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P2 19/20

James and the Giant Peach

Today we were very lucky as we went to see a play in the school hall.

It was called James and the Giant Peach.

It was based on the book by Roald Dahl.

There was lots of singing and dancing and some popular songs that we had heard before.

“It was good that one man did nearly all of the story.” – Maria

“I liked the singing.” – Iqra

“It was good when James met the Ladybird.” – Amelie

Monthly Newsletter from Mrs Mackay

Please see attached Newsletter from Mrs Mackay.

Please Note: Newsletters and Weekly Updates are no longer being sent out in paper format, however, you can find them on the Blog, on Twitter and via email.

For anyone who does not have access to any of these mediums, please contact the office or pop in for a paper copy.

If you would like to receive this information by email, and don’t already, please contact with your name and oldest child’s name & class, I will then add you to the distribution list.

Thank you for helping us in our efforts to reduce paper and be a more eco friendly school, we appreciate your support.

Friendly or unfriendly?

In RME we are learning about being caring and kind to others.

Last week we heard a Bible story called The Good Samaritan where strangers helped an injured man.

In class today we were thinking about different ways we could be friendly and helpful to each other.

We shared ideas on how it makes you feel if people are friendly towards you.

We also discussed that sometimes we can be unfriendly to each other and how we could make things better if this ever happened.

To show that we understood we completed and activity where we had to show how we could work in a friendly way with a partner, sharing resources and getting the job done.


A, B, C, D Block Competition

 A lovely competition for the children to start the school year, please encourage them to get involved…


We are going to change the name of each block!

 We need your help!

You have to design a new sign for the block YOU are currently in.

The name and design must be on A4 paper.

You must think of a new name and a picture/design to go with it.

All entries to be handed to class teachers to be returned to Mrs Mackay by Friday 30th August.

WINNERS will get their signs made and put above each block and will received a prize.