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P6 16/17

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P6 Basketball Workshop

Today Primary 6 had the opportunity to have a basketball taster with coaches from the Highland Bears. We had to dribble the ball, shoot some baskets and play a selection of games. We had a great time and learnt some new basketball skills!

  • “I enjoyed doing basketball.”
  • “I enjoyed being in teams and being able to play against others.”
  • “The coaches were very enthusiastic.”
  • “I enjoyed doing the 2 versus 2 matches; as it was very competitive and we had to time it right in order to get the ball first.”
  • “The coaches were friendly and they explained things well.”
  • “I learned that I must dribble the ball at waist height when playing.”
  • “I enjoyed playing the warm up games because I had never done them before. I also learnt when you shoot you must have your arm at a right angle.”
  • “I found the dribbling hard because I had to keep the ball at waist height, but the coaches were very encouraging.”
  • “We learnt a lot of tips and games for playing and practising basketball.”
  • “I enjoyed basketball because we played matches.”
  • “I liked working in groups in basketball.”
  • “Basketball was fun because we got to learn skills and different games to play.”
  • “In basketball, I enjoyed one of the games. We were numbered and had to come out and shoot for our team when the number was called.”
  • “I learned skills in basketball that I didn’t know before.”
  • “It was good having people in to teach us basketball as got to keep fit.”

Inter School Sports

What a fantastic day the Inter School Sports team had last Saturday at the Bught in Inverness.

It was a long day, but very successful, as we retained our title as Section 2 winners for another year!

Everyone who competed came home with at least one medal and everyone here at Holm is very proud of them – they got a huge cheer at Assembly on Monday!

Many thanks to all of the staff members and parents who gave up their time at the weekend to support the pupils. Your help is very much appreciated.

Below are a few photos of the action on the day.

Holm Primary Playground Charter

A few weeks ago the Rights Respecting School Team were discussing how we could improve our school playground. Each representative asked their class for ideas and shared them at our meeting. From this we created common themes and worked with some PSAs to create our charter. The charter has created a shared set of values for our school and playground.

The RRS team decorated designs and the whole school voted. The winner was revealed at the assembly last week.



This was the winning design! The signs have been made and they have been popped up in our school; 1 in the playground and 2 on the field.


Health Week

“I really enjoyed going round different stations because I learned about keeping healthy.”

“I enjoyed the activity where you had to throw a sponge javelin. I managed to throw it quite a distance and I’m proud of that.”

“I learned what foods you should try to eat every day. I learned more about this by using games on the computer.”

“In yoga we were learning new stretches and how to relax.”

“I learned that different foods have different amounts of sugar in them. I was surprised how much sugar was in some food.”

“Dancemania was a fun way to keep fit. It woke us up in the morning!”

“I learned when you land in long jump, it is the part of your body that is closest to the start, that is measured.”

“My favourite activity was playing dodgeball because it kept us fit.”

“I enjoyed skipping in the playground. It was great.”

“Sports Day was good as it is fun to run.”


P6 Cycling Proficiency

Today with the help of Mr Riddle and Mr Don, we undertook our cycling proficiency training. We learnt how to keep safe when cycling on the roads. Below are some quotes and photographs of the day,

“I liked the cycling because we were learning about safety and having fun at the same time.”

“We got to do drills to improve our skills.”

“I learned that you have to be careful on the roads and that we need to use the ‘life saver’ to keep safe.”

“We did a life-saver, which is looking over your right shoulder to check for traffic.”

“We learnt how to mount and dismount from our bikes and how to show drivers that we are about to set off. “

“Even if you are being safe, you can still get into an accident so you must always be careful.”

“I learnt lots of new things and I really enjoyed being on my bike with all of the Primary 6s.”

P6 Culloden Trip

As part of our learning about Jacobites, Primary 6 took an exciting trip to Culloden Battlefield on Friday. We had a busy day at the visitor centre and learnt a lot about the Jacobites. We were able to take part in four activities,

  1. Workshop 1 – learning about how people were affected during the rebellion of the 1700s and the divide it caused in families and countries.
  2. Battlefield Tour – a guided tour of the battlefield which included being able to take part in some drama role play.
  3. Workshop 2 – in groups of four, we worked cooperatively to guess what mystery objects were and who they would have belonged to.
  4. Museum Tour – we walked through the museum gaining information through interactive displays, information boards and artefacts.

