Encouraging independence, creative thinking and more

P2 17/18

We are a Rights Respecrting School Level 1!

On Tuesday 5th December the school had a visit from Jenny Price an assessor from UNICEF.

The purpose of her visit was to assess if the school had made sufficient progress from being awarded their Certificate of Recognition to achieving a Level 1 award.

Mr Henstridge took over the RRS pupil steering group formerly led by Mrs Gibb.

Ms Price interviewed groups of children, parents and staff and looked at the work undertaken in all classes over the session.

We are delighted to announce that Ms Price confirmed that our work met the necessary standard for the level 1 award. Well done and thank you to Mr Henstridge and Mrs Webb for leading on this project and to all in our school community for helping to showcase how rights and diversity flourish in our school.

We are now allowed to display the above logo on any materials linked to the school to promote our success.

Book Bug Week – A Block

We have enjoyed our Book Bug Week.  On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we got to listen to a new story in a different classroom.

Mrs Wojtunik read – The Nutcracker

Miss Moffat read – The Owl who was afraid of the Dark

Miss Campbell read – Six dinner Sid

We have been learning about each story in our book bug bag.  Mrs Matheson gifted our bags to us on Thursday.

‘I have enjoyed mixing up the classes, I like the story in Primary 2 because it was dinosaur story.’ Darci P1

‘I liked the story ‘Gorilla like vanilla’ because he was next in the queue and he never even knew.’ Cole P1

‘I liked going into P1/2 because some of my friends are there.’ Leo 

I have liked all the books the teacher read, my favourite was the ice cream story.’ Sam P1

‘I liked reading the stories during E.R.I.C.’ Kyen 

‘I enjoyed the book where the gorilla likes ice cream’ because the ice cream was so big.’ Alex P1

‘I liked it when we got to hear all the stories, my favourite was the ice cream story.’ Joel 

‘I enjoyed reading all the books, my favourite book was the vanilla one.’ Jack  


On Thursday Mrs Matheson came to A block on a special mission. She gifted our star of the week pupils with book bug bag boxes.  On Friday we invited parents and carers to come and read the book bug books.  We really enjoyed having them in to help.

We had Elizabeth from the library come in to visit each of our classes.  She read us some stories.

What a drama!

A block had such a dramatic afternoon on Tuesday. We met Gordon and he is a story hunter.  He asked us to join his quest to find the most amazing perfect story.  He told us about an evil witch names Isabelle.  We have two weeks to create the perfect story because if not the Queen will remain under a sleeping curse.  This week we started by looking at pictures and words to ignite our imaginations.

‘I enjoyed it because we got to use our own ideas.’ Daisy

‘I liked Gordon because he was funny.’ Kyle


Friendship and charity

This week we have been celebrating anti0bullying week and children in need in class. For anti-bullying week we have been giving our certificates to children that have shown kindness and respect to others.  We have been reading stories and choosing a word a day that represents anti-bullying week.  The words we chose were:

  1. Share
  2. Kindness
  3. Caring
  4. Helpful
  5. Loving

We also had odd socks day. This was to celebrate being different and unique.  We even designed our own odd socks.  The class wrote personal stories about feeling safe too.

Friday is Children in Need day. We had lots of fun raising money for children in need.  We designed our own headbands and cupcakes.  We even made split pin Pudsey’s and Blush’s.



Measuring maths

This week we have been learning about measurement. We got wrapped up because we took our learning outside! Our task was to measure objects in the sensory garden.  We had to use a ruler to measure in centimetres (cm). We had to work with a partner to find 5 different objects to measure.  Some groups were also practicing their knowledge of doubles sums.  The cuboids have made their own flash cards to practice with in class and at home. The spheres were using numicon to make addition sums to 5.

‘I enjoyed measuring because it was fun. We got to measure sticks, stones, leaves and branches.’ James

‘I liked being outside because I got some fresh air.’ Lennox

‘I liked it because we got to play outside. I had fun.’ Zara H

‘I liked measuring because I like to use a ruler. I measured a plant pot that was 27cm.’ Laya

Learning with literacy

This week we have had lots of fun learning through literacy.  On Thursday A block got to take part in a live broadcast with Kes Gray.  He is a famous author who has written books like ‘Oi Frog.’  He read some stories and answered questions about his life.

On Friday the blue reading group were introduced to dictionaries.  They worked really hard in small groups to explore the different words and meanings in their first dictionary challenge.


‘We had to find lots of words in the dictionary.  I found a few like kangaroo and thunder.’  Layla, P2

‘I liked the start of the of the broadcast when Kes Gray talked about being a baby with a moustache!’ Callum G, P2

‘I liked when Kes showed us a picture of himself as a baby.’ Tyler, P1/2

‘My favourite pasrt was when showed us is super power- throwing cookies.’ Evie P1/2

‘I really liked the story he read about the duck with a loud quaaaaaaaaaaack!’ Jack P1



P2’s Elmer creation

We are delighted to announce that our Elmer blanket is finally finished and settling well into our story corner. Thank you all again for your support this term.  We all really appreciate it and are looking forward to more partnership working  in the future.

Everybody loves a good story!

Every child gets excited by a good story and in P2 we are no different.  So far this term we have enjoyed reading new stories during E.R.I.C, listening to some of Miss Campbell’s books at story time and even developing our use of digital literacy skills by engaging with stories on our smart board.  As well as this some of the pupils in Primary 2 have taken it upon themselves to take in a beloved story of theirs from home.  These are the boys and girls who, so far, have enjoyed reading their tales to the rest of the class.  



Our Class Charter

Primary 2 has created a class charted based on our learning surrounding Rights Respecting schools this term.  We spent a lot of time discussing rights, what they meant and how they impact our everyday lives.  We then chose 3 rights that we felt were important parts of our day to day learning.  We then discussed what these rights may look and sound like in the classroom and the wider school.  The pupils decided to display their learning in the form of a balloon with all the class and staff travelling inside it.  The clouds surrounding our balloon contained all of our ideas and promises as pupils and adults to make sure we do our best to achieve these rights.  Here is our end product!

Time for tea

In preparation for our Parent/Grandparent sewing mornings Primary 2 were learning how to make a cup of tea.  We started by watching a clip that gave us setp by step instructions.  Then, we taught Miss Campbell how to make a cup of tea.  Next, we worked in groups to create our own poster which sequenced the steps we had learnt.  After, we made and tried our own cup of tea.  The favourite cup of tea was strong with milk and one sweetener.  Some of us even tried soya milk too.


‘It was delicious.’ James

‘I am good at making tea and it tastes good.’ Clement

‘You must be careful and responsible near a kettle as the hot water can scald you.’ Esmee