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P1/2 17/18

Nursery transition visit to Primary One 21.3.18

On Wednesday the children in Nursery who are moving to Primary 1 next year had a playtime with the Primary 1’s on the playground.  We were shown where our coats get hung up in the P1 cloakroom and how the children change their indoor shoes and collect their snack before going outside at the bell.  We all had a Primary 1 person to play with and they showed us some new games.  At the end, Mrs Wojtunik showed us where we stand when lining up for Primary 1.  We loved this and will do it again next week.  After the holidays we will have some more playtimes on the school playground.

Next week we will play with the P1’s on a Tuesday.

We also visited the Primary 1/2’s in the afternoon.  This time we had a play in the Sensory Garden which will be an area we will play in when we start Primary 1 after the holidays.


The Easter Story

Reverend Fiona visited A block to tell us about the Easter story.  This is what we learned.

‘There was a temple where people went to pray but some people did not use it for that and used it to do bad things instead.’ – Tillie

‘Jesus chased the bad people out of the temple.’ -Daniel

‘Judas and the soldiers arrested Jesus to put him on the cross.’ – Lily

‘I learned that when Jesus got put on the cross He told his people to forgive the ones who put Him on the cross.’- Amelie

‘The two angels opened the tomb where Jesus was but there was no one inside.’ – Lewis


The Easter story taught us…

‘Even if someone is mean to you you should not be mean back and you should forgive them.’ – Lily

Primary 1

‘Fiona read us the Easter story, we learned about forgiveness’ Jack  

Scottish Opera – The Dragon of the Western Sea

Today we had a fantastic experience working with Scottish Opera. We were then able to share our learning with our friends and family who came to watch our performance of The Dragon of the Western Sea.

Well done to all the performers and a big thank you to our visitors from Scottish Opera. Their expertise and energy allowed us to give a wonderful performance! Also our outfits looked spectacular – as you can see from the photos below.

  • “It was amazing to be involved – I really enjoyed it.”
  • “I enjoyed doing all the dancing and all the singing.”
  • “I enjoyed being the giraffe – Coby!”
  • “It was a new experience and I enjoyed listening and taking part in it.”
  • “I was really surprised at how it turned out, it was great.”
  • “It was a lot better than I thought it would be!”
  • “I liked the snake – Billy!”
  • “I enjoyed the different learning experience that we did with the Scottish Opera.”
  • “The Scottish Opera people were very enthusiastic – Greg, Leigh and Allan.”
  • “I think the Scottish Opera made it very fun and different rather than just facts.”
  • “Their singing was really good.”
  • “The way we were organised on the stage was very effective to show the boat.”

Primary One / Two Comments:

WOW what an amazing show!! We had so much fun and were very privileged to go see the dress rehearsal of:  The Dragon of the Western Sea.   


  • I liked the India part.  The people from India gave curry that was spicy.  
  • I liked it when they were sailing on the sea.  They had pieces of blue cloth at the front to show the sea.  Some children waved the blue cloth to show they were moving.
  • I liked the part where they gave out a sword in India.  After that they had a pirate battle with the swords. Later on they were able to kill a snake with their sword when they were in Africa.  
  • I liked the songs that the children sang especially the pirate song.  
  • I liked seeing my sister performing in the Scottish Opera.
  • I liked it when they came home.  
  • I liked it when the giraffe came  in.
  • I liked the costumes they had on.  It looked good.
  • I liked the bit at the end of the pirates when they did a silly face.  
  • We loved seeing all the older boys and girls in our school performing.  We were very proud of them. We hope they do brilliantly in front of their next audience.  




STEM Wizard Visit!!

WOW we were amazed today!!!  We popped loads balloons clapping for our special visitor!! Thank you so much for coming to our school and sharing some of your magic tricks with us.

Colin:  “There was a water trick that was so good.”  

Cameron:  “The man told us how he changed the colour of the water by using food colouring in the lid.”  

Kaiyan:  “I liked it when Alan made an orange hankie appear and then he magically changed it into an orange ball.”  

Nathan and Tyler:  “I liked it when the man made his face go through the paper from a tiny hole.”  

Evie: “The man made the paper in the envelope change!! He showed us at the end that he does this by sticking two envelopes together.

Lily “I liked it when Alan put the ball in the box.  Next he put over the anti-gravity cloth. Then he magically made the ball float in the air by itself.”  

Lewis:  “I liked it when he used the force to bend the special metal from NASA.”  

Tillie: “I liked it when we did the trick for the numbers.  The magic is that you always land on number 3 that has the message on it because you have to follow the instructions.”  

Abbie:  “At the beginning he showed us cards and we had to shout out the numbers on the cards.  Then he kept changing them. We do not know how he did it.”

Evie:  “Alan did a trick with the ropes.  He showed us all the ropes different sizes and then he made them all the same size.”  

Performers UK Visit

Last month we were so lucky to have Lily’s mum come to talk to us about her job.  She works and co-owns Performers UK.  She started the business with other people.  Performers UK has approximately 300 children and is taught by roughly 15 teachers in all different skills. Their classes are usually run out of different schools.      

We had lots of questions to ask her about her job.  

How do you feel about your job?  Tillie

I love it I feel very lucky to have my job.  

What is your favourite part of your job?  Abbie

I like doing shows!! Our next show is The Wizard of Oz.  I am very excited about it.

