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P4 19/20

Our buddies!

Primary 4 have been buddied with Primary 7 to learn all about Chrome Books. The Primary 7s shared their knowledge and skills with the younger class.

“I like working with my P7 buddy because they helped me learn about Google Slides.”

“I think the P7s are great and they have really helped me with the Chrome Books.”

“It has been very interesting because we got to learn different things on the Chrome Books.”

“The P7s showed me how to log on and off.”

“We learned how to make a folder and change the colour of it.”

“The P7s are so helpful and respectful to us.”

Holm school Journalists

Holm Primary now has its own team of budding reporters. P4 pupils have been working with Mr Evans, a former journalist. They have been learning about the media, how to research and write stories and talking about the big issues of the moment.

We’ll be posting their stories on the blog as they progress with their writing. So here are their first efforts – keep an eye on the blog to read more in the future…

Holm Primary News

By Erin and Charley

Welcome to Holm Primary News.

This term we interviewed Mr Ross. He very kindly answered all of our questions and even told us some funny stories too.

One day Mr Ross went to gel his hair and there wasn’t any gel so he used shampoo instead. Then he went to school. He went outside and it started raining and his hair went all bubbly!

Also he ripped his trousers. Not once, not twice, but three times in primary 7!!!! He was very embarrassed!!

We also asked Mr Ross about his new baby girl and how her name was chosen.

He said: “We made a list of names then scored them out of five and Ellie was the name that got the most votes.”

Holm Primary News

By Cameron and Emily

We have a new head teacher at our school. Her name is Mrs Mackay.

When we interviewed her she told us that her favourite things are shopping, gardening and family time.

In school now we have a reward scheme called Going for Gold. Pupils get rewards for kindness.

A silver card is if you do a kind thing. If you get 10 silver cards you get a gold card!!!

Before Mrs Mackay came to this school she was a head teacher at Teanassie, Dochgarroch and Tornacross.

She has been teaching for 12 years but she hasn’t always been a teacher. She also worked as a science development officer for a year.



We had a visit at school from the Shoogalie Road Company who performed the pantomime Aladdin. What a fantastic afternoon we all had!

Here are some comments the children made after watching Aladdin.

“I thought the pantomime was enjoyable because I liked the songs and it was very funny.”

“I liked how the Princess and Aladdin fell in love. It was good acting.”

“The monkey kept popping up. It just kept appearing and I thought it was so funny.”

“I enjoyed the fighting with swords as Aladdin was the winner.”

“Genie, who watched the pantomime with us at the start, was funny. She granted Aladdin three wishes.”

“The colours in the background, and the costumes were wonderful.”

“I liked Aladdin’s mum, she was funny and she was a great singer too.  My favourite song was ‘Senorita’.”

“I liked the bit where the DJ’s came on and they were doing different types of cool dancing.”

Scottish SPCA Visit

Today we had a visit from the Scottish SPCA. We watched a film about taking care of wildlife. Through learning how to code Oscar the owl, pupils learnt amazing facts about the diverse wildlife we have in Scotland.

P4 Workshop

P4 had a workshop on Dyslexia with Rossie Stone who writes a comic book. We all created characters to help us learn different things. What fun we all had!

“It was fun because we found a way to make work even more enjoyable.”

“It was interesting making work fun. I made a cartoon about Maths.”

“I made a hat with Maths on it. The answers all had to equal a colour so you could colour it in.”

“I liked the information he gave us on Dyslexia. It was very interesting.”

“I liked everything about the workshop.”


We all had fun during our shinty taster sessions, and learned lots of new skills too!


Stand Up For Sophia

The school took part today in ‘Stand Up For Sophia’ where we all raised money for her to buy a wheelchair that allows her to stand up. Mrs Walsh is a valued member of our school team, and we wish her all the best in raising money for her daughter Sophia.