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P6 19/20

Sports Relief

P6 enjoyed a sport filled morning as part of Sports Relief.

They took part in:

  • Skipathon
  • Class Marathon
  • Orienteering
  • Basketball

We had a great morning and enjoyed raising money for another good cause.

A big thank you to Mrs MacKenzie for organising everything as well as her fantastic P7 helpers!


Science – Making Lava Lamps

Today, as part of Science Week, P6 created their very own Lava Lamps!

Using water, oil, food colouring and a vitamin C tablet, P6 created some fantastic Lava Lamps.

  • Firstly, we poured water into a cup.
  • Next we filled the cup to the top using oil.
  • Then watched the water and oil separate, with the water falling to the bottom. We discovered that they separate because they have a different density.
  • Afterwards, we added food colouring which fell to the bottom and mixed with the water.
  • Lastly, we added the effervescent vitamin c tablet. This created some carbon dioxide which made bubbles. These bubbles floated to the top, creating our lava lamp effect.

You can see our fantastic creations in the photos below!

Friendship Friday skills group

We had lots of fun at the baking skills group this week with Miss Campbell. The Kelpies group made fairy cakes and even helped with the washing up afterwards! Great job everyone!


Crazy Hair and Bright Colours

A huge well done to Primary 6 today for their crazy hair and bright colours!

They raised lots of money to help Muscular Dystrophy UK beat muscle-wasting conditions!

“Go Bright for the Fight!”


Little Buddies

This term we have been enjoying teaching our little buddies how to use our fantastic Chrome Books.

We are showing them how to log on and then helping them to play a selection of maths games!


Primary 6 wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy a relaxing holiday and see you in 2020!

Christmas Craft

Primary 6 have been enjoying some Christmas craft this week. We made cards with a green pop out tree and some lovely Christmas wreaths.

Check out our beautiful craft below and look out for them in our school bags.


P6 Christmas Party

Primary 6 enjoyed a fun-filled Christmas party this afternoon!

They danced the Military Two Step and Canadian Barn Dance as well as showing off some other impressive dance moves! Games included Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues and the Corner’s Game.

Check out some of our fantastic dance moves in the photos below!

Christmas Party

A little reminder that the Primary 6 Christmas party is this coming Tuesday (Dec 17th) in the afternoon.

If children are unable to go home at lunch to get changed, they can bring their party outfit to school and change during the lunch break.


Pyramid Mental Maths

Primary 6 have been enjoying working on their mental maths using a new card game called Pyramid.

The aim of the game is to make as many ‘layers’ of your pyramid based on the number on the top layer – your chosen answer.

  • Pupils select the answer they want to work towards as the top layer.
  • Then, using two cards in the second layer, three in the third, four in the fourth etc. calculate the answer, using any maths process they wish ( + – x ÷ ).
  • As the pyramid becomes larger, there are less cards to use, so calculations become very creative, so a little problem solving included in the task!

Today, a group were working towards 16 and on the sixth layer of their pyramid, using six cards, they calculated: 10+Q (12) – 8 – 6 x 2 = 16

Another group, working towards 169, came up with Q(12) x Q(12) + 10 + K(13) + 6 – 4 = 169 for the sixth layer of their pyramid.

A fun game and great mental maths workout! Primary 6 challenge you to have a go at home!