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P4 17/18

Global Goals Day Primary 3 and 4

Global Goals Day

We watched a video about the Global Goals.  We learnt that there are 17 Global Goals.  

One goal we learnt about is Zero Hunger.  We had to do a task on: Don’t waste food. We drew our ideas on a plate.  We talked about trying not to throw food in the food bin at school. We need to think about taking smaller portions, not being so fussy and eating what we need.  It was a good idea to try compost, donate food to charity and think carefully about what our bodies need to be healthy.

Exercise keeps you fit.  This means I can do more things.  Becoming more active like walking and cycling helps our environment too.  We talked about all the ways our school promotes Global Goal 3: Health and Wellbeing.  We looked at pictures of healthy/unhealthy people and how this made us feel.

I was sad to learn that people were homeless due to flooding from icebergs melting.  

Icebergs melting are affecting the polar bears.  

Some countries are becoming hot.  

We can help the world by not wasting electricity, recycling and not throwing away plastic.  

It is important to think smart.  We should try and use electric cars and not cut down our forests.  


Focus on Feelings and Being Positive.

Primary Four have worked very hard and diligently over the last three terms.  We have had some success and a lot of failures.  That is ok though because that is what learning is all about.  We learn best from our mistakes.  One of our big targets have been health and well being.  On Monday afternoons we have often sweated our way through gym class and had lots of fun.  We played games, worked in teams, danced around, presented gymnastic routines and skills to each other.  However, health and well being is not just about our physical health.  It is also about our emotional, social and mental well being.  This is often overlooked.  The last project we did together was looking at positivity, being grateful and knowing the importance of happiness.  Through a discussion the children said the following things.

Happiness is important because

  • If you are not happy you will not have as much fun as you should do.  
  • It helps you have friends.  
  • It keeps you healthy.  
  • It makes you a better person as its important to feel and think positive things.  

Afterwards the children made a happiness poster all about themselves.  Some children were lucky enough to report back and hold up their poster. This is what they shared with us.

  • Rory H – Pizza, books, computers and family
  • Effie – Family, kickboxing and sport
  • Tyler – Football, reading, xbox, pizza, badminton, my dad’s food and lego.    
  • Brody – Football, reading and playing with my Ipad.  
  • Kyle – Food, tablet games and books.  
  • Emily – I feel an angel. I like doing gymnastics, listening to music and eating strawberries.     
  • Lucas – Holidays, sports, music and Judo.  
  • Rosa – My puppy, running and art.
  • Aidan G – Friends, doodling, pizza, reading and drawing.    

What makes you happy?

Remember:  It’s all about quality not quantity.  

Can ‘things’ really make you happy in the long run?

What do we ‘need’ to be happy?

      Variety is the spice of life.

I have loved working with the children over the last three terms.  I wish them all the best in their last term.  Miss Penman

House Challenge

What an amazing afternoon we had completing our House Challenge.

This term it was the Osprey’s turn to creatively come up with our problem solving activity. They wanted to hold a competition to do with baking.

James:  “We picked baking as we do not normally do this.  We wanted to make the challenge  different and interesting for all the children in the school.  I was surprised at the outcome of the challenge as all teams made an amazing design.”

Lexie:  “It was a lot harder than you may think.  This is because we had to deal with crumbly cakes and runny icing.  However, our team did a trophy which looked fabulous.  We did well to run and organise our team to make a picture perfect design.”

Buzzards were the Best 

The Buzzard’s Captain and Vice Captain allowed each of their members to create their own cakes to show off their individuality.  They then created a giant b to stand for Buzzards.  The Vice Captain went on to explain this was to show the importance of their team.  While the Captain, created a buzzard at the top of the B.  She explained to Mrs Webb this was to show their bird as one but also as a flock.  They wanted to showcase it was all about working together and flocking with each other as a team.  Individuality creates the best teams.

Technology – Shelters

This week we have been making shelters. First we made shelters using Lego and then we made shelters that had a moving part. We used paper, card, rubber bands, string, plasticine, pipe cleaners, wooden sticks and straws. We all enjoyed the challenge of making a shelter stand up on its own. We even tried to put up an indoor tent but it was tricky!

