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P3 17/18

We are a Rights Respecrting School Level 1!

On Tuesday 5th December the school had a visit from Jenny Price an assessor from UNICEF.

The purpose of her visit was to assess if the school had made sufficient progress from being awarded their Certificate of Recognition to achieving a Level 1 award.

Mr Henstridge took over the RRS pupil steering group formerly led by Mrs Gibb.

Ms Price interviewed groups of children, parents and staff and looked at the work undertaken in all classes over the session.

We are delighted to announce that Ms Price confirmed that our work met the necessary standard for the level 1 award. Well done and thank you to Mr Henstridge and Mrs Webb for leading on this project and to all in our school community for helping to showcase how rights and diversity flourish in our school.

We are now allowed to display the above logo on any materials linked to the school to promote our success.

UHI Visit

P3 and P3/4 had a great time visiting UHI this week for a microscopy lesson. We learned about different microscopes and how to use them. We had to match pictures which looked very different when they were magnified!

Here are some photos from our visit.    

P3 and P3/4 Creative Cafe

P3 and P3/4 hosted a very successful creative cafe last week on the theme of diversity. We had loads of vistors to see and share our learning. We worked extremely hard to put the cafe together and everyone had a part to play in the cafe. We wanted to show that although we are all different, we all have special talents.

Here are some quotes from the children:-

“I enjoyed singing on stage with my friends”

“I liked acting out the Parable Of The Talents”

“It was fun because there were lots of stations showing our learning.”

“I enjoyed sharing my Taekwando moves in front of the parents”

“I liked sharing the skills I need to be a footballer”

“It was great to sit with parents/carers during our creative cafe”

“I enjoyed making our giant Christmas baubles to sell”



Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying Week P3 Pupils carried out Random Acts of Kindness. Here are some of their random acts:

tiding up my bedroom

grated the cheese for macaroni

unpacking when moving house

washing the dishes

tiding up my playroom

helped to tidy up after dinner

cut up mushrooms for pork stroganoff

helping my friends

making my bed

putting pyjamas out on the bed

asking someone if they wanted to play as they had no one to play with

giving a Happy Pudsey Day note

Well done to everyone in P3 for thinking about others.



Gender Experiment and Jobs

The Gender Experiment and Jobs!   Primary 3, Primary 3 / 4 and Primary 4.  

Each class was instructed by an adult “to draw a person that was a firefighter, doctor/nurse or a pilot.  They were told to add detail to their picture by thinking about “what the person would need to wear or equipment they would need.”  The children were then given no help or conversation directed by an adult to see what their first true results would be.  

This is what we found.  Does it surprise you?  

80 children took part.  

  • 26 were drawn as women.  
  • 54 were drawn as males.  

A Profession dominated and often seen for Males in our Society

  • (P4) Pilots  – 5 females and 26 males
  • (P3/4) Firefighters – 17 males and 7 females

A Profession dominate and often seen for Females in our Society.    

  • (P3) Nurse/Doctor  – 14 females and 11 males  

Each class fell into gender stereotyped roles.  


Some discussions were noted during the exercises:  

“What is a firefighter?”  “It is a fireman.”  

Then a child ask quietly to the teacher:  “Are you allowed to draw your firefighter as a girl?”  

Furthermore, it should be noted that mostly all female characters were drawn by girls.  

The children watched a clip to reveal that similar children had been involved in this experiment.  The results were very similar.  The children learned that gender stereotypes are developed at the age of 7.

Afterwards the children reflected on their learning and Lois (P4) said “It’s all about the way you think and sometimes you may need to start challenging what you think.  Girls and boys can do any job if they want too.”  

At a later date, Primary 4 took their learning further.  When asked to write a letter to their new teacher some children referred to this new role being a “she”.   The children quickly re-corrected each other by saying it may be a “he”.  

Topic News

The children have been discussing a range of stories that develop their understanding of diversity.

Image result for the rainbow fishImage result for Red Michael Hall

We talked about our similarities and differences. The following are the voices of P3 and P3/4:-

“It doesn’t matter how others look on the outside because you are already beautiful on the inside”

“Stop and think about how others may feel.”

“The world is full of different colours”

“If you are kind to others they will be kind to you”

“Share happiness with others”

We made a display of rainbow fish which are all different, but swimming in the same sea.

Class Charter

P3 and P3/4 have been busy creating their class charters this week. We thought about our rights as children and then chose 4 or 5 rights that were most important to us. We then agreed our responsibilities for each of these rights and signed the charter. Our class charter will make sure that our class is a happy, supportive and safe place to learn.

Welcome back

We hope that you have all had a fantastic summer and that you are ready for another fun year of learning.

We hope that you enjoy following our learning through our class blogs.