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Primary 3 – 15/16

Thank You Jodi – it was Tastetastic

Jodi was kind enough to work with the children of B block during Health Week.

She and some children prepared a healthy, secret, green smoothie for all the children to taste.The secret team cleaned, chopped and mixed the four ingredients together.

Each class then tasted the healthy smoothie and tried to guess what ingredients were used.

If you made a healthy smoothie – what four ingredients would you put in?

Try it out and see what colour you get?


Health Day

On Friday, we went into multi-aged groups and moved throughout the school to work with different teachers on various health related topics.  Some teachers focused on physical health where others ran workshops on mindfulness, healthy eating, emotional literacy and social health.   Here are some comments from Holm Groovers  and B block children:

Ali “We had a story with Mrs Henderson.  This was called The Huge Bag of Worries.  This was the first time I had read this.” “This book  was about a girl who was worried about her friend leaving, wars and bombs and her parents arguing.” Lewis C “This book was about facing your fears.  She took all the worries out of the bag.  Then someone helped her  sort them and the girl realised that some worries did not belong to her. Some were for her mum and dad to worry about.” Jamie

In the hall, the children participated in some Yoga/Pilates moves.  “We had to do planks and different moves like make a triangle.”

Miss Giblin had a French disco. Ryan said, “We got to dance and learn some new words. We played Simon Says in French along with singing some songs.”  

“I liked Miss McHardy and Miss Shaw’s activity because they did Zumba. It was quite hard to do all the moves but I had fun trying.” Sophie

“I found Zumba great fun.”  Leah

“I liked it when we had to pretend we had a pizza in front of us in Mrs Malone class.”  Emily

“I really saw the pizza when you were doing it. I really pictured it. It was like real. Some wanted to close their eyes and some wanted to open their eyes.”

‘I thought it was really cool because you could actually believe it was there. It was only when we were asked to taste it then I got a shock that it wasn’t there. It is easier to imagine with eyes rather than my mouth.’

‘When I was eating it I really imagined melted cheese. If somebody had given me a pizza I would have thought it had happened.’

‘It was really calm and relaxing. Some people found it easy and some found it hard. I found it easy.’

“We did exercise with Mrs Nicholson.  The first thing I went to was the running station.  There was also a station with hula hoops.  We normally do exercises everyday so this showed us the different types we can do.” Emily

“We made watermelon pizza with Mrs Gibb. The watermelon was the base and then we got to put various fruit on as the topping of our pizza. I have never tried watermelon until now and it was ok.  It was fun to pick our own toppings on the pizza.”  Katie

“Making watermelon pizza was my favourite.”  Ryan

“I liked Mrs Chalmers as we got to draw all the things that would be healthy to put in your lunchbox.”  Keira  

Zoe said, “We did a friendship chain with Miss Campbell.“ “I liked this because we got to make a wee necklace and it was about friendship.”  Keira

“I enjoyed taking part in the friendship chain.”  Natasha

In our Holm Groovers’ classroom the children got to participate in GoNoodle.  This has been a highlight for us this year.

“I really liked when we got to choose and we did Kitty High Five. This showed the other class what we do daily in our class to help our health.  Miss Penman wanted the school to focus on the Flow Videos.  These videos are all about emotional resilience and mindfulness.  The ability to connect to the present and focus on just being still, positive and breathing.  Furthermore, how small little acts can change your mood, focus and outlook.  Each one had a positive purpose.    

  • Chin Up – “This was to focus on the feeling of the exercise.  This was about moving your neck.” Putting your chin up is a sign to show confidence and positivity.  
  • Weather the Storm – “This was about being strong and after the storm there always comes the sun, eventually.”  
  • Rainbow Breath – Imagine and making a rainbow above your head using our breaths and stretches. “This was a nice thing to imagine and to start your day off.  It lets me think that I have a rainbow over me all day.”    
  • Victorious – This simple activity can change your outlook and body language.    
  • Bring it Down was about gently controlling a balloon.  This is one the hardest jobs but we made it using our breadth.   

P7 and Teachers’ Football.  

In the afternoon  the Primary Sevens and the teachers had a friendly football match.  Here are some comments the children had on the event:  

Kirsty – “I liked when the music played and the teachers ran out.  It was funny but some people did boo.”

 Emily – “I enjoyed the match because it was funny that Mr Ross was wearing a wig.”  