We had a fantastic time at Culloden and learnt a lot of local history.

“I enjoyed the workshop because there were lots of interesting things to see.”

“Guessing what the mystery object was, really made us think.”

“When we went outside we pretended to be soldiers charging on the battlefield.”

“I enjoyed the museum because we could wander at our own pace”

“I found it interesting when we got to dress up in different outfits as it gave us clues about how different people lived.”

“I really liked being able to explore the battlefield to stand where the Jacobites and the Government army stood.”

“I think going to Culloden early was useful because all the information was new.”

“I enjoyed going outside and recreating the Highland Charge”


Snow White Performance

On Friday I went to watch the Snow White Performance by Highland Youth Theatre. The show was performed by pupils from Holm Primary and I was most impressed with the confidence and acting skills shown by all. Well done everyone, I loved coming along to watch this. I feel we may have a few stars in the making!

  • “I enjoyed doing the show because it was fun.”
  • “I enjoyed it because it was full of fun.”
  • “I loved seeing all of the dwarfs costumes and being Dopey.”
  • “I loved doing it because you got to wear different outfits. My favourite part was when I had to crack the egg on my head.”
  • “Come and try the shows, it’s really fun, you’ll make new friends and the teacher is brilliant!” 
  • “The reason I liked it was because the teacher is really kind and I would tell other people to go for it because it is fun.”
  • “I liked that I had a pillow attached to my suit because I was Sleepy.”
  • “I enjoyed when I was a dwarf and we came around the audience.”


P4/5 Electricity

P4/5 have been working hard learning all about electricity. To start with we looked at battery and mains electricity.
Next we learned how to stay safe around electricity.
We experimented with different conductors and insulators. “Conductors allow electricity to flow through them.” “Insulators do not let electricity through.”
We looked at electrical circuits. We know that for a circuit to work it must complete a loop.
We made games using all our electricity knowledge and shared them with other classes.

Here are some of the things we learned :
“I learned that if there is no battery the circuit wont work because it is not a full circuit.”

“I learned how to make a game using electricity. We used wires, buzzers, batteries and bulbs.”

“I enjoyed making my game at the end of term and I liked showing it off to the other classes. I liked deciding what our game would be like and experimenting with the equipment.”

“I liked checking to see if circuits worked or not.”

“I liked using Peppa and the energy balls to learn about circuits.”

“I liked guessing to see if circuits worked and then checking them after.”


Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day. Comic Relief is about having fun and raising money to help others. We took part in a variety of activities today.

“I enjoyed designing glasses because we got to create different designs.”

“I liked the activity where you had to find the ball with a face on it. It was like a Lucky Dip.”

“I had to pin the nose on the celebrity. I thought it was easy.”

“In the outdoor Red Nose Hunt we were able to search for different pictures of red noses. I found Frankinose and Nose-it –all.”

“It was quite hard to find the noses outside because most of the class had found some already.”

“Today we created art with a red nose. The red nose was stuck anywhere on the page and we had to create a picture with it. It was fun thinking what you could make with the nose.”





P6 and P6/7 Balloon Rocket Experiment

Today P6 and P6/7 enjoyed an exciting afternoon of science. They joined together to design rockets made from balloons then tested their flying capabilities.

After discussing the features of rockets, each group was given a balloon, piece of card and a straw and asked to make their balloon into a rocket. Following on from this the groups tested the newly made rockets by attaching them to string and measuring how far along the string they travelled. To make it a fair test, every group had the same sized balloon, card and straw. The string was cut to the length for each group and held at the same height. Every group did well, with the winning rocket travelling an impressive 2 metres!

Here are some comments the children made about their afternoon;

‘I enjoyed this activity as we worked well together to create a rocket model from a balloon.’

‘Making a balloon rocket was fun as we were in a team with our friends.’

‘I liked the testing part because the balloon went further than I thought.’

‘We measured how far along the rocket went along the string.’

‘I enjoyed doing an exciting experiment.’

‘I liked how we used balloons for our rockets and then added features.’

‘I liked that we made our own rocket and then got to test them out.’

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