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P2 17/18

P2’s Elmer creation

We are delighted to announce that our Elmer blanket is finally finished and settling well into our story corner. Thank you all again for your support this term.  We all really appreciate it and are looking forward to more partnership working  in the future.

Everybody loves a good story!

Every child gets excited by a good story and in P2 we are no different.  So far this term we have enjoyed reading new stories during E.R.I.C, listening to some of Miss Campbell’s books at story time and even developing our use of digital literacy skills by engaging with stories on our smart board.  As well as this some of the pupils in Primary 2 have taken it upon themselves to take in a beloved story of theirs from home.  These are the boys and girls who, so far, have enjoyed reading their tales to the rest of the class.  



Our Class Charter

Primary 2 has created a class charted based on our learning surrounding Rights Respecting schools this term.  We spent a lot of time discussing rights, what they meant and how they impact our everyday lives.  We then chose 3 rights that we felt were important parts of our day to day learning.  We then discussed what these rights may look and sound like in the classroom and the wider school.  The pupils decided to display their learning in the form of a balloon with all the class and staff travelling inside it.  The clouds surrounding our balloon contained all of our ideas and promises as pupils and adults to make sure we do our best to achieve these rights.  Here is our end product!

Time for tea

In preparation for our Parent/Grandparent sewing mornings Primary 2 were learning how to make a cup of tea.  We started by watching a clip that gave us setp by step instructions.  Then, we taught Miss Campbell how to make a cup of tea.  Next, we worked in groups to create our own poster which sequenced the steps we had learnt.  After, we made and tried our own cup of tea.  The favourite cup of tea was strong with milk and one sweetener.  Some of us even tried soya milk too.


‘It was delicious.’ James

‘I am good at making tea and it tastes good.’ Clement

‘You must be careful and responsible near a kettle as the hot water can scald you.’ Esmee




Our creative Elmer blanket

Apologies for the long post but we have so much to share.  This week we have been learning about Elmer and we decided to create an Elmer blanket.  With the help of some parents and grandparents we have been able to sew patches to make an Elmer blanket.  Our jobs included welcoming our guests, cutting and tiling material, sewing patches together, take tea and coffee orders, serve our ‘Holm’ made treats and even tidy up at the end.  A massive thank you to all our helpers- we really appreciate it! Here are some photos of our mornings!

‘I was sewing patches, it was really fun.’ Emily

‘My job was to take orders for drinks and serve our cakes.’ Oscar

‘I had to cut pieces of fabric into squares.’ Zara C

‘My job was to cut material. I was good at it because I was able to cut neat shapes.’ Layla

‘I loved having my Dad in to help.’ Ala

‘I got to do my job with my Mum; we were cutting out patches together.’ Amber

‘I liked sewing because I had never done it before.’ Lennox

‘Tiling was an important job because we did not want messy shapes. That would cause gaps which means our blanket could break easily.’ Esmee

‘I loved sewing because Kyle’s mum let me have a go by myself.’ Zara H

‘I went round the tables and served everyone crispy cakes and top hats. I was good at sharing all the food.’ James

‘I decided to cut different shapes for the blanket. I cut triangles, semi circles and rectangles.’ Abbie

‘At the end we even had to clean the tables.’ Liam



Welcome back

We hope that you have all had a fantastic summer and that you are ready for another fun year of learning.

We hope that you enjoy following our learning through our class blogs.