Lewis – “I liked when the first goal went in.”

Keira – “I liked it when P7 tried to score goals”    

Lewis – “I liked when P7 scored their first goal.”  

Nyree – “I liked when P7 scored.”  

Amelia – “I liked half time because that is when it was 3 – 1 to Primary Seven.”  

Ryan – “I liked when someone scored and everyone jumped out of their seats.”  

“It was really fun because I really like football.  The best part was when Primary Seven won.”  

Emily – “I think it was quite sad because the teachers lost but at least they tried.”  

Georgia – “I liked the match because it was funny to see the teachers all running around trying to win.”

Sophie – “I liked the football match as each year it is different.  Last year the teachers won but this year the Primary Sevens won.”



Sports Day for B block

We were very proud of all the children who participated in Sports Day.

All children trained hard for this event.  They enjoyed, supported and celebrated their success both individually and as a member of their Team House:  Red Kite, Buzzard and Osprey.

We are awaiting the next friendly competition we get to join in.  Go, Holm GO.



Baillie Cup

What a fabulous day at the Baillie cup yesterday, even with the rain.  All the children did so well and representing the school brilliantly. We also won best banner and got a box of celebrations.

‘It was exciting doing the Baillie Cup, I came third in the relay and the sprint.’ Charlie

‘It was fun running for our school. I got a medal for the relay.’ Grace

‘I was a little bit scared at the start but when it was my turn I sprinted all the way to get third place.’ Ewen 

‘I liked running and getting a medal. I was doing the sprinting and I got a third medal, I felt excited after the race.’ Amber

There were different races of different lengths and primary 1, 2 ,3 and 4 went.  I really liked when we did the relay because the primary one started, then primary two, then me and lastly Ryan.  My group came third and I got a medal.” Jamie

“I enjoyed this activity because it was the first time going on the track.”  Rhys

“I thought it was really fun as we won the best banner”  Rachael.

“I liked the 100 metres relay race and the 150 metres sprint.  I came third in both of these”  Ryan

“I was nervous before my race.  I cant really remember what I was thinking or feeling but I know that I had to run around the whole track once and a half in the 600 metres race.  Afterwards I felt ok as I had manage to complete the whole race”.  Harvey.

“I liked the bus journey.  I felt nervous on the way there but then on the way back I felt mixed feelings.  I was disappointed because I had not won anything but I felt happy to be involved in the opportunity to go and represent our school in the Baillie Cup”  Kirsty   

“I liked doing the Baillie Cup and the races.  I came fourth in the relay.  If we ran really fast we got a medal”  Lily

“It was really fun.   I came second in a running race I got a medal.  All of it was amazing.”  Rhys

“It was fun because we won the banner competition for having the best banner.  I enjoyed running because I almost got a medal but someone overtook me.  We needed to work hard and train for it.”  Murray

‘It was really fun and everyone was really encouraging. Everyone ran really fast. I got a silver medal in the relay race.’ Kirsten

‘It was good watching other people’s races. We had a cool banner which said Bring the Cup Holm Sweet Holm. We got two chocolates at the end because we won the banner competition.’ Emily

‘I enjoyed being there as I saw lots of people I knew.’ Blair

Thank you to Mrs Dillon, Mrs Foxcroft and other parent volunteers for their time and enthusiasm whilst training the children and for attending the event on the day. 🙂 

See you next year Mr Baillie!


On Monday morning we learned Capoeira with Fraser.  

Capoeira is a martial arts without contact.  

It is game.  It’s like a dancing game.  

We did lots of moves that were called different names.   

We learned how to protect ourselves and stay safe.  

Fraser explained how Capoeira was from different countries such as Africa and Brazil in South America. He played special music so we could do the different steps including the basic Jenga move.   

“I liked the slow movement and I learned the names of the musical instruments.”  Rachel P3

“I liked working with my partner and learning how to attack and defend with no contact.” Rio P3

“I enjoyed learning skills to keep me fit.  It was fun.” Caitlin P3


“I thought it was really good because I liked when he did the kick and when he whipped his hand.  They did have special names but these were spoken in Portugese.”  Keira S – Holm Groovers

“I liked it because it was fighting, dancing and games.  This was different and we have never done this before in our class.”  Sophie S – Holm Groovers

“I liked at the end when we did a song.  Fraser played a musical instrument with three songs.  This was with a bow that sometimes breaks and it did in our lesson.  Fraser has an extra one though just in case.  We had to join in with clapping and singing back.  We found it difficult to sing and clap back at the same time.”  Lewis – Holm Groovers   

Sammy said, “I like the way Fraser showed some other cool moves he could do such as flips, somersaults and other moves on his hands.”  

