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p6/7 18/19

Lost Property

A huge THANK YOU to Mrs Williamson and Mrs Main who spent time this morning streamlining our Lost Property.

As you can see below they have allocated a box per class for named items so that they can be returned to their owner or their owner can check their class box.

This however will only work if ALL items are named.

We still have a  box of unnamed items and lunchboxes/water bottles.

Unclaimed items will be removed as per the Holm Primary and Parent Council Procedural Guide for Lost Property, a copy of which is displayed next to our Lost Property area.

Working together!

The children from P5 of P5/6 and P7 from P6/7, worked together on a team challenge to design and create a bridge which would hold the weight of a dictionary. They were given limited resources for the task and had to work together and share ideas. What a super morning it was!

Here are some of the comments the children made.

“We were given a certain amount of card, paper art straws, glue and tape to make our bridge with. At the beginning we looked at pictures of different bridges to give us ideas.”

“It is really fun working as a team because you don’t feel like you are on your own.”

“It was a challenge to make a bridge but we all worked together and shared our ideas to make it work.”

“It is enjoyable to work as a team and for everyone to have their role.”

“We found the task challenging as we used up all the materials straight away and we didn’t have any more. As a team we have to plan our design better before we start to build it.”

“I think this morning really helped us to get to know each other more because we had to work together to design and make the bridge.”

“It was a successful morning because we learned from our mistakes and celebrated each success from all the groups.”





Loch Insh information

Please see the presentation below for all Loch Insh information. For some reason, the booklet did not upload, so I have copied it into the presentation. As a result, the first 10 slides are in fact the handouts. The remaining slides are what was presented at the meeting.

Loch Insh 2019 presentation

Please return all slips to the school as soon as possible.

We are thankful for the offer of another adult helper who has come forward since the meeting. However, we are still looking for another adult to accompany us for the remaining 2 days. If you are able to join us for half of the trip, please get in touch with the school.

Loch Insh meeting

As stated in the newsletter, the Loch Insh family information session takes place tomorrow.

The session is for adults. The children will have a similar information session as part of their time in school. If school aged children are accompanying their families, it is asked that they will be in the room next door. It is advised that they bring a book or something else to quietly keep them occupied.

Tuesday – 21.1.19

630 pm – 730 pm

Come in through the reception and head to the portakabin near the back gate. The back gate will NOT be open.

See you tomorrow

Maths curriculum event

What: An event to share practical games to support maths at home.

When: Wednesday 16th January. 6-730pm

Where: Holm Primary School Hall

For who: Everyone

If you can make it: Please return the slip to let us know how many people are coming. If you do not have a slip, simply put a note into school stating how many people are attending.

If you cannot make it: Information will be shared on the blog after the event. If there are any further questions, please get in touch with Mr Ross.

Hope to see you there!

Big Dance – Dancemania 2018

My heart couldn’t feel more full!! Absolutely bursting with happiness and just being so proud!!! What an achievement to the girls!! Thank you so much to everyone that helped us on our journey. Mrs Williams, Mrs Webb and Mr Ross – legends.

Eden Court were amazing and special thank you to the Dance Artist Louise  Marshall!!

All the girls were superstars!!!! Thank you to them and their families. I have been so touched by the words of thanks but the girls are the true achievers. It’s moments like this that I love my job and all the children I work with.  I hope the girls will remember this day for what it was – truly awesome!!! More importantly they continue to believe they can achieve whatever they want to and KEEP DANCING !!






Drowning in Plastic

Today P6/7 and P7 joined together to gain an understanding of the huge issue of plastic pollution around the world. We watched “Drowning in Plastic”, took detailed notes and then began to present our findings in groups, anyway we felt was appropriate. Some of us have started to make posters, leaflets, poems and even songs.


Here are some of the facts we have learned:

The flesh-footed shearwater bird is the most affected from plastic pollution in the world.

When birds swallow the plastic it prevents them from flying.

Volunteers come to the Lord Howe Islands in Australia for 60 days at a time to help save wildlife.

The volunteers make the chicks sick so that they can remove any plastic from their stomachs.

1,000,000 plastic bottles are sold around the world every minute.


Some of the skills we have developed are communication, listening, note taking, team work, writing, observation, reading, creativity and problem solving.


Other things we have learned are how to stop pollution, saving animals lives, importance of doing our bit for the environment, need for reducing, reusing and recycling.

Wraparound Spelling Information

I have put an edited version of the PPT presentation from the Wraparound Spelling event on the blog. Please find it within the Support for Learning 18/19 blog.

Please read it through and contact me if you have any questions.

Michael Ross

Our Class Charter

This term P6/7 have used their learning from both our Topic (Respect) and Science to support the creation of our Class Charter. P6/7 decided to go for a Solar System/Space theme.  We had so much fun creating this and has lots of great class disucussions about our Rights and Responsibilities.