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P7 16/17

Inter School Sports

What a fantastic day the Inter School Sports team had last Saturday at the Bught in Inverness.

It was a long day, but very successful, as we retained our title as Section 2 winners for another year!

Everyone who competed came home with at least one medal and everyone here at Holm is very proud of them – they got a huge cheer at Assembly on Monday!

Many thanks to all of the staff members and parents who gave up their time at the weekend to support the pupils. Your help is very much appreciated.

Below are a few photos of the action on the day.

Holm Primary Playground Charter

A few weeks ago the Rights Respecting School Team were discussing how we could improve our school playground. Each representative asked their class for ideas and shared them at our meeting. From this we created common themes and worked with some PSAs to create our charter. The charter has created a shared set of values for our school and playground.

The RRS team decorated designs and the whole school voted. The winner was revealed at the assembly last week.



This was the winning design! The signs have been made and they have been popped up in our school; 1 in the playground and 2 on the field.


Snow White Performance

On Friday I went to watch the Snow White Performance by Highland Youth Theatre. The show was performed by pupils from Holm Primary and I was most impressed with the confidence and acting skills shown by all. Well done everyone, I loved coming along to watch this. I feel we may have a few stars in the making!

  • “I enjoyed doing the show because it was fun.”
  • “I enjoyed it because it was full of fun.”
  • “I loved seeing all of the dwarfs costumes and being Dopey.”
  • “I loved doing it because you got to wear different outfits. My favourite part was when I had to crack the egg on my head.”
  • “Come and try the shows, it’s really fun, you’ll make new friends and the teacher is brilliant!” 
  • “The reason I liked it was because the teacher is really kind and I would tell other people to go for it because it is fun.”
  • “I liked that I had a pillow attached to my suit because I was Sleepy.”
  • “I enjoyed when I was a dwarf and we came around the audience.”


Science Challenge

We invited Harry Potter to our class and he has shared a spell with us.

Magically, we can now use Science to the spell ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ to make things fly.

Using the ‘Fly Stick’ we made tissue paper levitate.

Can you find out the scientific reason for this?

CLUE: Opposites attract, but that does not help you …

(We will post our copy of our investigation next week to explain how it works)

Science with P7

This week we have been learning with our P7 buddies.  We made rockets using effervescent tablets and water, we talked about what would happen with our buddies, we then did the experiment and discovered the lid of the tube flew off.

‘We put the tablet in and it exploded up to the roof.’ Liam 

‘We were learning about exploding things that was so cool, the tablet smelt like nice sweeties.  I was working with Maisie.’ Tillie

‘We were making tablets make a lid come off and then it came off like a volcano, like when lava comes out.’ Erin 

‘The lid went super fast to hit the roof, next week were are going to make little spacemen and put them on the lids.’ Cameron 



Rate of Chemical Reaction

In science, we have been doing some experiments. We worked with the 2/3 class to explore chemical reactions.

Skills developed

Communication – supporting each other and asking and answering questions.

Problem solving – working out how to develop a fair test

Higher order thinking – CREATING experiments, JUSTIFYING our opinions, EVIDENCING our opinions, APPLYING our knowledge about fair tests, EVALUATING our experiments and finding ways to improve it.



To investigate how changing the surface area of an effervescent tablet changed the rate of the chemical reaction.


What do you think would have the quickest reaction?

Here are some of our thoughts before the lesson

  • I think that the whole tablet would react faster, as it is designed to be in one piece.
  • I think that the broken up tablet would react fastest because the pieces are smaller, so I think that they will take less time


  • Filled a cup with water ( all the same temperature)
  • Made sure that the same amount of water was in each
  • We then put the tablet (whole or broken up) in the water.
  • We used a stopwatch to time how long it would take for the reaction to change the tablet from a solid into gas within the liquid


Whole tablet 2 m 38 s

3m 18 s

3m 1 s

Broken up tablet 2m 28 s

2m 42 s

2m 44 s


  • It would have been a better and fairer test if we had a way to measure the temperature of the water to really make sure that it was the same temperature
  • Some people were lifting the cup to see, but that caused the tablet to move. It would have been fairer if all the cups were totally left alone to make sure that they were all as still as each other


  • The rate of the chemical reaction was faster in the broken up tablet. The reaction occurred when the water reacted with the surface areas of the tablet. When the tablet was broken up, this created additional edges, meaning more surface area to react to the water. Please open the document below to see a picture of this.

Pictorial Representation

‘Holm’s Got Rhythm’

What a fantastic week of learning in our school. There has been lots of really engaging activities that the children and staff have enjoyed completing to help us find out about sound. Please click on the link below to watch a PowerPoint filled with some of this week’s highlights. This was shared at the showcase today.

Holm’s Got Rhythm!’ Blog


Science Week Reminder

Please find information for ‘Holm’s Got Rhythm’ Science Week in the link below. There is a homework task to be in for Wednesday 15th February.  Be sure to check back on the Blog throughout next week to find out about our learning.

Thank you for you continued support.

Science Week Information

R.R.S Group Trip to Lochardil

On Friday the RRS group went to Lochardil Primary to meet their Rights Group who were called ‘Unikids’. This was a great opportunity for us to share what we have done so far and hear about their journey. We would like to say a big Thank You to Lochardil Primary and the ‘Unikids’ as they were very welcoming and gave us some great advice to help us towards our Level 1 award. The group gave us a tour around the school and showed us their classrooms and playground charters. This was really helpful as classroom charters are on our agenda for this year. We have invited the ‘Unikids’ to come to Holm Primary next time. We are delighted to have started this partnership and we are looking forward to helping each other on our Rights journeys.

  • “I would like the Unikids to come to us next time.”
  • “I enjoyed going to Lochardil and sharing our ideas to their rights group. We also learned from them as they shared their ideas.”
  • “It was good to meet with another school to see what they have been doing.”
  • “I liked meeting new people from another school.”
  • “It was great when they showed us around their classrooms and told us what they have done for rights.”
  • “I enjoyed meeting their group.”
  • “I liked finding out about how they got their award.”
  • “I enjoyed seeing their class charters because they included lots of rights in them.”
  • “I enjoyed seeing what they do because it gave us some new ideas.”

The children were a credit to the school and their families; they were extremely polite, asked interesting questions and represented the school fantastically! Well done RRS group 🙂



R.R.S Group Meeting

Today the R.R.S group met up to discuss what we want to achieve this term. One of the main focuses was the R.R.S’ upcoming trip to Lochardil School to meet their Rights group. We spoke about what we want to ask them. We would like to find out about what they’re doing to earn their level 1 and see if they could give us some advice. We are going to share the things that we have done in our school too.

After Mrs Matheson’s assembly we thought about how we could help people in Yemen. We thought about having a day where we have games, a bake sale and dress down to raise money for people in Yemen. We will be meeting with the Pupil Council Group to discuss this further. We would also like to try to get in touch with the DEC to see how else we can help.

Here are the minutes from today’s meeting. Our next meeting is on Friday 20th January.

Rights Respecting School Group Meeting Minute 130117