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P3/4 17/18

Cross Country McRobert Cup 2018

Holm Super Stars






Well done to all our Cross Country Teams.

What a fantastic achievement as all of our teams came home with a medal.

P2/3 boys, P4/5 girls and P6/7 girls teams came first.

P2/3 girls, P4/5 boys and P6/7 boys team came second.

A big thank you to Mrs Foxcroft, Mrs MacPherson, Miss McIntosh, and all the other parents who helped out at Bught Park.





Special Days so far…

Odd Sock Day 

A special day in our Anti-Bullying week to celebrate diversity and difference.  We are all special and unique!!!  Be brave to be different and to be you.  This is because You Matter.

A Wintery Snowy Day…

We did not expect it but we might as well enjoy it.  Going outside no matter the weather can be good for you.  What fun things can you do and learn outside?

World Book Day!!!

We love to read in our class.  It is so important to read as you learn so much.  Pick up a book today and everyday.

Visit to the Bridge

We wanted to celebrate the new developments in our local area.  We went on a wee walk to the new bridge and we met Kinmylies Primary school half way across the bridge.  We had a great time.

We are excited about the rest of the year in Primary 3 / 4 and other special days we have together.




Primary 3 – Billy Goats Gruff Bridges and Rafts

What we discovered / learned /found out

I enjoyed predicting which bridge would hold the most weight.

I enjoyed testing my bridge. It held 1 1/2 kgs

I enjoyed testing my bridge to see how strong it was.

I enjoyed seeing the rafts floating on the water.

We thought about what materials they were made from. We found out that wood, cork, tin foil, plastic and polystyrene float.

We found out that strong, rigid bridges support heavy weights.

We found that we had to balance the weights to keep the raft from capsizing.

I was very proud of my raft /bridge.



Funky Fractions

Primary 3 / 4 have been working very hard on learning about fractions.  At the beginning, we tried to explain what fractions were. Below is a list of ideas from the children.

  1.  Division
  2. Sharing
  3. Half and Quarter.
  4. Split
  5. Equal

After exploring, splitting food into fractions, we looked at shapes.

We had to spot halves and quarters.

We shaded in different fractions and wrote them as a number fraction.

We worked together to make a fraction wall to show the different fractions.

We discussed how bigger the number at the bottom the smaller the part.

We tried to write and spot fractions on a number line.

Lastly, we were trying to spot similar or equivalent fractions on the smartboard.  Miss Penman used fun writing pens such as smiley faces, rainbow and stars.

In our last week, we coloured in either half a clock to show half past the hour and a quarter of a clock to show quarter past the hour.

Lincoln:  I really liked maths today.  This is because I liked the dividing and fraction sums.  

Campbell:  I really liked seeing everyone with their different costumes for DYW day.  I liked doing maths today because we were doing halving and splitting numbers.  

Emma:  I liked doing maths because I liked learning about how to half and quarter different shapes.  


Other Class News:  

Amber:  What stuck with me this week was when I got a new reading book.  This week I have “A Day in London”.  I really like this book as it is set in London.  I have never been but I really want to go now.  

Suzie:  I liked today because we got to dress up as what we wanted to do when we are older.  I want to be a director of plays in theatres.  I have always loved drama so I want to be near the stage when I leave school.

Louisa:  I liked doing drama this afternoon.  We played lots of games and we had lots of fun.  Miss Penman wants us to work on team building (James said collaboration) and build our confidence.   

Games and Races with Primary Three 

Miss Penman

Kindness Carries

Primary 3 and 3 / 4 Mindfulness.  

Last week, we watched a mindful video about being positive.  We saw a rain drop falling into water and then turning into a rippling wave.  We talked about how this happens in everyday life.  For example, when one person smiles, another person will smile.  

We watched a special video today called Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang – “One Day”.  Look carefully and see what you can see.


Stephanie:  “Firstly, a boy accidentally fell off his skateboard and someone helped him up.”

Ethan:  “This boy then helped a lady cross the road.”

Ruby:  “I saw lots of people helping others and being kind.”  

Campbell:  “The video was about passing on positivity.”  

Rhys:  “People were passing on kindness.”  

James:  “I saw a person give a hot dog to a homeless person.”  

Finlay: “The hot dog stand man gave water to the person as well.”  

Nicole:  “One of the main messages of the video is to do nice things for each other.”  

Cody:  “The girl gave the lady flowers.  This was a stranger and Miss Penman said she often gives her friends flowers when they feel sad.”  

This is all the things we could see and remember.  Miss Penman challenged us to listen to the song lyrics next time and see what message the singers are trying to convey.  


STEM Wizard Visit!!

