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P6/7 17/18

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Nursery transition – playtime play with Primary 1, 1/2 and 6

Another successful transition was held today where our soon to be primary 1’s had time to get used to playing in the big playground. We had some fantastic support from the Primary 6 buddies who organised some good games for the children to join in with, the primary 1’s and 2’s were also there to help and play.

After our playtime we watched the older children stand in their lines, before making our own great line and heading back to nursery.

This afternoon we had a fabulous game of ‘Duck, Duck,Goose’ with all of the children joining in, great fun was had by everyone!

Big thanks again to all of our Primary 6 buddies!

P6, P6/7 and P7 Sports Day Fun!

We enjoyed another sunny sports day yesterday! We had a great time taking part in the 80 metres, Bat and Ball race as well as the Obstacle race. The Primary 7’s were also able to take part in the House Relay, which was won by the Ospreys – congratulations! Thank to everyone who came out to cheer us on, we had a fantastic afternoon!

The Body

As part of our health topic this term and health week, we learnt all about the organs of the body today. We researched the different organs using a PowerPoint. We then used the information we learnt to create information posters in pairs.

Did you know?

  • The heart is the size of a small cauliflower.
  • You cannot survive without a kidney – they are just as important as the heart.
  • The brain has two sides – one creative and one logical
  • The left lung is smaller than the right lung because it must make room for the heart.
  • The skin is the biggest organ.
  • The small intestine is between 6-7 metres long.

You can see our fantastic information posters below!

Nursery learning weeks 21st and 28th May 2018

Last week we had our Nursery Sports Day where all the children ran so well although we were also trying lots of different exercises and thinking about ways to move our bodies both indoors and outdoors.  From all of these discussions we were able to create lots of opportunities to try new things to see how good we are at doing them.

First, the children made a race track to run around, but then extended their learning by using the Ipad to time their laps.  This made them think about higher and lower numbers and, of course, it became quite competitive!  This was also a great activity for some of the boys going on to Primary 1.   They could build on their friendship as they had lots of fun together.

And, of course, we kept all the scores!

Some of the other children built a jumping platform and practiced their jumping.  They used pieces of wood to measure how far they could jump and each time they managed a little further.  Lots of good working together to make this activity fun but also active and competitive.

Other children used their time outside to improve their balancing skills using wooden supports.  Some could do it quickly and others took their time and managed to complete the course.

We also made time for some more familiar active games, Duck, Duck, Goose is always a favourite and gets all the children running round the circle.  Some would take a very wide circle to avoid being caught.

Other activities included throwing and catching a ball and of course, dancing to music outside with the use of scarves.  Another favourite which allows the children to move freely and be creative.

As the recent weather is very hot we have introduced a refreshment area so the children can access a drink of water at anytime during their outside play sessions.

When inside Nursery we have been introduced to some relaxing yoga with Miss Campbell.  The children really engaged in this activity moving slowly to music and holding balancing poses.  We call it ‘Sun Salutation’.  We hope to do this more often as it was a very relaxing and enjoyable way to stretch our bodies to music.

Our discussions about exercise led on to thoughts of what exercise actually is.  The children were able to provide great answers such as running, football and gymnastics to name a few before someone suggested an obstacle course. ……and below you will see the results ……look how well so many children wait, take their turns and also help each other around and over the obstacles.

To develop this further we then spoke to the children about what else we could use to make an obstacle course and after gathering everything we could think of the work began…..



Finaly, we were lucky enough to receive a visit from the primary 6’s and 7’s who had taken part in the schools Inter school sports at the weekend, they came to tell us about their successful day and to show us all the medals they had won individually and as a team.  We were then able to tell the older children that we are learning all about exercise and that we know that running is a really good way to get strong and healthy. This was a fantastic link with the school and a great way for the children to share their learning.


Digital Citizenship.

This year we have been learning all about Digital Responsibility. Any communication we have online leaves a digital footprint.  It is important that young people have the information, power and resilience to thrive online.  This goes beyond online safety although this is key.  We have discussed user’s rights, responsibilities and overcoming cyberbullying.

Firstly we looked at terms and conditions and why SHOULD we read them carefully.  Next we had to describe our rights as young people using social media and the rights of social media companies.  It is vital we understand why we need to be aware of these before and while using social media apps.  Lastly we discussed what we should do if our rights have been violated, developing resilience online and how to raise awareness of our online rights and responsibilities with younger pupils.

Primary 7 – Similarities of Social Media Apps.  

Terms and Conditions.  

  1. You need to be 13 and over to use it.  
  2. They can use your pictures for free.   
  3. You should not send inappropriate messages.
  • Threatening, Nudity, Blackmailing or Violence.  
  • Nasty Messages like swearing, mocking or name calling.  This is cyberbullying.
  • Racist/Sexist or ones who demonstrate discrimination.
  1. They can delete your accounts.  
  2. You should keep your password secretive.    
  3. No pretending to be someone you are not.
  4. They can share personal information.  
  5. You have a digital footprint.

Primary 7 / 6 – Problems with Social Media Apps.

