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P3/4 19/20

Easter Wishes

I would just like to wish you all a great holiday and I hope when the Easter bunny arrives, you’ll have plenty of surprises!  I know in the current situation it’s difficult but remember kindness costs nothing!

Get involved with random acts of kindness.

  • Call/message a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while.
  • Make a cup of tea/drink for someone (with adult help).
  • Help with a household chore without being asked to.
  • Send someone you know a joke/cute picture to cheer them up.
  • Spend time playing with your pet.

Here are a few Easter activities you may like to try.  Take care of you and your family and I will be in touch on Tuesday 14th April.

Mrs Nicholson

t-t-2546559-shape-chick-2d-shape-activity-sheets_ver_1 T-T-9466-Easter-Word-Search t-t-5014-easter-egg-symmetry-activity-sheets-_ver_2 t-t-002-ks1-easter-egg-template-colouring-sheets_ver_4 t-c-254499-easter-themed-basket-craft_ver_1 t-c-254454-rabbit-2d-shape-activity-sheets_ver_3 t2-m-2465-easter-multiplication-mosaics-differentiated-activity-sheets_ver_3 cfe-n-66-easter-themed-addition-and-subtraction-colour-by-number-_ver_1

Art Tasks

Hello litlle lambs and brilliant busy bees.

Thank you so much for keeping us up to date this week with all your emails, pictures and tweets.

We miss you all dearly.

We hope you have completed your rainbow challenge for this week.  Here is the list of the other art activities you can do and then stick it up in your window to keep everyone smiling.

An extra wee Easter challenge is to discover what your Easter Bunny name is from the photo below.  Can you design a poster of it in your learning book for us?


Have fun and follow us on twitter @SchoolHolm

Take care and be safe.


Daily Live Links

Here are a list of some activities which take place live daily.  Have a look at the list and there might be something new you would like to try!

Daily Live Events

Sumdog Challenge

I have set new Sumdog challenges aimed to support Basic Facts Addition & Subtraction.  To earn more coins, give these a go when you have a free moment!


Brilliant Bees – Try These!

Good Morning to you all.  I hope you are all well and feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep.


Here is a couple of links you may like to try today or any other day.

Listen to a David Walliams story from The World’s Worst Children, every day at 11am.


Try a maths quiz, this is an audio file so you won’t see anything, but you will hear the questions.  It’s great for mental maths.  There is a different colour for you to do each day and 10 questions to answer in each colour.


Any questions or concerns you have please get in touch, stay safe everyone!

Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Chalmers and Miss Penman

Hello to the Brilliant Bees!

Just wanted to say a big HELLO to you all.  Thank you to everyone that emailed to register children today and thank you to everyone that sent us pictures or messages about what they were doing today.


Please take this week to recuperate from a very busy term 3, spend time with your family and do all the things that you need to do, to stay fit and healthy!


This week you can have a look at all the tasks and activities we sent you home.  We sent you a lot of information intended to be used throughout term 4.  Please do not start any of the activities until after the Easter holidays.  You can try some of the new games online and you could set up your Numbots and Teach Your Monster to Read character.  You could also play some of the games you already have set up in Sumdog and TT Rockstars.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.



Mrs Nicholson, Mrs Chalmers & Miss Penman



More Science Week Fun in P3/4

Germ Investigation

After getting the glitter on our hands, we noticed it spreading very easily to anything we touched. When we tried to use the paper towel to remove the glitter, some of the glitter came off, but most of it stayed on our hands. But when we used soap and water to wash our hands, the glitter came off pretty easily.

The glitter is acting the same way that germs on our hands act. There are a lot of germs, they spread around easily and it can be hard to get them off. The difference between the glitter and germs is that germs are so small you can’t see them without a microscope.