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P5H 17/18

Bible Alive

P5 have been looking at Christianity and in particular Bible stories. These have been delivered by Sandy and Effie. The children learn through a variety of activities including role play, British Sign Language, animations and looking at real artefacts.

Science – Buoy did we have fun!

P5 have been learning about buoyancy. We have designed and carried out a variety of practical experiments in order to develop knowledge of buoyancy and density.

Float or sink?

We were learning about the types of objects that float and the ones that sink.

Making paper boats to hold marbles

We were given paper to make boats that held marbles. We learned that the best boats for the task needed high walls and a large surface area.

How can we make plasticine float?

We realised that a ball of plasticine sinks however when flattened and shaped like a cup it floats. Again we realised that high walls and large surface area helps with buoyancy.

Magic Ketchup Trick

We were learning about pressure and density. When a ketchup sachet was placed in a bottle of water it floated however when pressure was put on the sachet (we squeezed the bottle) it sank. We learned that the pressure squeezes the air molecules which makes the sachet more dense than the water meaning it sank.

Can you drink it?

We were learning about the density of fruit juices. After placing different juices in a container we could see that the orange, pineapple and apple juices were more dense (due to the fact they had more sugar and fruit in them) than  blueberry and cranberry (as they were water based juices).

Does a paperclip float?

We were trying to make a paperclip float. In order to do this we were looking at surface tension. Unfortunately our experiment did not produce the result we had hoped for but when we tried it again later we managed to float the paperclip. We learned that science experiments do not always work they way you expect and that it is good to try the experiment again to make sure your result is reliable.

Blobs in a bottle

We were looking at thickness and density of liquids. We learned that water and food colouring are more dense than oil which was a surprise to us.

If we were around at the time of the Titanic maybe there would have been a different outcome.

Cross Country McRobert Cup 2018

Holm Super Stars






Well done to all our Cross Country Teams.

What a fantastic achievement as all of our teams came home with a medal.

P2/3 boys, P4/5 girls and P6/7 girls teams came first.

P2/3 girls, P4/5 boys and P6/7 boys team came second.

A big thank you to Mrs Foxcroft, Mrs MacPherson, Miss McIntosh, and all the other parents who helped out at Bught Park.





Dramatastic P5

This term we have been working on lots of different targets with Miss Penman in drama and dance.

  • I can follow a variety of instructions.
  • I can create a shape using my body.
  • I can work in a team.
  • I can perform in front of others and describe our creative thoughts.
  • I can follow and lead in repetitive moves.
  • I can work co-operatively with others to connect repetitive moves to show and explain to others.
  • I can remember animal shapes to play a competitive game with my peers demonstrating quick thinking and communication with others.

Can you tell what we are trying to do in our pictures?!


Our Machines 

Wizard School

REMEMBER (the trick)
UNDERSTAND (how it’s done)
APPLY (the method)
ANALYSE (effectiveness)
EVALUATE (the performance)
CREATE (their own presentation)

  • My favourite magic trick was the green molecule trick. The food colouring was very clever.
  • It was fascinating to see how the tricks happened, I liked helping out with a trick.
  • I like the 1 to 5 magic stone trick, I am going to try it out.
  • I enjoyed learning all the magic tricks and I am going to try them out at home.
  • I liked how he turned a tissue into a ball; I don’t know how he did that!
  • It was cool to see a ball float; this was to show us gravity.

Fairtrade Fortnight

I learnt…….

  • Fairtrade products cost more money and the farmers who produce things such as bananas and cocoa get a fair wage.
  • Farmers sometimes don’t get paid enough money for their products unless you are a Fairtrade farmer.
  • That if the produce is Fairtrade it will have a logo printed on it and that means that these farmers get a fair wage.
  • Some children who work on farms have to use dangerous equipment such as machetes.
  • Fairtrade just doesn’t mean fair prices it means that the farmers get enough money to help them live sufficiently.
  • The process of how chocolate is made from the bean to the bar.
  • Only some chocolate is Fairtrade most of them aren’t.
  • Fairtrade means that the farmers get a fair price for what they are producing.
  • How we can help the cocoa bean and banana farmers to get more money so that they can improve their lives.

