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p4 18/19

Children In Need 2018 in P3, P3/4 and P4

Today we enjoyed raising money for BBC Children In Need 2018.

We got to dress down (or up!) and had the opportunity to buy some delicious Pudsey biscuits at break.

Primary 3, 3/4 and 4 enjoyed some different activities in B Block today:

  • Design your own Pudsey.
  • Create your own Children In Need spotty biscuit.
  • Design a Pudsey friendship band with a positive message on the inside.

We also enjoyed learning about the importance of Children In Need and discovering all the different activities and centres the charity supports.  We were actively involved in sharing, giving, creating and expressing individuality while also filling each other with positive affirmations to demonstrate kindness.

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Guy Fawkes

Last week we learnt all about the history of Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night:

“We learned that on 5th November 1605, an English man called Guy Fawkes and some of his friends were unhappy with King James so they decided to try and blow up Parliament.”

“They were going to use gunpowder to blow up Parliament and the King.”

“The King’s guards caught them before they could hurt anyone.”

“King James decided that on the 5th November every year people would remember the Gunpowder Plot and how the plan failed.”

“That’s why we have Bonfire Night.”

After learning all about the history of Guy Fawkes night, we worked at our tables to sequence cards, retelling the story of Guy Fawkes Night.

We also created some fantastic firework art using paper plates, paint and lots of glitter!



We have been enjoying creating some fantastic artwork since returning to school in August. This week we created some fantastic paper haunted houses.

Maths Games

In P4, we have been working hard on our mental maths. We have enjoyed doing addition and subtraction through a selection of board and card games. Our mental maths is becoming stronger every day and we are really enjoying learning through a variety of games. This week we even got to play some spooky Halloween maths games!


In class last term, and continuing this term, we have been learning all about Kindness. We have learnt about Kindness through a variety of stories:

  • The Giving Tree
  • Those Shoes
  • Last Stop on Market Street
  • We’re All Wonders
  • The Quiltmaker’s Gift

This has allowed us to see kindness in different forms – kindness to people, animals or nature. We have learnt that kindness makes people feel loved and wanted and that if we show others kindness they will show it back to us.

We read each story and discussed the acts of kindness. We then completed a variety of tasks, ranging from designing new front covers, creating character descriptions and retelling the story.

We have also been learning about kind and unkind acts. We were given a variety of ‘acts’ and had to decide whether they were kind or unkind. In order to decide this, we thought whether we would want this done to us e.g being asked to play or being kicked. The main thing we learnt from this activity was, “Don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want done to yourself.”


“Stories are a good way to learn because stories can be easy to remember and they showed different kindness.”

“Examples of kindness are: helping others, being kind and caring and letting other people play with you.”

“If you are not being kind to people they may not be kind to you.”

“Kindness means sharing and saying hi to people.”

“Kindness means being polite, taking the bins out for Mum and helping others.”

“Kindness is important because without kindness no one would get along or have friends.”

Wraparound Spelling Information

I have put an edited version of the PPT presentation from the Wraparound Spelling event on the blog. Please find it within the Support for Learning 18/19 blog.

Please read it through and contact me if you have any questions.

Michael Ross

Family Learning event – thank you

I really enjoyed hosting the Literacy Family Learning event last night and working with you all. Thank everyone who could make it.

I will be putting more information up on the website within the ‘Support for Learning 18/19’ section, including:

  • Presentation used last night
  • Activities that can be used anywhere
  • Sound charts to support spelling

There were some families who could not attend, and selected other dates. Unfortunately, there has not been a high turnout for any of the 3 options, so those workshops will not run. I hope that the information that I put on the website will be supportive. If anyone has any questions, please get in touch with me at the school.

The feedback was positive, and I appreciate the comments and insight into your views. As a result, I will look to run further events throughout the year and will put information out in due course.

Thanks again,

Mike Ross

Family learning event

Literacy Family Learning event:
Wednesday 3rd October. 6-730pm. Holm Primary School hall.

Mr Ross is hosting an event to share the new approach to spelling within the school.

The event will share:

  • Information about the new approach
  • the rationale behind it
  • examples of the activities your children are involved in each day
  • ways to support this at home

All families are welcome to attend, but the event is mainly aimed at families with children ranging from P3 to P7.

There will be another event soon aimed at the children in P1 and P2.

Children are welcome at the meeting.

Hope to see you all there.

Michael Ross