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p5/6 18/19

Children In Need

We were learning about what Children In Need does and how it supports others. It helped us to think about things that we may take for granted that other children may not have.

In school we raised money by having a ‘Dress Down Day’.



In class, we were learning about this year being the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1. We also discussed the symbol of the poppy, and how we show respect by wearing or buying poppies.

In class, we looked at the work of various artists who had used poppies in their art pieces. We created our own pictures using a variety of mediums.

Big Dance – Dancemania 2018

My heart couldn’t feel more full!! Absolutely bursting with happiness and just being so proud!!! What an achievement to the girls!! Thank you so much to everyone that helped us on our journey. Mrs Williams, Mrs Webb and Mr Ross – legends.

Eden Court were amazing and special thank you to the Dance Artist Louise  Marshall!!

All the girls were superstars!!!! Thank you to them and their families. I have been so touched by the words of thanks but the girls are the true achievers. It’s moments like this that I love my job and all the children I work with.  I hope the girls will remember this day for what it was – truly awesome!!! More importantly they continue to believe they can achieve whatever they want to and KEEP DANCING !!







In class this term, we have been exploring the theme of respect. We have been working on demonstrating and understanding respect, and identifying and explaining when respect has been shown in a real life context. This term our class novel is Kensuke’s Kingdom. In class, we have been identifying and discussing respectful and disrespectful acts within the book.

“Kensuke’s Kingdom is an interesting book and it has helped me learn about respect.”

“Reading Kensuke’s Kingdom is a good way to learn about respect because it has a lot of respectful and disrespectful examples in it.”

“I listen well in class as it helps me understand the work on respect.”

This is the P5/6 Class Charter. Our class charter is linked to the United Nations Rights of the Child articles (UNCRC) and we all agreed what articles we would focus on. We also discussed how we would respect each of the UNCRC articles in class.

“We choose Article 12 because it is important to listen to others and respect their opinions.”

“We included Article 16 as we have the right to have personal space and privacy.”

“We all have the right to education, and to learn and listen.”

“We thought relaxing and playing was important to include in our charter because it helps us rest and have a break.”

“We decided on a space theme for our charter, with pictures of us going round the world. We finished it off with a border of fingerprints to show we are all different.”

Wraparound Spelling Information

I have put an edited version of the PPT presentation from the Wraparound Spelling event on the blog. Please find it within the Support for Learning 18/19 blog.

Please read it through and contact me if you have any questions.

Michael Ross

Our learning

We were looking at the work of the artist Katsushika Hokusai, who was well known for his print ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’.

In class, we discussed how the wave on the front cover of Kensuke’s Kingdom, was similar to Hokusai’s work. We created our own paintings of the scene when there was a storm at sea.

“We thought of the idea for our paintings because when we read the book, Kensuke compared Michael’s art to that of Hokusai.”

“It was fun to draw the waves and paint them. We did the pictures in separate parts and on different days. We added to our pictures every day until they were finished.”

“We chose to add the Peggy Sue to our wave pictures because the Peggy Sue turned up in the end.”




Family Learning event – thank you

I really enjoyed hosting the Literacy Family Learning event last night and working with you all. Thank everyone who could make it.

I will be putting more information up on the website within the ‘Support for Learning 18/19’ section, including:

  • Presentation used last night
  • Activities that can be used anywhere
  • Sound charts to support spelling

There were some families who could not attend, and selected other dates. Unfortunately, there has not been a high turnout for any of the 3 options, so those workshops will not run. I hope that the information that I put on the website will be supportive. If anyone has any questions, please get in touch with me at the school.

The feedback was positive, and I appreciate the comments and insight into your views. As a result, I will look to run further events throughout the year and will put information out in due course.

Thanks again,

Mike Ross

Family learning event

Literacy Family Learning event:
Wednesday 3rd October. 6-730pm. Holm Primary School hall.

Mr Ross is hosting an event to share the new approach to spelling within the school.

The event will share:

  • Information about the new approach
  • the rationale behind it
  • examples of the activities your children are involved in each day
  • ways to support this at home

All families are welcome to attend, but the event is mainly aimed at families with children ranging from P3 to P7.

There will be another event soon aimed at the children in P1 and P2.

Children are welcome at the meeting.

Hope to see you all there.

Michael Ross

Our learning

Welcome to P5/6.

In Maths, we have been learning about angles. We looked for angles in the environment and also played several games to help us identify and describe different angles.

“It helped us learn about angles because most of us wouldn’t have looked for different angles outside.”

“I found an acute, obtuse and right angle on a bench outside!”

“The angle games help you remember all you have been learning about the different angles, and how to describe them.”

In class,we took part in a STEM workshop where we designed and created Sphero chariots. We had great fun working as a team to produce our design. Here are some comments the children have made about their afternoon with STEM.

“I loved playing with Sphero. We had so much fun making the chariot.”

“We controlled Sphero using an iPad. Building the chariot was hard though but I am so grateful I had the chance to use Sphero in school.”

“I enjoyed making the chariot with others. I also enjoyed watching the chariots race against each other.”

“I learned that Sphero could move in a plastic cup.”

“Although we never won the race, we had a great time building the chariot. That’s the part that counts. I loved working as a team.”