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p5/6 18/19

Our learning

Welcome to P5/6.

In Maths, we have been learning about angles. We looked for angles in the environment and also played several games to help us identify and describe different angles.

“It helped us learn about angles because most of us wouldn’t have looked for different angles outside.”

“I found an acute, obtuse and right angle on a bench outside!”

“The angle games help you remember all you have been learning about the different angles, and how to describe them.”

In class,we took part in a STEM workshop where we designed and created Sphero chariots. We had great fun working as a team to produce our design. Here are some comments the children have made about their afternoon with STEM.

“I loved playing with Sphero. We had so much fun making the chariot.”

“We controlled Sphero using an iPad. Building the chariot was hard though but I am so grateful I had the chance to use Sphero in school.”

“I enjoyed making the chariot with others. I also enjoyed watching the chariots race against each other.”

“I learned that Sphero could move in a plastic cup.”

“Although we never won the race, we had a great time building the chariot. That’s the part that counts. I loved working as a team.”