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P3 16/17

Holm Primary Playground Charter

A few weeks ago the Rights Respecting School Team were discussing how we could improve our school playground. Each representative asked their class for ideas and shared them at our meeting. From this we created common themes and worked with some PSAs to create our charter. The charter has created a shared set of values for our school and playground.

The RRS team decorated designs and the whole school voted. The winner was revealed at the assembly last week.



This was the winning design! The signs have been made and they have been popped up in our school; 1 in the playground and 2 on the field.


May Right of The Month- Article 23

Article 23

You have the right to special education and care if you have a disability, as well as all the rights in this Convention, so that you can live a full life. We looked at the LaunchPad to develop our knowledge and then we got to create flags to show inclusion.

  • “We went onto the LaunchPad and we found out that all rights are for everyone.”
  • “I’ve learned a new article.”
  • “I learned Article 23- you have the right to have everything you.”
  • “We all got put into partners and we created lots of different flags.”
  • “I think we should put them around the school so everyone knows they are included.”

Health Week

Last week was our  Health Week. We completed lots of activities to help develop and build upon our knowledge and skills in Health.


We completed an orienteering task where we had to find all the different sugary drinks and work out the sugar content. We used our mapping skills to find all of the clues.

  • “I enjoyed orienteering because we got to find lots of things and we had to circle 5 of the least sugary drinks.”
  • “Our team won because we chose the lowest sugary drinks.”

We had the overall winners in P2/3! Well done 🙂 For their prize they got to make healthy juices with Mr Ross.


 Article 23- You have the right to everything you need to feel included.

We learned how to sign the alphabet in Makaton with Mrs Renton. We all signed our names and it was good learning a new skill. Ask the children to show you at home. They were very good at it.

  • “I showed my Dad the whole alphabet without the sheet.”
  • “I learned how to sign my name without the sheet.”

Sports Day!

What a super Sports Day; everyone completed the races and behaved really well. A great afternoon with lots of budding athletes.



  • “I liked long jump because it was really fun.”
  • “I liked the javelin because it was fun.”
  • “I enjoyed boxing because I learnt new moves.”
  • “My favourite activity was the javelin because we threw them very far.”
  • “My favourite was Dancemania because we got to do different dances.”
  • “I loved yoga because it was nice and relaxing.”
  • “”Dancemania was great because we learned new dance moves.”
  • “I loved the circuits and everyone was amazing.”
  • “We got to play sports games on the computer.”
  • “I liked doing the step ups for circuits.”



  • “I learned different names of the skeleton.”
  • “I learned that the part of your back is called the spine.”


The Rights group presented an assembly explaining the new Playground Charter.

  • “It will help with our behaviour.”
  • “I think it looks really colourful and people will read it.”

Pupil Council shared Mrs MacGilvray’s Marathon interviews and we got to watch the fabulous presentation from the Gymnastics team.





House Challenge

We all worked in our house teams to complete the water bucket challenge. There was great team spirit and lots of laughs. Excellent afternoon!



An Exciting Visitor Came to School….

Mrs Henderson came to visit P2/3 with  her new baby. She took in lots of objects to help us understand what a baby needs to be looked after. It was lovely to meet her new baby.

  • “I learned how to look after babies.”
  • “I learned that there’s a special book where you can choose  baby names.”
  • “I know that there is a special monitor where you can hear if the baby is making a noise.”
  • “I enjoyed learning about how to look after a baby.”
  • “I enjoyed touching the baby’s hand.”
  • “I loved holding the baby!”
  • “I enjoyed looking at all of the different things that you need to look after a baby. There was a bib and a book.”
  • “There was a ‘Sing and Sign’ book.”

Snow White Performance

On Friday I went to watch the Snow White Performance by Highland Youth Theatre. The show was performed by pupils from Holm Primary and I was most impressed with the confidence and acting skills shown by all. Well done everyone, I loved coming along to watch this. I feel we may have a few stars in the making!

  • “I enjoyed doing the show because it was fun.”
  • “I enjoyed it because it was full of fun.”
  • “I loved seeing all of the dwarfs costumes and being Dopey.”
  • “I loved doing it because you got to wear different outfits. My favourite part was when I had to crack the egg on my head.”
  • “Come and try the shows, it’s really fun, you’ll make new friends and the teacher is brilliant!” 
  • “The reason I liked it was because the teacher is really kind and I would tell other people to go for it because it is fun.”
  • “I liked that I had a pillow attached to my suit because I was Sleepy.”
  • “I enjoyed when I was a dwarf and we came around the audience.”


P4/5 Electricity

P4/5 have been working hard learning all about electricity. To start with we looked at battery and mains electricity.
Next we learned how to stay safe around electricity.
We experimented with different conductors and insulators. “Conductors allow electricity to flow through them.” “Insulators do not let electricity through.”
We looked at electrical circuits. We know that for a circuit to work it must complete a loop.
We made games using all our electricity knowledge and shared them with other classes.

Here are some of the things we learned :
“I learned that if there is no battery the circuit wont work because it is not a full circuit.”

“I learned how to make a game using electricity. We used wires, buzzers, batteries and bulbs.”

“I enjoyed making my game at the end of term and I liked showing it off to the other classes. I liked deciding what our game would be like and experimenting with the equipment.”

“I liked checking to see if circuits worked or not.”

