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P3/4 17/18

May Madness

We have been very busy this month with lots of exciting activities.  During our reflection time, there were some activities that stuck out with us.  These were:

  • Many children enjoyed our last art activity where they had to make fruit portraits.
  • Our Class Trip to Ness Bank Church and the Forestry School.  We commented that we had learned lots, had a fun time and enjoyed being outdoors. (see our school trip blog for photos)
  • P3s loved going to the opera and seeing all the wonderfully exciting things at Eden Court.
  • Sports Day and we are excited about the Primary threes today.  We have been training hard for this.  
  • Some enjoyed our practical maths activities with liquids, baking/smoothie making when learning about weight and problem solving measure.    
  • We have been working hard on problem solving how to measure items and what scales to use.  
  • Lastly the children loved Louisa’s dad coming in to teach us all about a healthy meal to eat.  Thank you for taking the time to come and see us.

Global Goals Day Primary 3 and 4

Global Goals Day

We watched a video about the Global Goals.  We learnt that there are 17 Global Goals.  

One goal we learnt about is Zero Hunger.  We had to do a task on: Don’t waste food. We drew our ideas on a plate.  We talked about trying not to throw food in the food bin at school. We need to think about taking smaller portions, not being so fussy and eating what we need.  It was a good idea to try compost, donate food to charity and think carefully about what our bodies need to be healthy.

Exercise keeps you fit.  This means I can do more things.  Becoming more active like walking and cycling helps our environment too.  We talked about all the ways our school promotes Global Goal 3: Health and Wellbeing.  We looked at pictures of healthy/unhealthy people and how this made us feel.

I was sad to learn that people were homeless due to flooding from icebergs melting.  

Icebergs melting are affecting the polar bears.  

Some countries are becoming hot.  

We can help the world by not wasting electricity, recycling and not throwing away plastic.  

It is important to think smart.  We should try and use electric cars and not cut down our forests.  


Super School Trip

We had a fun filled day today!! We were all excited about our day out at the beginning.  Time flew away as we participated in a variety of activities. Below is a snapshot of what we got up too.  

We were at Ness Bank Church in the morning.  Rev Fiona showed us around and told us some fabulous facts about the church.  

Next we went to – The Scottish School of Forestry in the afternoon.

Emma “I liked doing the science experiment.  It was fun because I saw the colours change.”

Ryan – “I liked it all.  I can not pick a favourite activity as I liked everything that we did.”  

Vanessa – “I liked planting the trees the best.  It was fun digging the holes and putting the plant into the ground.  I liked patting thje the soil around it to keep it safe.  It was interesting to learn about trees.”  

Aiden – “I liked all the school trip but if I had to pick one thing I liked the most it would be standing up in the pulpit in the church.  I said hello to everyone and was pretending to act out.”  

Nicole – I liked planting the trees because I had to collect the wood chips for my group’s tree.  We scattered these around the planted tree.”  

Stewart – I liked the forestry craft station.  We made a necklace and get to take it home. ”  

Louisa – “I liked making the bird nest. This is a kind act to do.”

Holly –  “The best thing was when we made a wooden necklace.”

Super Science

Aiden, Suzie and Louisa. “I liked our school trip to the UHI. This is because we got to do lots of experiments.”  

Campbell  “Electricity stuck with me.  This is because we were making electrical circuits.  We had to work in a team.”

Emma and James “I enjoyed our school trip because it was all about science.”  

Ethan “I liked science.  We got to do some cool experiments with vinegar.”

Ewen “I liked learning science this term because it was really fun.”  

Finlay “I liked doing the science experiments.  My favourite was mixing the salt, vinegar and water together to see what happened.”  

Judi “In science, I liked making our rafts at home.  We then took them into school to test them.”

Nicholas “I love learning about Science so I loved our school trip.  We went on to learn about circuits in school.”

Stewart, Xane and Vanessa. “I like science because we got to do lots of experiments this term.”  

Vanessa “I really liked our trip to the UHI because I felt like a real life scientist.”  

Road safety magic show

This morning P1-3 received a visit from Allan’s Road Safety Magic show. He used magic to show us how to cross the road safely. He told us that we need to Stop, Look, Listen and think before we cross the road.

‘I really liked the trick that mixed up the balls to fit the colours of a traffic light.’ Kyle

‘I liked the part when we saw how to cross a road using a crossing.’ Emily

Thank you again for coming to visit us Allan.

Sports Relief Week

WOW we all have had a fantastic week.  It was great to have daily challenges and have the opportunity to be moving about everyday.  Thank you so much to the Pupil Council and Mrs Nicholson for organising the event.  This is what we got up to:

  • Monday – hula hoops
  • Tuesday – skipping
  • Wednesday – relay races
  • Thursday – dance mania
  • Friday – football

Alyssa – I liked when we did the skipping.  It was fun to do it.  All week we had a time to exercise everyday and I like doing this.

Emma – I really liked it when we did the dancing in the hall.  This is because I liked doing the Just Dance on the big screen with everyone.

Kian – I really liked doing the football on Friday.  We got to have partners and do passing to each other.  It was fun.


House Challenge

What an amazing afternoon we had completing our House Challenge.

This term it was the Osprey’s turn to creatively come up with our problem solving activity. They wanted to hold a competition to do with baking.

James:  “We picked baking as we do not normally do this.  We wanted to make the challenge  different and interesting for all the children in the school.  I was surprised at the outcome of the challenge as all teams made an amazing design.”

Lexie:  “It was a lot harder than you may think.  This is because we had to deal with crumbly cakes and runny icing.  However, our team did a trophy which looked fabulous.  We did well to run and organise our team to make a picture perfect design.”

Buzzards were the Best 

The Buzzard’s Captain and Vice Captain allowed each of their members to create their own cakes to show off their individuality.  They then created a giant b to stand for Buzzards.  The Vice Captain went on to explain this was to show the importance of their team.  While the Captain, created a buzzard at the top of the B.  She explained to Mrs Webb this was to show their bird as one but also as a flock.  They wanted to showcase it was all about working together and flocking with each other as a team.  Individuality creates the best teams.

Cross Country McRobert Cup 2018

Holm Super Stars






Well done to all our Cross Country Teams.

What a fantastic achievement as all of our teams came home with a medal.

P2/3 boys, P4/5 girls and P6/7 girls teams came first.

P2/3 girls, P4/5 boys and P6/7 boys team came second.

A big thank you to Mrs Foxcroft, Mrs MacPherson, Miss McIntosh, and all the other parents who helped out at Bught Park.





Special Days so far…

Odd Sock Day 

A special day in our Anti-Bullying week to celebrate diversity and difference.  We are all special and unique!!!  Be brave to be different and to be you.  This is because You Matter.

A Wintery Snowy Day…

We did not expect it but we might as well enjoy it.  Going outside no matter the weather can be good for you.  What fun things can you do and learn outside?

World Book Day!!!

We love to read in our class.  It is so important to read as you learn so much.  Pick up a book today and everyday.

Visit to the Bridge

We wanted to celebrate the new developments in our local area.  We went on a wee walk to the new bridge and we met Kinmylies Primary school half way across the bridge.  We had a great time.

We are excited about the rest of the year in Primary 3 / 4 and other special days we have together.