We also enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We made a timeline of the events in our favourite book, we thought about how we would advertise our books, we took part in a book swap and we created some art work based on settings.


Cross Country McRobert Cup 2018

Holm Super Stars






Well done to all our Cross Country Teams.

What a fantastic achievement as all of our teams came home with a medal.

P2/3 boys, P4/5 girls and P6/7 girls teams came first.

P2/3 girls, P4/5 boys and P6/7 boys team came second.

A big thank you to Mrs Foxcroft, Mrs MacPherson, Miss McIntosh, and all the other parents who helped out at Bught Park.





Primary 4 – Fairtrade

Primary 4 have been working very hard this week to learn about Fairtrade. We took part in a Fairtrade quiz, worked with a partner to make a poster on the computer and created some fabulous art work using the Fairtrade logo for inspiration. Can you guess which famous Artist inspired us?


Primary Four / Term Three / Gym Classes

Dance and Movement fun with Miss Penman 

We played a game called “Group Shapes”.  Can you spot our shapes we made?

  • I can follow a variety of instructions.
  • I can create a shape using my body.
  • I can work in a team.
  • I can perform in front of others and describe our creative thoughts.

This term in PE, we have been working very hard on movement, gymnastics and games.

We wrote a list of skills we have been working on to make us stronger, fitter and healthier.  

“One of the main skills we have been working on is balancing this term.”  Josh

“I like gymnastics because it helps my body.  I learn new and different moves. I was learning how to travel between moves too.”  Sophie

“I have been working on getting better at my forward rolls.”  Rory C

I like working on my flexibility to do splits and practising different rolls.”  Rhiana.

“I have been working on the skills to help me do a forward roll.”  

“I was working on a hedgehog roll.”  Grace.

“The teddy bear roll is fun.”  

“I am working on the plate roll.  You need to be very straight, slightly tipped up and muscles squeeze together.”    

“I learnt how to do a forward roll on a vault.”  Laria

“I learnt that you can do rolls on the floor but also on the vault or off the vault.  I need to work on my kartwheels.” Katie

“When jumping, you must bend your knees.  I was working on bending my legs more.” Rosa

“I was working on making my jumps bigger and better.”  Aiden and Tyler

“I like jumping onto the horse.  First we aimed for our knees on the horse and then our feet.”  Kyle.

“We practised jumping off different things.  In warm ups we would do star jumps. I need to  practise my turning jumps the most.” Melody

“We have been working on climbing the ropes near the wall bars.”  

“We had to practise climbing the wall bars.”  Andrew.

“I am working on my climbing so I can be better and faster at it.”      

“My biggest area to work on is climbing the ropes.”  Emily

We love playing games in the gym.  Some of these include: tig, cross my ocean and dodgeball.  We discussed games we can play in the playground with our friends.  Some of the popular games are:

Cops and Robbers – The cops try catch the robbers by playing tig.  When caught you go to a designated area which is called the jail.  

Sardines – Everyone hides apart from one person.  They look for the group and when they find one person they look with the seeker to find everyone else.  

Murder Mystery – One person selects the murder.  The Detective needs to find out who they are.  The group flee the scene and then the murder needs to pretend kill the others until the detective can find out it is them.  If the detective gets it wrong they are out. Anyone can tell the detective who the murder is if they are still alive in the game.  

What games do you play at home?  

STEM Wizard Visit!!

WOW we were amazed today!!!  We popped loads balloons clapping for our special visitor!! Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing some of your magic tricks with us.

Colin:  “There was a water trick that was so good.”  

Cameron:  “The man told us how he changed the colour of the water by using food colouring in the lid.”  

Kaiyan:  “I liked it when Alan made an orange hankie appear and then he magically changed it into an orange ball.”  

Nathan and Tyler:  “I liked it when the man made his face go through the paper from a tiny hole.”  

Evie: “The man made the paper in the envelope change!! He showed us at the end that he does this by sticking two envelopes together.

Lily “I liked it when Alan put the ball in the box.  Next he put over the anti-gravity cloth. Then he magically made the ball float in the air by itself.”  