“I liked using Peppa and the energy balls to learn about circuits.”

“I liked guessing to see if circuits worked and then checking them after.”


B Block Easter Activities

On Monday 3rd April B block had an afternoon of Easter activities.

In Mr Henstridge’s classroom, the children were beavering away making beautifully crafted Easter baskets meanwhile in Mrs McAra’s they were delicately decorating biscuits like Easter chicks to fill the baskets.

Whilst this was happening Mrs McHardy’s classroom had an origami Easter card making session, where the Chick’s mouth opened and closed and in Mrs Gibb’s classroom, the children’s imaginations were going wild whilst making decorative, colourful Easter bonnets.

It was fantastic seeing creative minds at work.
“I enjoyed going around the 4 classrooms doing the different things. My favourite activities were making the baskets and decorating the biscuits.”

“I liked rotating around the classrooms because all the activities were really fun.”

“I really liked the origami card station because when you open it up the chicks mouth opens.”

” I loved using my imagination to make an Easter bonnet. I put ears on mine like a bunny.”

B Block would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Easter and we look forward to welcoming the children back after the holidays.


P2/3 and P3 Gymnastics

This term we have been focusing on balancing, travelling, rolling and using the gymnastics equipment. We have been most impressed with the confidence that each child demonstrated and everyone was willing to have a go. We also set up some small circuit stations to improve our overall fitness.  Well done 🙂

  • “I enjoyed doing the gymnastics because we got to use all of the equipment and it was good because I tried balances I hadn’t tried before.”
  • “I enjoyed jumping onto the vault because it was fun.”
  • “I got better at doing a forward roll on the wall bars.”
  • “I enjoyed the wall bars because I could climb higher.”
  • “I need to get better at climbing the ropes and holding my balances longer.”
  • “I got better at the horsebox because I started landing on my knees and now I can land on my toes.”
  • “I enjoyed the wall bars because I got better at the forward rolls.”
  • “I got better at the ropes because I couldn’t get up far but now this time I did.”
  • “I need to get to better at doing a forward roll on the wall bars.”
  • “I’ve got better at my straddle levers.” 
  • “I got better at keeping the ball on the bat for longer.”
  • “My mushrooms got better because I practiced them more on the horsebox.”
  • “I almost got to the top on the ropes at the wall bars.”
  • “I have to get better at trying new things on the wall bars and not just practise my forward rolls.”
  • “I liked jumping onto the horsebox. I got to the top of the wall bars.”
  • “I got better at balancing because before I felt wobbly but this time I didn’t.”
  • “I got better at my balances, I know that because the last time I couldn’t do them that well.”

MacRobert Cup P2/3

Yesterday a team of pupils from Holm Primary took part in the MacRobert Cross Country Cup. Every pupil did really well and represented the school wonderfully. Well done to all involved and thank you to the parent volunteers for the training sessions 🙂 P2/3 and P3 have been enjoying running daily to keep up our fitness and energy levels.

  • “It was really fun because you had to run around a big course and if you came 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th or 6th you won a medal. If your team was 1st,2nd or 3rd you won a medal and our team came 3rd!”
  • “I enjoyed cross country because I had never done it before and I thought it was a good experience, I had fun.”
  • “It was fun.”
  • “I was grateful to all of the people who ran even though I wasn’t there because I was glad they got to take part.”
  • “There were different courses, the little ones did a little course and the big ones did a bigger course.”
  • “The running was hard.”
  • “I like running in the morning because we get some exercise.”
  • “I liked when we went running in the mornings because I like running.”
  • “My favourite part of the day was running in the race. I found it a really good experience.”


Today our school held a SWISH event where the pupils, families and staff had a chance to swap clothes and accessories. The day has raised awareness with the children and families about recycling clothes and it has been a great opportunity to refresh some items! Thank you to the parents and Pupil Council for organising a great event 🙂

  • “I enjoyed getting to try it all on and swap the tokens for new clothes. My favourite thing was getting a new sparkly dress and I can’t wait to wear it!”
  • “I enjoyed it because we got to swap tokens for new clothes and I enjoyed trying them on. I saw 2 jackets before today in different shops and I couldn’t decide which one to buy but I got one of the  jackets today at SWISH so I can buy the other one too.”
  • “I really enjoyed the SWISH day because there were lots of nice things there to get with your tokens. I got a lovely butterfly bracelet, a black party top, a necklace with a flower on it and a little handbag.” 
  • “Next time I would take some clothes to get some tickets so I could swap for some new things. There were some nice tops that I liked today.”
  • “Next time I think I would take in some of my old clothes to swap for some bigger clothes for when I grow up. I saw a cool onesie that had sunglasses on it.” 
  • “All of the clothes were good and I liked the sports clothes, especially the Caley hat and shoes.” 

P2/3 and P3 also had a super morning using junk materials to up cycle them and make something new. There were some wonderful creations!

  • “It was fun building things I wish I had more time to do even more.”
  • “It was really fun because we could make new things that aren’t real out of junk.”
  • “It was really really fun because I liked putting it together.
  • “We were learning to turn our junk into something new.”
  • “It was fun building the rocket ship that we made because we used lots of different materials.”
  • I liked using the things that we would just put in the bin.”
  • “It was fun because we haven’t done that in P2/3 before.”
  • “My team worked well together and we didn’t even argue.”