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p7 18/19

Big Dance – Dancemania 2018

My heart couldn’t feel more full!! Absolutely bursting with happiness and just being so proud!!! What an achievement to the girls!! Thank you so much to everyone that helped us on our journey. Mrs Williams, Mrs Webb and Mr Ross – legends.

Eden Court were amazing and special thank you to the Dance Artist Louise  Marshall!!

All the girls were superstars!!!! Thank you to them and their families. I have been so touched by the words of thanks but the girls are the true achievers. It’s moments like this that I love my job and all the children I work with.  I hope the girls will remember this day for what it was – truly awesome!!! More importantly they continue to believe they can achieve whatever they want to and KEEP DANCING !!






Drowning in Plastic

Today P6/7 and P7 joined together to gain an understanding of the huge issue of plastic pollution around the world. We watched “Drowning in Plastic”, took detailed notes and then began to present our findings in groups, anyway we felt was appropriate. Some of us have started to make posters, leaflets, poems and even songs.


Here are some of the facts we have learned:

The flesh-footed shearwater bird is the most affected from plastic pollution in the world.

When birds swallow the plastic it prevents them from flying.

Volunteers come to the Lord Howe Islands in Australia for 60 days at a time to help save wildlife.

The volunteers make the chicks sick so that they can remove any plastic from their stomachs.

1,000,000 plastic bottles are sold around the world every minute.


Some of the skills we have developed are communication, listening, note taking, team work, writing, observation, reading, creativity and problem solving.


Other things we have learned are how to stop pollution, saving animals lives, importance of doing our bit for the environment, need for reducing, reusing and recycling.

P1 and P7 Reading Buddies

Throughout term 1 P 1 and P7 joined together to enjoy stories. The P7 children read stories to the P1s. The P7s showed maturity and excellent paired reading skills. P1 children really enjoyed the experience and showed excellent listening skills.

We were reading the Snail and the Whale. It was really good fun.

We read “I’m a little teapot”. My partner listened well.

I enjoyed listening to the story the Wheels on the bus.

My favourite part of the story Said the Mouse to the Mole was the end as there were questions to answer.

The best part of Farmer Ham was when the said boo to the crows to scare them away.

I enjoyed reading books to P1s as I got to meet children I hadn’t met before.

This experience helped me learn to read with fluency and expression.

As the year progresses P1 and P7 will explore different curricular areas together.

Terrific Term 1 in P7

We have had a hugely busy and very successful first term.

So far the P7 term has gone really well and we have had lots of exciting moments.

I have had a great first term in P7.

I have had an amazing first term.

So far my P7 year has been extremely exciting.

I was nervous and excited about being in P7.

In our first week we made a jigsaw where each person decorated a piece. We also drew “ourselves” inside our heads.

Topic – Respect

Our topic this term is respect. We are reading an intense book called “Divided City” which ties in well with our topic because it has lots of respectful and disrespectful acts for us to discuss. This book has gone deeper into what respect is and has enabled me to understand its definition.




Mr Henstridge has been teaching us new maths strategies including rounding and compensating, partitioning and using basic facts for adding and subtracting tens and ones. These have been very helpful. We have also been working hard on adding and subtracting to ten and twenty. It is vital to have this knowledge as it supports our new learning of strategy.


Mrs Ross is teaching us about Hinduism. I learned that some temples have pointy roofs and some have domes. We have also been learning that Mandirs are Hindu places of worship. We also know what steps you have to go through when entering a Mandir. These include washing your feet, face and hands. Hindu people believe in Gods like Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva.




We have been learning touch rugby with Mrs Clark and Mr Henstridge. It has been great fun. The skills we have been learning are passing, tackling, finding space and dodging. Many of these skills we will be able to use in other team sports.



Amongst other things we have written house captian speeches, concentrating on persuasive language and written imaginative letters as school implements where our stimulus was “The Day the Crayons Quit”. This also tied in with our topic or respect as we now respect our school equipment even more.

We have also choseen silent reading books and keep our own personal reading records. This encourages us to read more often.


We had an exciting and informative visit to the IRA. We were led around the school, having the opportunity to see each department. It made us feel much less nervous  and more excited about next year.



We have studdied the work of some artists including Andy Warhol, Georges Seurat and Edvard Munch.

We used pointillism (Georges Seurat) to depict how we feel about summer.

We used Pop Art  (Andy Warhol) for our faces. We had to pick out the light and dark areas of our faces.

We used Edvard Munch’s style to illustrate different feelings for our emotional check in wall.

P7 Added Responsibility

 We have created jobs around the school which help make things run more smoothly. These include helping at assembly, organising playground games and monitoring litter. This has been great fun and will make a big difference around the school.

We have also been seated at certain places in the canteen to encourage younger children to eat their lunch and act in a sensible sociable manner.To help this we have a Let’s Talk board which has a conversation of the week topic, a photo to talk about, a joke topic of the week and a news article of the week. These have been made by P7 children and are great fun.

Class Charter

We have developed a Class Charter to base our behaviours on. We did this by deciding as a class which articles were most important in our classroom. We then looked at how adults and children would respesct these articles. Finally we designed the theme and as a class we decided paint splodges on a canvas was our favourite theme.

We have summed up the first term in 5 (x 2) words…… Respectful, Fun, Exciting, Excellent, Wonderful, Enjoyable, Joyful, Educational, Funny, Happy. (We were going to use 5 but we couldn’t decide which 5!)

P7 Over and Out

Wraparound Spelling Information

I have put an edited version of the PPT presentation from the Wraparound Spelling event on the blog. Please find it within the Support for Learning 18/19 blog.

Please read it through and contact me if you have any questions.

Michael Ross

Loch Insh

Please see the Loch Insh letter below. There were 2 mistakes on the initial letter (sorry!)

  • Please take the slip back to school for Friday 12th October
  • After the deposit, there will be £265.45 remaining, not £250

Loch Insh 1st Letter 2019


Family Learning event – thank you

I really enjoyed hosting the Literacy Family Learning event last night and working with you all. Thank everyone who could make it.

I will be putting more information up on the website within the ‘Support for Learning 18/19’ section, including:

  • Presentation used last night
  • Activities that can be used anywhere
  • Sound charts to support spelling

There were some families who could not attend, and selected other dates. Unfortunately, there has not been a high turnout for any of the 3 options, so those workshops will not run. I hope that the information that I put on the website will be supportive. If anyone has any questions, please get in touch with me at the school.

The feedback was positive, and I appreciate the comments and insight into your views. As a result, I will look to run further events throughout the year and will put information out in due course.

Thanks again,

Mike Ross

Family learning event

Literacy Family Learning event:
Wednesday 3rd October. 6-730pm. Holm Primary School hall.

Mr Ross is hosting an event to share the new approach to spelling within the school.

The event will share:

  • Information about the new approach
  • the rationale behind it
  • examples of the activities your children are involved in each day
  • ways to support this at home

All families are welcome to attend, but the event is mainly aimed at families with children ranging from P3 to P7.

There will be another event soon aimed at the children in P1 and P2.

Children are welcome at the meeting.

Hope to see you all there.

Michael Ross