P5 World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March P5 celebrated World Book Day by partaking in a variety of different literacy based activities.


A – Z of book characters, authors or titles


Groups had to think about characters, authors or book titles beginning with every letter in the alphabet. 3 points were awarded for authors, 2 for book titles and 1 for characters.


Big Book Bonanza Quiz


In groups we took part in a very difficult book related quiz.


My Character Profile


Using either a someone from a book or our imagination, we wrote a character description.


World Book Day Wordsearch


We searched carefully for a variety of book related words.


Book Token Design Competition

We had the opportunity to enter a national competition where some designs will be used on book tokens throughout the UK.


Book Swap

We had the opportunity to bring in and swap books that we no longer wanted.  This was a great way of seeing the huge variety of authors and genre available, allowing us all to continue to enjoy reading.

  • I enjoyed World Book Day because it was fun learning about different books and doing a quiz.
  • I enjoyed swapping books and doing lots of different activities to do with books I had read.
  • I really enjoyed World Book Day because I loved the book swap and I got another great story book to read instead.
  • It was great fun to make up a new character of our own!
  • I think it is a great way to encourage people to read and to help people enjoy books.

Raffle tickets on sale today

Raffle tickets will be on sale at drop off (840-9am) and pick up (240-3pm) today at the school gate. They will cost £1 per strip. Money generated will be split to support MacMillan Cancer Support and the P7 trip.

The draw, and further ticket sales, will happen at the Quiz tonight in the Hall. The Quiz begins at 6pm and is open to all. Late entries are welcome. Team size set at a maximum of 6.

Prizes include

Tomatin Whisky and glass sets (Weldex)

Storehouse voucher

Golf balls (Weldex)

Red and White wine set (Café 1)

Therapy suite voucher

Afternoon Tea for 2 at Culloden House Hotel

2x PT session with Kevin Campbell PT (£60)

Nairn Dunbar Golf Voucher

1st Pizza Direct Voucher

Urquharts – lunch for 2 with a glass of wine each

Assorted bottles

Carpet vouchers

Thank you!

Internet Safety Day

Internet Safety Day was a great success. P5-7  started  the day with a visit from our community police officer who spoke to us about keeping ourselves safe on the internet. Then we had rotations of groups to give the children a broad experience of various aspects of the internet. These included the history and positives of the internet, Smart Thinking, appropriate and safe information on profiles, internet passwords and websites (fake/ unsecure), social media and cyberbullying.

These are comments the children made about the day.

“It was good we had a visit from our community police officer, because now I know more about internet safety and the dangers.”

“The ‘Smart Thinking’ told you how to keep safe on the internet. I enjoyed making a poster about it.”

“I have learned what SMART stands for. Safe, Meeting, Accepting, Reliable and Tell. Smart Thinking is useful because the word Smart is easy to remember.  The poster was also fun to make as we got to work in a team.”

“It was great learning about internet safety as now we know what to do if something happens.”

“I have enjoyed learning about all the different ways to keep safe on the internet.”

It has taught me how to keep myself safe and why you might not trust others.”

“I learnt that www stands for World Wide Web and that Sir Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web.”

“I learnt that the first computer ever made took up the size of a whole room and the first food ordered online was pizza.”

“It was interesting to learn the difference between internet and the World Wide Web.”

“Some of the advantages of the internet are: You can learn from it, complete job applications, socialise with others, send emails instead of writing and you can be entertained e.g You Tube.”

“ I enjoyed internet safety day as it told me the internet can sometimes be dangerous.”

“I learned how to recognise a fake website.”

“I learned how to make a strong password.”

“I learned that it is easy to hack into accounts if you have a weak password.”

“I learned that the world wide web and the internet are different things.”