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p4 18/19

Oliver Twist

We all had a great time at our school celebration show:  Oliver Twist.  We laughed, we were sad, we sang along and clapped to the musical.  A big thank you to the show production for coming.

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I liked when they did the songs especially the food song.  

I liked the ending part as there was a cat and dog singing a song.  The cat appeared in the show.

I liked when Oliver was happy because I winked and they winked back.  

The funniest part was seeing my teacher up on stage and them singing she had hairy feet.

The saddest part was when Oliver was ll on his own.

The ending was good because Oliver met up with his grandfather.  

I liked all the songs they sang.  We got to clap along.

Dance Day Success!!!

Dance Day Success

What an amazing day we all had and raising money for Highland Hospice!! We hope you enjoy the photos, quotes and look out for us in the local paper.  Good luck to Kerry and her journey in Strictly Inverness.  We are so grateful to our school community as you all raised £962.31.  Thank you so much for your continuing support.

“I really enjoyed dance day because we all had fun and we raised money for a good cause” Aimee

“It was really fun and I liked seeing the smiles on other people’s faces” Katienne

“I usually don’t like dancing but the dance day was great fun and I really enjoyed it.”  Primary Seven 

“I liked all the different stations and the flash mobs” Sophie

“I enjoyed taking part in all the different dances” Caitlin

“I was nervous about dancing in front of the whole school and parents but in the end it was amazing and I really enjoyed it.”    Primary Seven 

“I enjoyed all the different styles of dancing.” Primary Two 

“I really enjoyed the dance day especially learning new types of dance.” Primary Five

We had dance stations in the morning.  Thank you to all adults and children for participating in this event.  Special thanks go out to Performers UK, Laura MacLennan and Hollie Simpson – Local Dance Artists for their time and talents.

Dancing with Performers UK

Dancing With Laura 

Dancing with Hollie 

“I enjoyed dancing with Hollie as we learnt lots of dance moves with ribbons.”  Primary Three 

“I enjoyed dancing with the scarves.”  Primary Two

Scottish Dancing with Mrs Nicholson and Mr Henstridge 

“I enjoyed the Scottish dancing because Mr Henstridge made everyone laugh” Shanah-Leigh

“Mr Henstridge’s Scottish Dancing was great fun.”  Primary Five

“I liked the Scottish dancing because it was fun” Ruthie

“I liked the Scottish dancing because it was fun.”  Primary Two

“The Scottish dancing was good fun as we got to dance with a partner a lot.”  Primary Three 

Interactive Dancing 

“I enjoyed the activity where we were doing Just Dance.”  Primary Four 

“I enjoyed the different moves on Go-noodle.”  Primary Two

“I loved doing just dance.”  Primary Seven

“The Frog Dance was the best.”  Primary One

“I enjoyed doing Just dance because it was fun” Robert

African and Smaba Dancing with designing a Costume 

“It was nice to design the African print trousers in one of the class after we learnt about African dancers.”  Primary Three 

“I liked learning all about the Samba.  I did not know the costumes are based on a carnival theme.”  Primary Five


“I enjoyed dancing and doing the Makaton actions.”  Primary Two

“It was nice to teach the Makaton dance to Reach (for the stars).”  Primary Four   Primary Seven

Lunchtime Surprises!! 

We had a flashmob, the newspaper and Bobby the Bee turn up.  What an exciting time.

“The flash dance in the afternoon was great fun.”  Primary Seven

“I loved seeing Bobby the Bee in the playground.”  Primary One

In the afternoon, Bobby came around classes to help sell sunflowers and wristbands for the Highland Hospice. A lady from the Highland Hospice came in to talk to us about the importance of our fundrasing and how Highland Hospice help in our community.  We were shocked to find out how much it costs to run the Hospice daily but were so thankful we raised so much money to help.

Lastly, we were happy to perform our last flashmob at home time to parents.  We loved our day.  Thank you to all the families that helped us be awesome!

Charity Leadership Group

We had a great first term together getting to know each other and working on our top two events.

The first was Red Nose Day.  We made posters to put up around school to promote the sale of Red Noses.

Next we selected some great posters to go around and promote Dance Day.  We made up lists and pictures of ideas that children would like to dress up or down with.  We made special posters for the sale of sunflowers and wristbands for the Highland Hospice.  We enjoy listening to Kerry’s fundrasing efforts and look forward to helping her on her special journey for Strictly Inverness.

Easter Treats

Today, P4 enjoyed an Easter egg hunt out in the Sensory Garden. They hunted and hunted and managed to find all 32 eggs! Well done P4, have a fantastic Easter holiday and see you all in Term 4!


Roman Chariots

You have just received our Roman chariots home which we worked very hard on in class.

Here is a little look at the hard work behind the finished products!

Red Nose Day 2019

Red Nose Day fun in P3, P3/4 & P4!

We had so much fun together and raised lots of money for charity.

World Book Day

Fun in B Block today!

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Lost Property

A huge THANK YOU to Mrs Williamson and Mrs Main who spent time this morning streamlining our Lost Property.

As you can see below they have allocated a box per class for named items so that they can be returned to their owner or their owner can check their class box.

This however will only work if ALL items are named.

We still have a  box of unnamed items and lunchboxes/water bottles.

Unclaimed items will be removed as per the Holm Primary and Parent Council Procedural Guide for Lost Property, a copy of which is displayed next to our Lost Property area.

The Romans

We have been incredibly busy learning all about The Romans this term. You may have received a letter home from us, explaining everything we’ve learnt so far. It is a lot!

We have learnt a lot about the Roman Army and created some fantastic Roman Shields, which we have displayed around B Block. We also created some intricate mosaics just like the Romans did!

Lastly, we have been learning all about Roman numerals. Using what we learnt, we wrote our birthdays and today’s date in Roman numerals. They turned out great!