Lewis:  “I liked it when he used the force to bend the special metal from NASA.”  

Tillie: “I liked it when we did the trick for the numbers.  The magic is that you always land on number 3 that has the message on it because you have to follow the instructions.”  

Abbie:  “At the beginning he showed us cards and we had to shout out the numbers on the cards.  Then he kept changing them. We do not know how he did it.”

Evie:  “Alan did a trick with the ropes.  He showed us all the ropes different sizes and then he made them all the same size.”  

Raffle tickets on sale today

Raffle tickets will be on sale at drop off (840-9am) and pick up (240-3pm) today at the school gate. They will cost £1 per strip. Money generated will be split to support MacMillan Cancer Support and the P7 trip.

The draw, and further ticket sales, will happen at the Quiz tonight in the Hall. The Quiz begins at 6pm and is open to all. Late entries are welcome. Team size set at a maximum of 6.

Prizes include

Tomatin Whisky and glass sets (Weldex)

Storehouse voucher

Golf balls (Weldex)

Red and White wine set (Café 1)

Therapy suite voucher

Afternoon Tea for 2 at Culloden House Hotel

2x PT session with Kevin Campbell PT (£60)

Nairn Dunbar Golf Voucher

1st Pizza Direct Voucher

Urquharts – lunch for 2 with a glass of wine each

Assorted bottles

Carpet vouchers

Thank you!

Primary Four’s Visitors

  • Today, the primary fours were lucky enough to get some visitors.  
  • The visitors were a group of adults who are living with learning difficulties/disabilities.  
  • The group had a message to deliver to the children.  They wanted children to STOP and THINK about bullying behaviours towards others.
  • The group wanted to promote difference and come along to share their individual stories about their own journeys.  
  • The visitors shared their experiences with the children about life at school where bullying behaviours were very common for them.  In fact, we learned that 8 out of 10 people living with learning difficulties were bullied at school.  
  • It taught us an important message of not judging people by guessing what they can and cannot do.  
  • People with learning difficulties have a different kind of brain  Your brain helps the rest of your body to move, speak, see, hear and do everything.  

Below are some of the things that stuck with the children from the session…       

I learned that not all people are born with a disability.  I liked hearing Gordon’s story.  I think he is very brave.  Melody and Josh

We learnt about the visitor’s life when they were at school.  All of them were treated badly because they have learning difficulties.  Rebecca

I learned that it is really important to help others with learning difficulties.  This is because they can not help being different.  Rory H

I learned not to judge anyone if they have a learning difficulty or disability.  They are just like us – different and unique.  Brody.  

That just because you have learning difficulties does not mean you can not do lots of things.  Aidan G

I liked having our guests in today.  I liked listening to the stories.  It was good way to show everyone is different.  Samuel, Harvey and Aiden H

I liked the card game.  This is because we found out more about each other.  Rhiana

During the game we had to predict about people.  We learned that you should not judge a book by its cover.  Laria.  

It doesn’t matter if you are different.  We are all different.  You should not get bullied because you are different then or have a learning disability.  We are all people.  Jessica    

We learnt not to bully people because it will make them sad.  This is not fair.  Ethan and Kyle.  

Today I learned to never bully anyone with learning disabilities.  This is because we are all different and unique in our own ways.  Grace, Tyler and Andrew.  

It doesn’t matter what you look like or talk like.  Everyone is different and should be treated with respect/positivity.  Lois

We should not judge others because it may upset them.  Effie.  

It is important to treat people the way you want to be treated.  Charlie and Rosa  

I liked listening to people’s stories and talking about how they could cope with bullying.  We learned that it is important to ignore comments, try to stop people being bad and people should never give up.  Ailsa.  

We are all different and unique.  No-one should be bullied because they have a learning difficulty.  The visitors came to us to try get others to stop bullying by telling their stories.  Katie.  

It is important not to bully people with learning difficulties.  If you have nothing nice to say do not say anything at all.  Someone living with a learning disability is different because their brain does not work the same.  For example, sending signal to their bodies can be hard or impossible.  Emily

Miss Penman