WOW we were amazed today!!!  We popped loads balloons clapping for our special visitor!! Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing some of your magic tricks with us.

Colin:  “There was a water trick that was so good.”  

Cameron:  “The man told us how he changed the colour of the water by using food colouring in the lid.”  

Kaiyan:  “I liked it when Alan made an orange hankie appear and then he magically changed it into an orange ball.”  

Nathan and Tyler:  “I liked it when the man made his face go through the paper from a tiny hole.”  

Evie: “The man made the paper in the envelope change!! He showed us at the end that he does this by sticking two envelopes together.

Lily “I liked it when Alan put the ball in the box.  Next he put over the anti-gravity cloth. Then he magically made the ball float in the air by itself.”  

Lewis:  “I liked it when he used the force to bend the special metal from NASA.”  

Tillie: “I liked it when we did the trick for the numbers.  The magic is that you always land on number 3 that has the message on it because you have to follow the instructions.”  

Abbie:  “At the beginning he showed us cards and we had to shout out the numbers on the cards.  Then he kept changing them. We do not know how he did it.”

Evie:  “Alan did a trick with the ropes.  He showed us all the ropes different sizes and then he made them all the same size.”  

Raffle tickets on sale today

Raffle tickets will be on sale at drop off (840-9am) and pick up (240-3pm) today at the school gate. They will cost £1 per strip. Money generated will be split to support MacMillan Cancer Support and the P7 trip.

The draw, and further ticket sales, will happen at the Quiz tonight in the Hall. The Quiz begins at 6pm and is open to all. Late entries are welcome. Team size set at a maximum of 6.

Prizes include

Tomatin Whisky and glass sets (Weldex)

Storehouse voucher

Golf balls (Weldex)

Red and White wine set (Café 1)

Therapy suite voucher

Afternoon Tea for 2 at Culloden House Hotel

2x PT session with Kevin Campbell PT (£60)

Nairn Dunbar Golf Voucher

1st Pizza Direct Voucher

Urquharts – lunch for 2 with a glass of wine each

Assorted bottles

Carpet vouchers

Thank you!

Dream Job Dress Up Day

What an amazing day we all had together!! It was so much fun talking about and describing what we would like to do when we grow up.  We liked finding out why we wanted to do our dream jobs too.  Can you guess from our outfits what we wanted to be?

John:  I want to be a helicopter pilot to take people to other places and on tours.

Justin:  I want to be a soldier to be part of a team and keep the world safe.

Daniel:  I would like to be a video game designer.  This is because I enjoy gaming when I am at home.

Levi:  I would like to be a car driver.  This is because I could drive a fast car.

Jessica:  I want to be an animator because I love to draw and watch movies.

Suha:  I want to be a nurse to help people feel better.

Hamish:  I want to be an inventor.  This is because I love creating things.

Xane:  I want to be a runner because I like being fit and healthy.  I want to become better at running so I can be fast.

Reuben:  I want to be a footballer so I can be fit and healthy.  I also want to earn a lot of money.

James:  I want to be a rockstar because I like music.  I will make my own songs and will give money to charities.

Aiden:  I want to be an inventor because I am smart and am good at working with computers.

Oscar:  I want to be an architect.  I am good at drawing and sketching out plans.

Holly:  I want to be a gymnastic teacher.  I would like to help people to learn different skills in gymnastics.   I would teach them new skills and then they would teach others.  It would be a great job.

Louisa:  I want to be a PE teacher.  I will help the children stay fit and let the children have fun.  I will play games with them.

Amber:  I want to be a vet because I want to help animals feel better.  I want to help animals so their owners are happy.

February Fun

What Stuck with You Today?  

Ewen: I liked doing PE because I like going on the climbing bars.  We are trying to learn how to climb to the top of the ropes.  

Vanessa:  I liked it when we did our writing.  This is because we have a pen pal from Canada.  

Aiden:  I liked writing our letters.  It was fun to describe to other people in a different country what we liked and what Scotland was like.  

Holly:  My favourite thing was doing PE because there was lots of obstacles we had to do.  The best one was going on the bars.   

James:  My favourite part of the day was writing the letters to the kids in Ottawa.  I hope they reply to us. 

Reuben:  I liked doing the running today.  We had to go out with the other Primary 4s and 5s to see if we can go to the McRoberts Cup.  

Practical Maths 

In maths, we were learning about a type of division.  Cody 

We got lots of different types of fruit and we cut them in half or quarters.  We divided this up and got to eat it all up.  Suzie

There was 24 grapes so enough to share this out with the whole class.  There were 8 blueberries which worked out as a third of the class wanted some.  Lincoln