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P5N 17/18

Attitude is Everything

All the children in P5 to P7 have completed a block of lessons on Attitude.

The children had to uncode three words to see what their percentage was.


Here are some quotes about what they have learned.

“Our learning was about working hard and trying to work together with a partner”  Olivia P6.  

“Today we looked at the words hard work, knowledge and attitude.  We had to code these words with numbers.”  Arran P7.  

“We found out that attitude was the most important one.  It added up to one hundred.”  Crombie P6.  

“It is important to have a positive attitude.”  Ollie P7.  

“Attitude is about what you say.”  Wiktoria P7

“It is also about how you act.”  Emily P7.  

“Having the right attitude is being willing to face a challenge and be positive about it.” Shannon P7.    

“It is about your behaviour and feelings towards something.  If you think you can do it you will be able to.  Have a good attitude to go far.”  Kirsty P6.   

“Good Attitude is to think/feel and act positively.”

Bad attitude is to be negative.”  Matthew P6

“Never let anyone dull your sparkle and keep a positive attitude.”  Lara P6.    

“You are the boss of your own attitude not anyone else.”  Marta P6.  

“Remember – your attitude affects other people.”  

“Think bad things and this will happen.  Think good things and it will come.”  Nyree P6.  

“Stay positive” Kirsten P6.  

“If you believe you can do it.”  Daniel P6

“Behave nicely and think positively.”  Blair P6

“Your attitude is what you think.”  Aaron P6

“Show a good attitude by acting nice to others.  If you do something wrong – don’t sulk and just try, try again.”  Georgia P6.  

“You will get stuck with a bad attitude as you won’t be able to get anywhere.”    Amelia P6.  

“What you do bounces back to you so have a good attitude to others.”  

“Positive attitude is behaving properly.”  Harvey P6.  

“Your attitude is your most important attribute.  It says a lot about you and will determine how successful you are in everything.”  Sophie P5.

A Positive Attitude

Primary 6 completed grafitti boards in groups to display the different aspects of a positive attitude.

These are their results:

How do you behave/What you see/What do you do?  

  • Helping others
  • Do activities you enjoy.  
  • Do chores at home and class jobs at school.
  • Smiling
  • Listen to others.  
  • Follow the rules
  • Stand up for others if someone is being mean.
  • Include everyone.
  • Do not react negatively to others.  
  • If someone is sad/upset/crying – check in with them. Can you comfort them?  Cheer them up?  Show you care. Just be there.           
  • Use your manners and be polite.  
  • Share with others – from ideas to materials.  
  • Ask others to play/be friends/work together.  
  • Be fair and treat everyone the same no matter who they are.  
  • Be responsible.  
  • Welcoming
  • Hold or pass the door.  
  • Talk to others.  

What do you say?  

  • Greet people by saying hello.  
  • Say goodbye to people when you leave.  
  • Ask someone how they are?  
  • Good manners – please, thank you,
  • Cheer others on – say well done.  
  • No yelling
  • I will try my best.  
  • Apologise when you do something wrong – Sorry
  • Give someone a compliment today   Amazing work.  
  • Ask questions.  
  • Have a good day.  
  • Do not be negative about yourself or others.  
  • What am I missing?  What can I add to make this better?  

What do you think/feel?  

  • Think of others and not just yourself.
  • Think and say good things about yourself.  
  • See the positive in any situation.    
  • Be calm
  • Each day find something you are proud of.  
  • Think positively by thinking you can achieve.  
  • Say kind things about others work by saying what they have done well.  
  • Be cheerful with others.  
  • Always try to make others feel good.  
  • Be confident.  

We have put all of this information into a wall display which includes Persuasive Posters by the Primary 6s and 7s.  Some are orginals and others are based on famous quotes to do with attitude.

Stay positive!!

Miss Penman

Welcome to P5

Welcome to P5, I look forward to a fun year where lots of learning takes place, opportunities are taken and experiences are valued! Lets’s work our socks of P5!

Feis Rois

I am enjoying using the instruments that Dave is taking into the class and also my own ukulele

I like the sound that the instruments make when we play them together.

I like how Dave lets us listen to different types of music from all over the world.

I liked playing the ukulele made from an oil can that Dave brought in.

I enjoy when we play different instruments together to make music.

I like how we all get to play different instruments for example the ukulele, shakers, drums and tuned percussion.

Rights Respecting School – P5 Class Charter

The class charter helps us to be healthy and give us an education.

The class charter helps us with the different rights.  It encourages us to behave and if you don’t, it takes away the right to education from everyone.

Some of the rights on the charter are the rights to have an education and to privacy.

The class charter helps us to keep safe and to think about others.  It is always there if you need to look at it to remember your responsibilities and rights.

I like how it shows us our rights so we can look up to see what rights we have.  I think the class charter is similar to golden time encouraging children not to misbehave.

It helps us remember our rights and responsibilities.

It gives us the right to express our opinions and not to be judged on how we think.

It’s not just got the child’s responsibilities but also the adults’ responsibilities.

It’s the rights for all of us; if you don’t follow the rights it’s not fair on us all.

Welcome back

We hope that you have all had a fantastic summer and that you are ready for another fun year of learning.

We hope that you enjoy following our learning through our class blogs.