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P5 16/17

P5 Basketball Workshop – The Highland Bears

  • It was fun playing a game called ‘Banana Split’ because we learnt how to dribble, have fun at the same time and also work as a team.
  • The ‘numbers game’ was fun because you got to practise shooting.
  • It was hard when you were trying to get the basketball through the hoop. You also had to be quick off your feet when they called a number.
  • The number game was fun; it got harder when you had to lie on your tummy. You then had to get up and shoot at the basket, you had to listen for your number being called.
  • I enjoyed doing the Highland Bears basketball workshop; it was fun shooting baskets and inspired lots of people to start playing basketball.
  • I enjoyed basketball as it’s not a sport I normally play but it turned out to be fun.
  • I really enjoyed the shooting game because it was nerve-wracking when you were sitting waiting for your number to be called. It really got your heart rate up.
  • I enjoyed the warm up; it was both active and fun.
  • I liked doing the different skills in the warm up at the start.

P5 Art Visit from Inverness Museum

Alison from Inverness Museum came into P5 today.  P5 made Viking shields applying what they have learned in fractions and symmetry.  These shields have gone to the museum and will be spray painted gold before being part of the Valhalla Viking display.  The display begins on 17th June, it will run over the holidays until late August.  Be sure to go and visit to see the completed display and take part in some Viking related craft activities.

P5 Visit to Eden Court

P5 attended a drama workshop in Eden Court followed by Puccini’s La Bohème Unwrapped.

  • The drama workshop was fun because we made up our own Viking names and actions for them.
  • I liked the opera because it was a different language (Italian) and it was really interesting.
  • It was fun listening to the opera because I didn’t know what would happen next and there was lots of action in it.
  • I liked the storyline of La Bohème and how they projected their voices when singing without using a microphone.
  • I really enjoyed the opera; it was really emotional in some parts. It was new to me and interesting.
  • Mimi was a good singer; she could still sing the same even though she was lying down.
  • I liked the drama Workshop with Louise, we were working with a partner to mime daily jobs the Vikings had and the audience had to guess what that job was.
  • I like the drama workshop when we split into two groups, one group was the raiders and the other was the monks. We had to do silent images called a tableau.
  • The opera was really dramatic, for example in the scene when she walked out and slammed the door, the music made it even more dramatic.

Holm Primary Playground Charter

A few weeks ago the Rights Respecting School Team were discussing how we could improve our school playground. Each representative asked their class for ideas and shared them at our meeting. From this we created common themes and worked with some PSAs to create our charter. The charter has created a shared set of values for our school and playground.

The RRS team decorated designs and the whole school voted. The winner was revealed at the assembly last week.



This was the winning design! The signs have been made and they have been popped up in our school; 1 in the playground and 2 on the field.


JRSO Training Event

Today, 4 of our newly appointed JRSOs (Junior Road Safety Officer) went to Culduthel Christian Centre for training.

When they arrived they received a JRSO folder and badge along with a Hi-Viz vest to help them to be seen and promote Road Safety.

During the training they saw magic tricks to help them lead an assembly promoting Road Safety, Police Vans which help monitor speeding cars, inside lorries which have blind spot cameras fitted. They also received Walk to School badges because they walked there and back.  A goody bag of prizes each for spotting road signs during the training wasm also given.

They now have the task of coming back to school and leading Road Safety awareness next session.

” I found it amazing because today is going to help me to help people to stay safe around the roads.”

“We have learned lots today about being a JRSO.”

“Today was a really good experience for me to become a better JRSO. We learned lots of things we can use when crossing the road on our way home.”

“It is good for us to learn how to be a JRSO and I am looking forward to working with everyone.”

Look out for their photo in the local paper when it is next printed!



Health Week Activity Day

  • In yoga we watched some videos with music to help us to focus and to keep calm.
  • I enjoyed playing dodge ball because it really tired me out and there was lots of room to run.
  • In the long jump we got to jump into the sand pit but also use the adventure trail.
  • I liked doing the boxing because we learned how to punch safely, there was one called the cross punch.
  • I enjoyed doing the skipping because we were in pairs and we did different types of skipping such as running and backwards.
  • I liked doing the yoga because it was calm and relaxing.
  • I enjoyed guessing how much sugar was in the food and drink. It was fun because we had to guess how much sugar and I was surprised with the amount of sugar in some food and drink.
  • Dancemania was fun because we got to dance to music I liked and I learnt new dance moves.

Snow White Performance

On Friday I went to watch the Snow White Performance by Highland Youth Theatre. The show was performed by pupils from Holm Primary and I was most impressed with the confidence and acting skills shown by all. Well done everyone, I loved coming along to watch this. I feel we may have a few stars in the making!

  • “I enjoyed doing the show because it was fun.”
  • “I enjoyed it because it was full of fun.”
  • “I loved seeing all of the dwarfs costumes and being Dopey.”
  • “I loved doing it because you got to wear different outfits. My favourite part was when I had to crack the egg on my head.”
  • “Come and try the shows, it’s really fun, you’ll make new friends and the teacher is brilliant!” 
  • “The reason I liked it was because the teacher is really kind and I would tell other people to go for it because it is fun.”
  • “I liked that I had a pillow attached to my suit because I was Sleepy.”
  • “I enjoyed when I was a dwarf and we came around the audience.”


Exploring Powerpoint – Primary 2 and Primary 5 Buddies

For the last two weeks the Primary 5 children have been introducing the Primary 2s to Powerpoint. They have worked together to make a PowerPoint presentation about Rights! While one half of the class were on the computers, the other half worked with their buddies to create a Rights poster!

‘Last week my buddy and me got lots of pictures to do with rights and put them in our powerpoint.’ Emma

‘We changed the background of our powerpoint so that it was grey. We typed sentences and we put in the rights we have, like the right to play and rest.’ Ewen

‘I worked with my buddy to make a poster. I put the rights in bubble writing and I coloured them in.’ Stewart

‘I worked with my buddy to put in pictures about rights. We also wrote a title and a little bit of information about writes underneath.’ Isla


P5 World Book Day

  • P5 enjoyed World Book Day by sharing their favourite books, completing an author study by researching on the internet and their TOP 5’s.


My favourite book is The Twits by Roald Dahl.  It is funny when Miss Twit goes flying into the air because of the helium balloons.

My favourite book is the BFG by Roald Dahl.  I liked the sense of humour in the book and how descriptive Roald Dahl is about the Giant.

My favourite book is Princess Betony and the Unicorn by Pamela Freeman.  It is really exciting, it brings magic to life.

My favourite book is Awful Auntie by David Walliams.  It is really funny the way the ghost called Soot talks.  He sounds as if he is from London.

My favourite book is Mystery Mob.  I like it because some of the books are about football and the FA cup.

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  It has a lot of adventure and humour in it.  My favourite part is when Harry is in the final task.

My favourite book is the Secret Seven by Enid Blyton.  It is about children having cool adventures.

My favourite book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets BY J.K. Rowling.  It is very mystical and exciting, you never really know what’s going to happen; there is a lot of surprise in it.