance to see and feel what they were like.
  • I liked seeing the amur tiger because I haven’t seen one before and I learnt lots of interesting facts about it.
  • I liked seeing the Japanese crane, I liked its long beak.

‘Medal Muddle’ Maths

Today we worked in teams of 10 or 11 to solve the problem ‘Medal Muddle.’ We were given a list of countries who had participated in a competition but their scores/positions were muddled up and we had to work out the correct finishing positions. We had to pick out  the key information, put names of the countries on labels and made a human model to solve it. Once we had more information we could move the countries around.

“First we figured out which country came first then worked logically to find out the correct order of the countries.”

“I thought it was fun because it was hard to sort out the countries.”

“Problem solving was fun because I like maths.”

“It was really hard.”

“It was fun working it all out together.”

“It was tricky working in the groups but we got there in the end.”

“It took lots of thinking and problem solving strategies.”

DSCN4564[1] DSCN4560[1] DSCN4559[1] DSCN4552[1] DSCN4551[1] DSCN4566[1]

Health and Well-being Dancing Fun and Boxing

We had a super start to the day with a fun ‘Wake and Shake’ led by our Dancemania group. We joined in with four different dance to wake us up. It was great fun and we can’t wait to do it again tomorrow morning. Thanks Dancemania!

 DSCN4478[1] DSCN4476[1]

DSCN4475[1] DSCN4474[1]


We also took part in some Boxing sessions with Mr Ross.

There was a very important rule that we had to follow: Don’t make contact with anyone because we were just learning the different types of moves.

We had a great time, thank you Mr Ross!

DSCN4531[1] DSCN4530[1] DSCN4519[1] DSCN4522[1] DSCN4521[1] DSCN4508[1] DSCN4509[1] DSCN4504[1]

  • “I liked boxing because we got to box for the first time.”
  • “I enjoyed boxing because it was the first time and it was really fun.”
  • “I liked boxing because I liked the moves.”
  • “I found it fun because I learned that there are lots of different types of punches.”


Health Week

  • I enjoyed health week because it was fun doing things we don’t normally do. I also learnt that an artery is bigger than a vein.
  • I enjoyed the stations because I enjoyed working with other classes.
  • I enjoyed doing Dancemania first thing as it got me moving.
  • I enjoyed making the fruit pizza’s because everyone had their own little job to do.
  • I enjoyed the friendship paper chain with Miss Campbell, we got to choose the words we put on it.
  • I learned about the heart and interesting facts about it such as: the heart beats about 3 billion times in your life.
  • I enjoyed health week because I learned lots of new facts about the body such as: our heart is about the same size as our fist.
  • I enjoyed health week because we got to work with partners, groups and other classes.
  • I learnt that there are twenty muscles in the hand.
  • I liked the yoga because you learnt how to balance.
  • I enjoyed the scavenger hunt because I learnt some new things for example there are four types of blood: A, B, O & AB.
  • I learned that babies have more bones than adults.
  • I learned that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown.
  • I learned that the brain weighs 3lbs.
  • I learned that your heart is about the same size as your fist.
  • I learned that you have 100,000 hairs on your head and you lose 60 hairs a day.

Health Scavenger Hunt C Block

Today is the start of Holm Health and Well-being week and we have lots of exciting and interesting activities to help us learn about the different areas of Health.

This morning we completed a Scavenger Hunt that taught us lots of different facts about the human body.

  • “I enjoyed the hunt because it was really fun.”
  • “I learnt that babies have more bones than adults.”
  • “I found it interesting and I learned new facts such as babies have more bones than adults.”
  • “I was surprised that babies have more bones than adults.”
  • “Your left lung is smaller so the heart can fit in your body.”
  • “I enjoyed being outside in the sun.”
  • “I enjoyed walking around the field, discussing the questions and writing down the answers.”
  • “It’s always fun working with children in other classes.”
  • “I was shocked that you use more muscles to frown than smile.”
  • “I learned that your heart is about the same size as your fist.”
  • “I enjoyed the scavenger hunt because I learnt some new things for example there are four types of blood: A, B, O & AB.”
  • “I learned that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown.”
  • “I learned that the brain weighs 3lbs.”
  • “I learned that you have 100,000 hairs on your head and you lose 60 hairs a day.”

DSCN4471[1] DSCN4470[1] DSCN4469[1] DSCN4466[1] DSCN4463[1] DSCN4462[1] DSCN4461[1] DSCN4460[1] DSCN4459[1] DSCN4458[1] DSCN4456[1] DSCN4455[1]




Eco Day

Katy the Ranger visited the upper school to talk about endangered animals.

  • I learnt that some of the animals I like are endangered.
  • I learnt that blue whales are huge, they are about the same size as our games hall.
  • I learnt that the reason  wild cats are endangered is because they are not mating with the other wild cats.


Station 7 – String of Life Game


  • I enjoyed Eco Day because it gave as a chance to mingle with other classes and gave us an opportunity to do fun things.
  • I enjoyed Eco Day because we went round the different classes doing different stations up until lunch.
  • I enjoyed Eco Day because I got to run a station and take charge of learning the Eco crew song.
  • I enjoyed the Eco Day because there was lots of different activities to do.
  • I enjoyed Eco Day because we did a lot of fun things, my favourite activity was the String of Life game.
  • I liked doing the orienteering because we got to learn outside.
  • I enjoyed when we were making a picture in outdoor art, I used sticks, leaves, stones and branches.
  • I enjoyed when the whole school went outside and we all joined in singing the eco crew song.
  • I enjoyed the getting cups and putting them in the bug hotel to help little insects find somewhere to live.

Thank You Eco Crew!

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the Eco Crew members as today went so well. The Eco Crew created the activities and led the workshops. They have worked very hard at sharing our agenda with the school and they showed great leadership skills throughout the day.

Well done,

Mrs Gibb!

DSCN4428[1] You have worked well as a team,encouraging others to get involved in the school’s eco agenda. I can see from the happy faces that as well as having exciting learning experiences, a fun time was had by all. Well done!

Mrs Matheson

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