  • They have an age restriction of 13.  
  • They can use your photos without your permission.  
  • They can stop your account.  
  • Snapchat photos delete but it will be stored somewhere.  
  • They share information between companies.  
  • Someone can hack your account.  
  • You can lie about your age meaning that younger users can be using the sites at their own risk.  
  • People can comment on your photos and this can be negative.  
  • Social media apps can lead to cyberbullying and this can have a detrimental effect on users.  
  • People often do not read the terms and conditions of the social media apps.  
  • People can misuse the sites and send inappropriate pictures for other users.  
  • Cyberbullying has become worse due to social media apps.  
  • Negative behaviour can occur such as stalking can be done to find out about you and your information.  
  • Social medias can be addictive and this can affect people health.  
  • You have the right to complain but whether this will be dealt with appropriately or timely is hard to tell.  

Social Media App Poster for Younger Users – Your Rights 

This was a successful, productive and creative problem solving task the children had to complete.  They had to produce a poster to be used with younger classes explaining and outlining their rights (thinking about terms and conditions) of a fake social media app called KIDSCHAT.  The age range was for 7-12 year olds that could send pictures and messages to each other.   Below are some posters we will use with our younger classes.

The children came up with a list of really good alternative to include in their own terms and conditions for KIDSCHAT.  This focused on keeping users safe and teaching them about digital responsibility in a caring nurturing way.

  • All users should have a private account only.
  • There should be time restrictions on using the app.
  • Focus on parental control and communication.  This is key for younger users that parents are involved in all aspects.  
  • Images are not sold or used publicly

Resilience Wheels

We discussed what resilience is and why it is so important in our daily lives.  T

Resilience means overcoming difficulties quickly and positively.  This is a skill we all need to learn. Perseverance is really important as this is about not giving up.  Some common strategies that help with resilience are:

  • Materials/resources eg stabilisers when learning to ride a bike.    
  • Rewards
  • Copying or imitating
  • Getting help from an adult/friend.
  • Practice / Training
  • Having a Growth Mindset – thinking positively.

The children focussed on online resilience and they came up with a list of suggestions to help themselves and others when they were faced with difficulties.

Online Resilience and Strategies


You can try and talk it out with them in person.  

Blocking and Reporting

Logout and Delete your account.    

Calling ChildLine to talk through it.  

Telling someone you trust such as a friend for advice or help.  

Comments are only to be positive, campaign against negative behaviour online and remember to remain calm by not responding/interacting to negative behaviour online. 

Tell an Adult such as a parent or teacher.  

Finally the children imagined they were hired by YouTube to create a 30 second rap all about cyberbullying.  They did an incredible job and I am so very proud of their finished product.  Ask them if they can remember their genius lyrics that I will share with our younger children in school.  I am so proud of our young people and I wish them luck on their path of responsible digital usage in the future.

Miss Penman

Nursery – Our second P6 buddy visit

Today we welcomed our P6 buddies back to nursery for a play, where we worked together and got to know each other at the same time.  This was another great opportuntiy for our Nursey children to become familiar with the children who will be there to help them when they move on to primary 1, although today also allowed the P6 children to become more confident in their roles. They all did a fantastic job and should all be really proud of themselves for working so well with our 4 year olds.



LEGO CONSTRUCTION IN THE BUTTERFLY ROOM – working together to make models.

VARIOUS ACTIVITIES IN THE LION ROOM – from creativity to construction, playing games and working together to complete a pretty tricky jigsaw!

Nursery – Buddy visit

As our Nursery 4 children are getting ready for their move to Primary 1 our transition process begins!  Over the next few weeks our children will have the opportunity to meet with their Primary 6 buddies both within and outwith the nursery.  The P6’s (soon to be P7’s) have taken on the very responsible role of helping to support our soon to be P1’s in their move from nursery to school and have already shown that they are more than up for the task.

Our first transition involved the nursery children getting together with the P6’s and drawing  pictures of themselves, as they drew their conversations began as they told each other their names and were able to talk about what they liked doing, their similarities and differences. The older children were fantastic supporting all of children when they needed it.

As you can see from all of the photographs we have some very busy children working so well together, a great start to the whole process. Thanks to all of the primary 6’s for their help, we look forward to seeing more of them next week.

They are on their way!

We have recently heard that the bus has left Loch Insh and is en route for Holm. Traffic permitting we are expecting them to arrive between 2.15-2.30.

I am sure we will be welcoming some tired but happy people and the obligatory bag of laundry!

P6 visit to Aigas Field Centre

As part of our learning, we visited Aigas Field Centre. We had the opportunity to take part in various activities. These were shelter building, woodland games, looking for tracks of animals and learning about map skills. We all had a fantastic time!

“I enjoyed the shelter building because it was a fun and active way of learning.”

“We made shelters for the animals. It was great, and it also helped the animals live.”

“It was exciting finding the animal tracks. I found deer tracks.”

“I love playing the camouflage game because it was like Hide and Seek in the forest.”

“I enjoyed making shelters because it showed you what working together as a team could do.”

“I liked going up and looking at the view. We looked at symbols on a map there.”

“It was fun playing the games in the woods because we hadn’t played some of the games before.”

“We went to Magnus House and played a game where you matched map symbols with their meaning. It was good as it made us understand what the symbols were.”

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