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P5 19/20

P5 Christmas Party

On Friday P5s got all dressed up for their Christmas party. We played games, took part in some Scottish dancing and had some delicious snacks made by Mrs Murdoch.  Thank you to all the pupils in P5 for their amazing manners and sportsmanship.  Mrs Fraser, Miss Cruickshank-Ryan and myself had a fantastic time celebrating the festive season with you.  We hope you all had a great time too- here are some photos of the super afternoon!

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Coding with the SSPCA

Primary 5 had great fun learning to create robotic owls with Vanessa from the SSPCA yesterday. We found out lots of interesting facts about owls (did you know their ears aren’t on the top of their head?) and got to ask Vanessa about her experiences with the SSPCA.

We worked as a team to construct Oscar the owl and then we used I pads to code and instruct the owl to speak, light up and move. It was great fun and very interesting!

Meccano team work

Primary 5 had great fun yesterday afternoon with a visitor from the S.T.E.M hub. We were focussing on engineering and teamwork skills with the use of a giant meccano set.  We first had to design and construct a tower.  After that we had to create a wheelbarrow to hold a teddy.  We have this set on loan from the STEM hub for a month so look out for more design challenges hitting our blog soon!

Delightful designs

Primary 5 have been busy designing their own pumpkins in preparation for Halloween. They then brought their designs to life in the form of a spooky Halloween satsuma.  Here are some photos.  Happy Halloween everyone!

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October holiday achievements

Congratulations to 2 of our P5 pupils that were working hard over the holidays.  From hill walks to horse riding competitions, they’ve done it all.  Well done!

Sporting stars in P5

Congratulations to the Primary 5 pupils that completed the 5k run on Sunday- an amazing effort! A big congratulations to our very own rugby star that got player of the match this weekend.


P.E roundup

Primary 5 have been working hard this term to improve their skills in unihoc.  We have been learning how to hold a unihoc stick, travel, pass and shoot.  After weeks of practice we have been able to try team matches.  Miss Campbell was very impressed with our teamwork and communication skills throughout the games.  Great job P5!

Swimming Success

Massive congratulations- 2 medals in one competition!

James and the giant peach performance


On Friday morning the whole school got to watch a production of, ‘James and the giant peach.’ It was a great show filled with songs, dancing and laughter. We all enjoyed it very much.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week we had a different teacher as Miss Campbell got to attend the Scottish Learning Festival. Mrs Mackay (not the HT) was there on Wednesday when we had a visit from a group of adults that came to discuss anti-bullying. The adults played some games with us and shared some stories from their past. They have delivered this workshop to over 8,000 children already and will be visiting more of our classes this term and next.


Indigenous drumming workshop

On Thursday the whole school got the chance to participate in a drumming and dancing workshop. The type of drums we were playing was native to Africa. We all got the chance to play a drum, sing an African fisherman song and partake in some dancing.  We LOVED the day and are still dancing today.  Here are some photos from the workshop.

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