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P2 17/18

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Wester Hardmuir trip

On Tuesday we went on our school trip to Wester Hardmuir farm. We got to take part in 3 different activities.  They included a tour of the farm, picking strawberries and playing in their park.  We were allowed to try one strawberry while we were picking the fruit and it was delicious and sweet.  Just before we left we all got to try some freshly made berry ice cream.


‘I liked the park because there were 2 trampolines that were built into the ground.’ Amber

‘I liked sitting on the bus and looking at the different crops on our journey to the farm.’ Lennox

‘I liked eating the ice cream and playing in the park.’ Oscar

‘Billy and I fell asleep on the bus on the way home because we were tired out!’ James

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P1/2 P2 Creative Café

On Tuesday we delivered our creative café to our family and friends. Our creative café was about farming, crops and machines.  Our café had biscuit decorating, a ‘how to make butter’ stall, refreshments, a gallery of our farm models and floor book tables run by our experts.  Travelling Ted even came along dressed as a pumpkin for the occasion.  We had lots of different jobs to do from tour guide and gallery guide to servers and a press team.

We all really enjoyed ourselves and hope you did too!


‘I really enjoyed being part of the butter station. We had to make butter with the adults and then serve them some bread and butter.  We had normal, salted and rosemary from our own herb garden.  It was great!’ Eliza

‘I was a gallery guide. I had to everyone the models and explain how we made them.  I loved it because I got to speak to lots of different people.’ Cameron P


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Creative café preparations

Primary 1/2 and Primary 2 have been very busy this week making their final preparations for our Creative café next week. We have been making posters, designing banners, rehearsing our parts and putting the finishing touches on our farm models.  We are feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing now!

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 5th June at 9:30am to share our learning with you.

How to make butter

Yesterday P2 were learning how to write instructions. We wrote a recipe for making butter.  We had a go at making butter before we wrote up our recipe.  Here are some photos of the process.

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‘We had to shake a jar which was full of double cream and some salt. It was hard work!’ Abbie

‘When we were shaking the jars all of our arms got very sore and tired.’ Emily

‘I wasn’t sure about trying the butter because I thought it might be bad but then I tried a bit and I loved it.’ Kyle

‘We had to separate the butter from the buttermilk and I got to do it using a sieve.’ Innes


Time outside

Yesterday we ventured into the sunny (yet cold) playground to practice telling the time. We used hula hoops and chalk to create a clock face.  Then we had to write the numbers around the clock. We worked with a partner to write either an o clock or half past time.

‘I liked being outside because I like to use the chalk in the playground.’ Billy

‘We used the chalk to draw a circle inside the hula hoop and then we had to write number all around. I really liked working with my partners.’ Emily

Glitter germs

This term we are focussing on science. Today we started learning about germs.  Germs can spread easily and that can make us sick.  Luckily not all germs are harmful.  We discovered that we need germs to keep us healthy too. Today we carried out our first experiment.  We wanted to understand how easily germs can spread but germs are tiny so we can’t see then with our eyes.  We used glitter to make our germs visible and then shook hands to see how easily they can be passed from person to person.  We then designed our own hand soap bottles to encourage others to wash their hands too.

‘I had to put glitter on my hand and then give everyone a hand shake to show how germs spread.’ Ala

‘After I shook hands I touched my face so I had a glittery face.  Germs can spread to your face too.’ Clement

Road safety magic show

This morning P1-3 received a visit from Allan’s Road Safety Magic show. He used magic to show us how to cross the road safely. He told us that we need to Stop, Look, Listen and think before we cross the road.

‘I really liked the trick that mixed up the balls to fit the colours of a traffic light.’ Kyle

‘I liked the part when we saw how to cross a road using a crossing.’ Emily

Thank you again for coming to visit us Allan.

P2 achievers

Well done to our P2 achievers from Miss Campbell’s class.

Also, congratulatuions on your enjoy-a-ball trophy!

In the garden

This week we have been busy planting our vegetable and herbs that we hope to use in our creative café later this term. We planted rosemary, basil, potatoes and carrots. First, we had to clear the flower bed outside our classroom of weeds, stones and plants.  There were also lots of snails that we had to rehome.  We carefully took out the daffodils so we could keep them to plant next year.  It was very interesting to look at the different parts of a plant.  We looked at and felt the roots, the bulb, the stem, the leaves and the flower.  There were even some snails hiding in the flowers! We had to tie a knot in the daffodil leaves to make sure the bulb keeps all the goodness for next year.

Our gardening plan

This term we are learning about farms and farming. One thing we are keen to do is plant and grow our own food and flowers.  Our plan is to grow some salad, vegetables, herbs and flowers to use in our creative café later this term.

The first job we had to do was weed our pots and flower beds in preparation of planting our new seeds. We found a pencil, buttons, coins, stones and a massive potato during our weeding session.

Our next step is to plant our herbs and salad leaves this week.

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