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P6 19/20

Pyramid Mental Maths

Primary 6 have been enjoying working on their mental maths using a new card game called Pyramid.

The aim of the game is to make as many ‘layers’ of your pyramid based on the number on the top layer – your chosen answer.

  • Pupils select the answer they want to work towards as the top layer.
  • Then, using two cards in the second layer, three in the third, four in the fourth etc. calculate the answer, using any maths process they wish ( + – x ÷ ).
  • As the pyramid becomes larger, there are less cards to use, so calculations become very creative, so a little problem solving included in the task!

Today, a group were working towards 16 and on the sixth layer of their pyramid, using six cards, they calculated: 10+Q (12) – 8 – 6 x 2 = 16

Another group, working towards 169, came up with Q(12) x Q(12) + 10 + K(13) + 6 – 4 = 169 for the sixth layer of their pyramid.

A fun game and great mental maths workout! Primary 6 challenge you to have a go at home!

Winter Showcase


Primary 6 will be performing on Wednesday 11th December as part of Holm School’s Winter Showcase.

I kindly ask that the children bring a Christmas jumper/t-shirt (or a brightly coloured top if you do not have a Christmas one – please do not feel the need to buy one!).  They will wear this over their usual school uniform.

Where possible, could they also be provided with some Christmas accessories such as tinsel, Santa/Elf hats, headbands, scarves or Christmas socks.

We look forward to seeing you all at the show!

Thank you


This week, Primary 6 were set the challenge of working in teams, to build a tower using large MTa construction sets. The MTa kits have been loaned to school from the STEM Hub and we really enjoyed using them.

We quickly realised that in order to be an effective team we have to communicate and listen to one another and that everyone brings different skills to a team!

In the end we created some very impressive towers, check them out below!

Aladdin Pantomime

Yesterday Primary 6 enjoyed a visit from the Shoogalie Road Company. They performed a pantomime of Aladdin.

A big thank you to the performers from Shoogalie Road – what a great afternoon we had!

SSPCA Robotics Workshop

Primary 6 had great fun creating robotic owls with Vanessa from the SSPCA this week. We found out lots of interesting facts about owls. Did you know their ears aren’t on the top of their head? Instead they are on the side but one ear is higher than the other!

We worked in teams of around 3 to construct our robotic owls. Afterwards we used tablets to code and instruct the owl to speak, light up and move. It was great fun and very interesting! A big thank you to Vanessa for helping us out!

Swimming Reminder

A reminder that Primary 6 begin their Schools Swimming Programme at the Inverness Aquadome this coming Friday, 15th November. One of the scheduled swim weeks falls on the November inset day (22nd November) so swimming will only be 9 weeks in total.

Children must be at school by 8.55am in order for the bus to make a prompt exit. Please remember children require swimwear, a towel and goggles if they wish.

Each bus journey is £2. Children can bring their money weekly or if you wish to pay in full (£18) or in installments then please feel free to do so.

Finally, thank you to all the parents who are able to help us, it is much appreciated!


Bonfire Artwork

Primary 6 enjoyed creating some fantastic Bonfire art last week. Using black paper, they drew a skyline silhouette before gluing it onto some blue card. Afterwards, using glue and glitter they designed, drew and then glittered some amazing fireworks! You can see how they created their sparkling creations below as well as a few finished products!


Mental Maths Activities

Primary 6 have been working hard on their mental maths this term. They have been taking part in a variety of activities through the week including Basic Facts Quizzes, Countdown, Daily Challenge and Number of the Day.

Primary 6 have also enjoyed a mental maths rotation once a week, in which they take part in five different mental maths games. They use a variety of resources including number spinners, dice and cards.


Monthly Newsletter from Mrs Mackay

Please see attached Newsletter from Mrs Mackay.

Please Note: Newsletters and Weekly Updates are no longer being sent out in paper format, however, you can find them on the Blog, on Twitter and via email.

For anyone who does not have access to any of these mediums, please contact the office or pop in for a paper copy.

If you would like to receive this information by email, and don’t already, please contact with your name and oldest child’s name & class, I will then add you to the distribution list.

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