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P2 17/18

The Easter Story

Reverend Fiona visited A block to tell us about the Easter story.  This is what we learned.

‘There was a temple where people went to pray but some people did not use it for that and used it to do bad things instead.’ – Tillie

‘Jesus chased the bad people out of the temple.’ -Daniel

‘Judas and the soldiers arrested Jesus to put him on the cross.’ – Lily

‘I learned that when Jesus got put on the cross He told his people to forgive the ones who put Him on the cross.’- Amelie

‘The two angels opened the tomb where Jesus was but there was no one inside.’ – Lewis


The Easter story taught us…

‘Even if someone is mean to you you should not be mean back and you should forgive them.’ – Lily

Primary 1

‘Fiona read us the Easter story, we learned about forgiveness’ Jack  

Builder visit

Yesterday Zara’s Dad came to school to talk about his job as a brick layer. He brought in some bricks, a hammer, a mask, some measuring string and some photos of him at college.

‘I enjoyed this visit because I got to hold different tools.’ Cameron

‘I got to try on the goggles and hold a very heavy brick which was really fun.’ Billy

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Soldier visit

Last week Layla’s Dad came to talk about his job as a soldier in the British Army. He came to school in his uniform and brought his big travelling bag.  He told us about the different countries he travelled to and the ways he has travelled around the world.  He told us that it is his job to protect innocent people and keep them safe.  He told us about the sacrifices he has had to make to protect people too.


‘I liked his visit because it was a different job from any other we had heard about.’ Lennox

‘It was interesting because we got to see his equipment.’ Ala

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Achieving success

Congratulations to our very own Mr Strong! He won this helmet at Tan su do after managing to complete 31 press ups in 1 minute.  Great work!

STEM Wizard Visit!!

WOW we were amazed today!!!  We popped loads balloons clapping for our special visitor!! Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing some of your magic tricks with us.

Colin:  “There was a water trick that was so good.”  

Cameron:  “The man told us how he changed the colour of the water by using food colouring in the lid.”  

Kaiyan:  “I liked it when Alan made an orange hankie appear and then he magically changed it into an orange ball.”  

Nathan and Tyler:  “I liked it when the man made his face go through the paper from a tiny hole.”  

Evie: “The man made the paper in the envelope change!! He showed us at the end that he does this by sticking two envelopes together.

Lily “I liked it when Alan put the ball in the box.  Next he put over the anti-gravity cloth. Then he magically made the ball float in the air by itself.”  

Lewis:  “I liked it when he used the force to bend the special metal from NASA.”  

Tillie: “I liked it when we did the trick for the numbers.  The magic is that you always land on number 3 that has the message on it because you have to follow the instructions.”  

Abbie:  “At the beginning he showed us cards and we had to shout out the numbers on the cards.  Then he kept changing them. We do not know how he did it.”

Evie:  “Alan did a trick with the ropes.  He showed us all the ropes different sizes and then he made them all the same size.”  

Offshore visit

On Wednesday Abbie’s Dad came in to talk about his job offshore. He works for 2 weeks on an oil rig and then he is home for 3 weeks.  He works with very heavy machines to move containers.

‘He works with cranes.’ Cameron

‘It was fun to hear because we didn’t know anything about his job before he came in.’ Zara H

‘I liked looking at the different pictures he brought in.’ Ala

‘I can’t believe they have a café, gym, cinema and cabins on the rigs. That was very cool.’ Oscar


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World Book Day in P2

P2 decided to celebrate World Book Day a bit differently this year.  We transformed our classroom into a library cafe.  We created a cosy area with blankets and cushions and a study area with desks and paper.  We also designed our own book biscuits.  We used icing pens to design a book character on our biscuits.  It was delicious!


‘I liked doing the biscuits because we got the chance to be creative.  I did Willy Wonka.’ Innes

‘I loved eating my legendary biscuit.  Mine was My Little Pony.’ Eliza

‘I liked our library because we got the chance to read our own books.’ Oscar

‘I really liked doing the biscuits because we don’t get a chance to bake much.’ Lennox




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Raffle tickets on sale today

Raffle tickets will be on sale at drop off (840-9am) and pick up (240-3pm) today at the school gate. They will cost £1 per strip. Money generated will be split to support MacMillan Cancer Support and the P7 trip.

The draw, and further ticket sales, will happen at the Quiz tonight in the Hall. The Quiz begins at 6pm and is open to all. Late entries are welcome. Team size set at a maximum of 6.

Prizes include

Tomatin Whisky and glass sets (Weldex)

Storehouse voucher

Golf balls (Weldex)

Red and White wine set (Café 1)

Therapy suite voucher

Afternoon Tea for 2 at Culloden House Hotel

2x PT session with Kevin Campbell PT (£60)

Nairn Dunbar Golf Voucher

1st Pizza Direct Voucher

Urquharts – lunch for 2 with a glass of wine each

Assorted bottles

Carpet vouchers

Thank you!

Nurse visit

Yesterday Abbie’s Mum came into class to talk about her job as a nurse. She brought Dumbo to show us how she uses bandages and syringes to make people feel better.  We got to have a shot bandaging up each other- it was really fun! Thank you so much for coming in to speak to us.

‘I enjoyed finding out what being a nurse is all about.’ Layla

‘I can’t believe Abbie’s mum works for 12 hours at a time, even at night too. That is a hard job.’ Cameron

A new visitor

On Thursday Miss Campbell’s brother came to visit the class. He talked about his job as a vet.  He showed pictures of animals he has treated and gave us an x-ray challenge.

‘I enjoyed having Robert in to talk to us because he talked about animals and I love animals.’ James

‘I liked looking at the different pictures he showed us.’ Amber

‘I enjoyed looking at the x-rays. My favourite was the one of the snake that had eaten two lightbulbs.’ Innes

‘I really liked trying to work out what was wrong with the animals by looking at the x-rays.’ Oscar