‘I really enjoyed it because it was a good way to get some exercise.’

‘I liked when we learned the dance martial arts. It was good to learn different moves from a different country.’

‘Fraser was nice and friendly. He was good at showing the martial arts. He could do lots of tricky moves.’

‘He was good at playing the musical instruments. I felt cool singing and clapping in the circle like the people in the past.’

Eco Day – The Trouble with Dragons!

A great day was had by all today at our Eco Day!

At one of the stations the children listened to the story ‘The Trouble with Dragons’ and thought about the messages the story was trying to teach us. Here are some of the children’s thoughts:

‘I liked the book because it was about being kind to animals. It was also trying to teach us that we must show kindness and love to our world.’ Melody P2

‘I enjoyed the book because I liked how the dragons had to look after the world and not treat it like a dump. They learned their lesson in the end.’ Suzie P2


DSCN2118 DSCN2119


The children had a wonderful time exploring all of the different activties!

‘It was a really good experience because I’ve never done it before!’ Rosa P2

‘I enjoyed all of it!’ Lincoln P2

‘I really enjoyed listening to the story because I hadn’t heard it before.’ Katie P2

DSCN2108 DSCN2109 DSCN2115 DSCN2122 DSCN2126 DSCN2130 DSCN2132 DSCN2135 DSCN2136 DSCN2140 DSCN2141


Eco Assembly and Katy the Ranger

Today we had an Eco assembly to let everyone in the school know what the Eco Crew have been up to.We also showed pictures from the wild life camera and let people know what is going to happen during Eco Day.They interviewed the nursery children and they explained what they have been doing for Eco.

  • ‘I felt nervous about the assembly but after I felt happy because we did really well.’
  • ‘I liked seeing the photos of the animals.’
  • ‘I liked that the Eco Crew interviewed nursery because I think it’s a good idea for nursery to do the eco.’
  • DSCN4365[1] DSCN4370[1] DSCN4355[1] DSCN4363[1]

Katy the Ranger presented a talk about Endangered Species in the afternoon. We learned lots of interesting facts.

Here is what some of us learned:

  • ‘I learned lots about animals and how they could become extinct. Now I know more about what’s happening to them.’
  • ‘Now I know about their habitats and where they live. I found out that the red squirrels normally live in Pine Cone Trees and the Pine Martins only go for the grey squirrels.’
  • ‘I know a bit more how they are struggling to live and how they suffer.’
  • ‘It was good learning about different animals. I felt sad that the elephants were endangered.’
  • ‘Now I kind of know if I see one of the animals are in danger I will help them. I feel sad about all of the ones in danger.’

DSCN4392[1] DSCN4391[1]

Spring Fayre

We are fast approaching  the day of our Spring Fayre, run by the Parent Council. This takes place on Saturday, 23 April from 12pm-3pm. There are a LOT of exciting things to do, including;

  • Bouncy castle
  • Fun slide
  • Stalls
  • Competitions
  • Stocks – throwing things at teachers!

We hope you can make it and we look forward to a great community event

Spring Fayre

Labyrinth Design Competition

We were overwhelmed with the amount of entries into our competition to design the labyrinth. After a rigorous selection process, we have chosen our 2 winners. The standard of entries were exceptionally high, and the creativity and artistic skill showcased was great to see.

However, as it was a competition, there had to be difficult decisions made to choose the designs that would be used in the playground.

Congratulations to Finlay Raynor (P7) and Cairn MacPherson (P5), for designing their excellent labyrinths.

Finlay designed ‘The Brain’ – a perfect idea for something that will be used to promote higher order thinking skills, among other things.

Cairn designed ‘Sailing the Seven Seas’ – a perfect idea given the historical significance of labyrinths being used by sailors as a ritual to gain good luck before their journeys.

Other designs, which only narrowly missed out on being selected, will be created and positioned around the school on boards. These will act as ‘Finger Labyrinths’ and children can follow the path with their fingers.