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P5 18/19

Making butter

On Monday we were learning how to write a set of instructions. Our instructions were teaching people how to make butter.  We even made our own to test out our instructions.  We tried it out on some oatcakes as we thought that would link well to our Jacobite topic.

‘When we were making the butter I though my arm was about to fall off at any moment. Once the cream finally started to split I felt success!’ Rory

‘I enjoyed making the butter. I found it so much fun that I made it again at home.’ laria

Culloden Battlefield trip

On Thursday P5 and P5/6 were lucky enough to visit Culloden Battlefield as part of our Jacobites topic. We went inside the classroom and were all given a lanyard.  Some of us were asked to dress up as famous people from the time of the Jacobite rebellion. After that, we went outside to see the real battlefield.  We got to see where the soldiers stood and even where some soldiers were buried.  After lunch we were back in the classroom to look at artefacts that would have belonged to the people we had studied earlier in the day. Lastly, we went around the museum.  We saw some of Bonnie Prince Charlie’s personal belongings like his dress sword and waistcoat (it even had his sweat stains on it).

We had an amazing time and are looking forward to sharing more of our experience at our creative café later on this month!

*Fun Fact- Bonnie Prince Charlie’s full name was Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart.

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Lost Property

A huge THANK YOU to Mrs Williamson and Mrs Main who spent time this morning streamlining our Lost Property.

As you can see below they have allocated a box per class for named items so that they can be returned to their owner or their owner can check their class box.

This however will only work if ALL items are named.

We still have a  box of unnamed items and lunchboxes/water bottles.

Unclaimed items will be removed as per the Holm Primary and Parent Council Procedural Guide for Lost Property, a copy of which is displayed next to our Lost Property area.

Visit from the Wardlaw Mausoleum

Yesterday Erik came to visit our class to talk about his job at the Wardlaw Mausoleum. He showed us pictures and told us stories about how the Jacobite rebellion affected the Lovat Fraser clan.  He then went on to tell us about other events that happened throughout history near the Mausoleum.  We also got to look at different artefacts and books that he took in to show us.  Thank you so much for coming in to speak to us Erik.  We really enjoyed it!

‘It was very interesting to hear all about the mausoleum.  You wouldn’t know there were witch trials so near Inverness.’ Campbell

‘I found the story about the witch pricker (Mr Patterson) that was actually a woman in disguise very interesting.  I don’t know how she got away with it for 3 years!’ Aidan



Our Jacobite shield

This week Primary 5 have been busy designing and creating our own Jacobite shields. We used paint to make our designs come to life and then used split pins to bring our designs to life.


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P5 achievements

Congratulation to our Ps achievers this week. First, we have Holm Primary school’s basketball player of the year.  We also have 3 boys that have been working extremely hard to improve their literacy skills with Mrs Williams. As a thank you for all their hard work they were able to have a go at making sugar craft lions this week.  They look amazing! Well done to all of you!

P5 super stars

Congratulations to 3 of our amazing Primary five pupils.  From judo and kickboxing to Girls brigade, there is always plenty to celebrate in Miss Campbell’s class. A very well done to you all!

Junk plea

Primary 5 have really enjoyed learning about the Jacobites so far this term. Recently, we have been learning about the weapons that the Jacobites and Government soldiers used.   We have designed our own Jacobite shields and next week we plan to bring those designs to life.  In order to do so we need large pieces or cardboard.  If you have any unwanted cardboard at home that you are happy to donate please bring it to the P5 classroom at your earliest convenience (no later than Thursday if possible).  Many thanks!


Miss Campbell and Primary 5

Tennis coaching

Over the last 3 weeks Primary 5 and Primary 5/6 have been given the opportunity to receive tennis coaching. We have been learning about racket control, under and over arm passing, volleys and passing over a net.  Here are some photos of our time at tennis so far.  Thanks Lizzy for coming in to help and support our classes!

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