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P3/4 19/20

Stand Up For Sophia

Lots of fun was had by all and lots of money was raised to help support the fundraising campaign ‘ Stand Up For Sophia’.  Sophia is the daughter of Mrs Walsh in our office and they need to raise £25000 to buy her a new wheel chair.

Dinosaur Fossil Workshop at the Stem Hub

Today we did lots of maths related activities to help us find out more about dinosaurs.  We did some measuring, used coordinates and did some adding.  We also had a tour of the UHI campus and learnt what jobs you can train to be at the university.

Today we learnt:

  • About dinosaur fossils and how they look like rocks today.
  • About different jobs the people go to the college to learn about.
  • How dinosaur poo turned into rock over time.
  • That there are 3 floors in the college.
  • How big a dinosaurs step was, it was about 570cm.
  • If all the students in the college were there on the same day there would be 6000 people there.
  • That mechanics wear boiler suits or overalls on their body.
  • That the mechanics have metal plates in their shoes to keep their feet safe in case they drop anything on their toes.
  • You can only tell if it’s a dinosaur bone if it has holes in it.

James and the Giant Peach Performance

I liked the show ‘James and the Giant Peach’ because ………….

  • I had never read James and the Giant Peach before but now I am going to read it.
  • It had lots of music which I like.
  • It was really funny in all sorts of ways like the lady bird doing funny things with the net.
  • I recognised some of the songs and they were really good.
  • There were lots of props in it.
  • It was really funny; they were singing together with funny sun glasses on.
  • It explained the story of James and the Giant Peach really well.
  • I knew all the songs.

Roald Dahl Fun

B Block participated in some rotational learning.  Mixed classes got together to take part in activities related to the theme of Matilda and bravery.

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Fun with Kodaly, sessions will take place throughout the year.

Children will be involved in interactive learning, using techniques that will engage them as much as possible, integrating body movement, singing and group exercises.


Welcome to P3/4

Welcome back – I hope you all had a fantastic summer with your family and friends.  We have a very exciting year ahead!

We’ll draw and we’ll write,

We’ll sing and we’ll play,

We’ll paint and we’ll build,

And learn new things each day!