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December 2017
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P4 17/18

We are a Rights Respecrting School Level 1!

On Tuesday 5th December the school had a visit from Jenny Price an assessor from UNICEF.

The purpose of her visit was to assess if the school had made sufficient progress from being awarded their Certificate of Recognition to achieving a Level 1 award.

Mr Henstridge took over the RRS pupil steering group formerly led by Mrs Gibb.

Ms Price interviewed groups of children, parents and staff and looked at the work undertaken in all classes over the session.

We are delighted to announce that Ms Price confirmed that our work met the necessary standard for the level 1 award. Well done and thank you to Mr Henstridge and Mrs Webb for leading on this project and to all in our school community for helping to showcase how rights and diversity flourish in our school.

We are now allowed to display the above logo on any materials linked to the school to promote our success.


We have been really busy over the last few weeks! We have taken part in lots of fun science and technology experiments to help us learn about the human body. We used playdough, straws, polo mints and pipe cleaners to create models of bones and muscles. We investigated how the stomach, heart and lungs work using plastic bags, tennis balls and balloons! We will be sharing all of our experiments at our Creative Cafe in January!  


Sharing our Learning with Primary 4

We discovered that Primary 4 used the same video clip in their writing for Anti bullying week as we did.  We decided to share the stories we had written. We also read some other books together.

‘I enjoyed listening to the story about cats.’ Darci

‘I read my story to my buddy and I listened to Jessica’s story.’ Lucy 

‘I enjoyed sharing my story.’ Sam

‘Jack read his then I read mine. We were in a trio.’ Liam 

‘I liked working with another class.’ Joel

‘I liked the whole story that my sister read to me.’ Rose 

‘I liked reading the ballerina story with my buddy.’ Kaitlyn 

‘I liked it when they come over and we read together.’ Kyen 

‘It was really nice to be able to share our work’ – Lois

‘We helped them read tricky words’ – Sophie

‘It was fun listening to their stories’ – Gabby

‘I enjoyed reading my story to them’ – Dougray


Everyone is Welcome

BBC – Everyone’s Welcome   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MJrRvpjB1I    

This video was talking all about difference.  

I saw there was pairs of both boys and girls talking about their differences.

We did see there was a girl in a wheelchair and she was partnered with a girl who could walk.  She was sitting down next to her so she was at the same level.  They told us that the difference with them was one liked tomato sauce and the other one did not.  

In fact all the children talked about their differences with their friends being to do with food, hobbies and not about the way they looked.  

The video was trying to teach us about DIVERSITY.  We may all look different but we know that anyway.  Diversity is more than just looking different.  It is about finding out more and accepting that difference.    

Miss Penman

Gender Experiment and Jobs

The Gender Experiment and Jobs!   Primary 3, Primary 3 / 4 and Primary 4.  

Each class was instructed by an adult “to draw a person that was a firefighter, doctor/nurse or a pilot.  They were told to add detail to their picture by thinking about “what the person would need to wear or equipment they would need.”  The children were then given no help or conversation directed by an adult to see what their first true results would be.  

This is what we found.  Does it surprise you?  

80 children took part.  

  • 26 were drawn as women.  
  • 54 were drawn as males.  

A Profession dominated and often seen for Males in our Society

  • (P4) Pilots  – 5 females and 26 males
  • (P3/4) Firefighters – 17 males and 7 females

A Profession dominate and often seen for Females in our Society.    

  • (P3) Nurse/Doctor  – 14 females and 11 males  

Each class fell into gender stereotyped roles.  


Some discussions were noted during the exercises:  

“What is a firefighter?”  “It is a fireman.”  

Then a child ask quietly to the teacher:  “Are you allowed to draw your firefighter as a girl?”  

Furthermore, it should be noted that mostly all female characters were drawn by girls.  

The children watched a clip to reveal that similar children had been involved in this experiment.  The results were very similar.  The children learned that gender stereotypes are developed at the age of 7.

Afterwards the children reflected on their learning and Lois (P4) said “It’s all about the way you think and sometimes you may need to start challenging what you think.  Girls and boys can do any job if they want too.”  

At a later date, Primary 4 took their learning further.  When asked to write a letter to their new teacher some children referred to this new role being a “she”.   The children quickly re-corrected each other by saying it may be a “he”.  

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Holm was very lucky to watch a production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.  Primary Four did a mini review of the play after they had watched it.  These are some of the things they had to say about it:

Laria – “My favourite part was when the children were made Kings and Queens of Narnia.”  

Aidan – “I thought it was amazing when they went to Narnia through the wardrobe.”  

All the children were very excited with the change of scenery as there were gasps and pointing.  

Melody – “I thought it was cool that the children got presents from Santa to help them.  Peter got a sword because he was the ‘Brave King’.  Susan got a horn to call for help and she was given the title the ‘Gentle Queen’’.  Lucy was given special potion to help anyone.”

Rosa – “I really thought Mr Tomnus was funny.  I liked him the best. His actions and voice were very good.” 

Emily – “I liked it when Aslan came out and I thought he was the best character.  He was fierce and brave to watch.”  

Lily – “I liked when Aslan defeated the wicked queen by coming back to life as he was good.”     

We look forward to more opportunities to watch or perform plays.

Miss Penman

Welcome back

We hope that you have all had a fantastic summer and that you are ready for another fun year of learning.

We hope that you enjoy following our learning through our class blogs.