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P5H 17/18

P5 Creative Cafe

On Thursday 31st May 2018 P5 presented their terms hard work in a Creative Cafe. Children and adults alike really enjoyed the experience. Some of the quotes below underline how successful the event was.

Quotes form parents and carers

Wonderful morning, children have worked so hard and learned so much well done

So much work went into this well done to all

Children have had a great learning experience and presented their work confidently, brilliant

Excellent topic which the children really enjoyed, thank you to all the helpers

They all did a fantastic job

Very informative, thank you

Very interesting / enjoyable / fun

Really good and important children learn about the importance of food

Was lovely to see how confident children are

Very well organised and presented by the children. Hats off to staff for the amount of hard work put into this event

Very interesting, Wish school was like that 60 years ago

Fab! What a lot of work has gone into this. Great opportunity for children. Very informative, Thanks

Could not fault anything


Quotes from children

I liked showing the parents information on cereal boxes and explaining how it is important for our bodies.

We learned the names of the organs and it was amusing helping the parents put the organs in the right place.

I learned how much sugar was in cereals and it surprised me how much there was.

I enjoyed telling parents about our survey results and some parents were shocked that some children do not eat breakfast.

I enjoyed the creative café because we got to try new fruits like avocado and passion fruit.

I loved telling the adults what we have been learning this term.

Learning about fibre, salt and sugar in cereals was interesting because I did not realise there was so much salt and sugar in some cereals.




MAF Photograph Exhibition

Our Thoughts………………

  • The pictures were all about how people live in poorer countries.
  • I felt sad to see how some people do not have enough clean water.
  • I felt happy to see that MAF and other organisations help people in poorer countries by transporting medical care.
  • I enjoyed looking at the photographs and learning about what was happening in them.
  • I think it is great that MAF will use the money we raised to get a new plane for South Sudan.
  • MAF sends in planes to countries that don’t have clean water.
  • I read the story about Maud, who was shot by masked bandits, MAF were able to take in the medical care to help save her.
  • It surprised me that rely on donations to get paid.
  • That somewhere in the world MAF planes takes off every 4 minutes.
  • MAF helps developing countries and people that are less fortunate than us.
  • A pilot called Jacob used a pump from his plane to filter salt water from a well after a hurricane so that people could drink the water safely.
  • In one of the pictures there was a man who was blind; MAF flew him to a hospital so he could have an operation.

House Challenge

What an amazing afternoon we had completing our House Challenge.

This term it was the Osprey’s turn to creatively come up with our problem solving activity. They wanted to hold a competition to do with baking.

James:  “We picked baking as we do not normally do this.  We wanted to make the challenge  different and interesting for all the children in the school.  I was surprised at the outcome of the challenge as all teams made an amazing design.”

Lexie:  “It was a lot harder than you may think.  This is because we had to deal with crumbly cakes and runny icing.  However, our team did a trophy which looked fabulous.  We did well to run and organise our team to make a picture perfect design.”

Buzzards were the Best 

The Buzzard’s Captain and Vice Captain allowed each of their members to create their own cakes to show off their individuality.  They then created a giant b to stand for Buzzards.  The Vice Captain went on to explain this was to show the importance of their team.  While the Captain, created a buzzard at the top of the B.  She explained to Mrs Webb this was to show their bird as one but also as a flock.  They wanted to showcase it was all about working together and flocking with each other as a team.  Individuality creates the best teams.

Bible Alive

P5 have been looking at Christianity and in particular Bible stories. These have been delivered by Sandy and Effie. The children learn through a variety of activities including role play, British Sign Language, animations and looking at real artefacts.

Science – Buoy did we have fun!

P5 have been learning about buoyancy. We have designed and carried out a variety of practical experiments in order to develop knowledge of buoyancy and density.

Float or sink?

We were learning about the types of objects that float and the ones that sink.

Making paper boats to hold marbles

We were given paper to make boats that held marbles. We learned that the best boats for the task needed high walls and a large surface area.

How can we make plasticine float?

We realised that a ball of plasticine sinks however when flattened and shaped like a cup it floats. Again we realised that high walls and large surface area helps with buoyancy.

Magic Ketchup Trick

We were learning about pressure and density. When a ketchup sachet was placed in a bottle of water it floated however when pressure was put on the sachet (we squeezed the bottle) it sank. We learned that the pressure squeezes the air molecules which makes the sachet more dense than the water meaning it sank.

Can you drink it?

We were learning about the density of fruit juices. After placing different juices in a container we could see that the orange, pineapple and apple juices were more dense (due to the fact they had more sugar and fruit in them) than  blueberry and cranberry (as they were water based juices).

Does a paperclip float?

We were trying to make a paperclip float. In order to do this we were looking at surface tension. Unfortunately our experiment did not produce the result we had hoped for but when we tried it again later we managed to float the paperclip. We learned that science experiments do not always work they way you expect and that it is good to try the experiment again to make sure your result is reliable.

Blobs in a bottle

We were looking at thickness and density of liquids. We learned that water and food colouring are more dense than oil which was a surprise to us.

If we were around at the time of the Titanic maybe there would have been a different outcome.

Cross Country McRobert Cup 2018

Holm Super Stars






Well done to all our Cross Country Teams.

What a fantastic achievement as all of our teams came home with a medal.

P2/3 boys, P4/5 girls and P6/7 girls teams came first.

P2/3 girls, P4/5 boys and P6/7 boys team came second.

A big thank you to Mrs Foxcroft, Mrs MacPherson, Miss McIntosh, and all the other parents who helped out at Bught Park.





Dramatastic P5

This term we have been working on lots of different targets with Miss Penman in drama and dance.

  • I can follow a variety of instructions.
  • I can create a shape using my body.
  • I can work in a team.
  • I can perform in front of others and describe our creative thoughts.
  • I can follow and lead in repetitive moves.
  • I can work co-operatively with others to connect repetitive moves to show and explain to others.
  • I can remember animal shapes to play a competitive game with my peers demonstrating quick thinking and communication with others.

Can you tell what we are trying to do in our pictures?!


Our Machines