The biggest part i enjoy the most is teaching and working with the children.  

When do you do your job?  Lewis

I am super busy and do work most days.  It can be at different times doing different jobs.  I try not to work Thursdays or Sundays.

Have you had other jobs?  Georgia

When I was at university, I help care for some people especially the elderly.  This was to help me go through university and earn money to help me study.

Before I started Performers UK, I did perform in different things.  I have done workshops for Scottish Ballet and work on radio/TV.

Why did you want to do your job?  

I have been interested in music all my life.  I started classes at the age of three and it was hobby until I was sixteen.  I did dancing, singing and much more. I took part in competitions. At school, I really liked English.  However, I loved performing more. I went to university to study in performing arts. Later on, I met a friend I use to be in music classes with and we started Performers UK with another person.  We started in January 2014 with only 23 students. I feel so happy that I can do the job I love.

Next we took part in a fun dance workshop with Sophie. 

We loved finding out all about Performers UK.  

Thank you so much for coming to visit us.      

Raffle tickets on sale today

Raffle tickets will be on sale at drop off (840-9am) and pick up (240-3pm) today at the school gate. They will cost £1 per strip. Money generated will be split to support MacMillan Cancer Support and the P7 trip.

The draw, and further ticket sales, will happen at the Quiz tonight in the Hall. The Quiz begins at 6pm and is open to all. Late entries are welcome. Team size set at a maximum of 6.

Prizes include

Tomatin Whisky and glass sets (Weldex)

Storehouse voucher

Golf balls (Weldex)

Red and White wine set (Café 1)

Therapy suite voucher

Afternoon Tea for 2 at Culloden House Hotel

2x PT session with Kevin Campbell PT (£60)

Nairn Dunbar Golf Voucher

1st Pizza Direct Voucher

Urquharts – lunch for 2 with a glass of wine each

Assorted bottles

Carpet vouchers

Thank you!

My World of Work – Miss Patterson and Mr Kemp

Miss Patterson and Mr Kemp came and spoke to us about their jobs as teachers in Inverness Royal Academy. Here is what we did and what we thought…

‘Miss Patterson told us all about being a P.E. teacher.’ – Georgia

‘She told us that we can go on trips when we’re in high school.’ – Eva

‘She told us about sports like football and tennis that we can play when we get to high school.’ – Tillie

‘Mr Kemp let us play ukuleles.’ – Ella

‘When you moved your fingers up and down the strings you get different sounds from the ukulele.’ – Abbie

‘He told us not to touch the pegs because it changes the sound that comes out of the ukulele.’ – Georgia and Maya

‘I got to practice one of the chords that my dad showed me.’ – Erin

‘In high school you can also play drums, maracas, piano and guitars!’ – Whole class


My World of Work- Amelie’s mum

Amelie’s mum came to tell us about her job in High Life. This is what we thought…

‘I liked it because the robots were fun.’ – Tillie

‘The robots taught us about directions.’ – Cameron

‘When you had the iPad you needed to move the ball which made the robot move the way you wanted it to.’ – Abbie

‘You had to put the body together on the caterpillar so it would move in the direction you wanted it to.’ – Daniel

‘My mum brought in books for us to keep for the library.’ – Amelie

‘We were learning about book bug as well.’ – Logan


My World of Work with Reverend Fiona

Today we were lucky to have a special visit from Reverend Fiona to find out all about her job.  We were excited to see her website of Ness Bank Church and we saw our school logo on it.  We found out that Fiona has to do lots of work all year round.  We discovered that Fiona works both locally and world wide to help people.  We asked some deep and interesting questions to find out more about her, her choice of career and her everyday life as a minister.

Do you organise all your work yourself?  

I have lots of people to help me.  I can have up to 60 volunteers working on projects.  

How did you get your job?  

Before, I was a solicitor.  Then I applied to the Church to see if I could work for them.  They said I could so I went back to university to do another degree.  This took four and half years.  After this I had to go through lots of interviews and if you want to work in a church you hold a service to the community.  Afterwards the people vote to see if they would like you to come back.  It was quite scary.  

What do you do and when?  

My work begins on a Sunday.  I hold a service for the community.  We sing songs, say prayers and I tell stories.  It often takes me up to ten hours to plan what I am going to teach and say on a Sunday morning.  I continue to work long hours through the week.  I mostly help people in need.  In my job, I do some sad things like hold funerals and happy things like a wedding or baptism.  I also like coming to Holm Primary School.  

Do you like your job?  

Yes I love my job.  I like helping people the most.  I learn new things everyday.  I think this makes me a better minister.  

How did you know you wanted to change jobs and do this one now?  

I often a ‘calling from God’.  I actually came to visit Ness Bank Church and thought I had to move and work here.  I have been here for eight years now.  

How do you feel about your job because you have been doing such a long time?  

I can feel happy, sad, nervous and annoyed with my job.  I only feel annoyed when things do not turn out the way I would like them.  However, this is life and its just a bad day Im having rather than a bad job.  Most importantly I feel joy.  My job gives me great job as I know this is what I am meant to be doing.  Helping people and teaching others about the importance of love.  




Special Delivery!

Look what arrived today! It is official that here at Holm we are a level 1 RRS school.

Onwards we go to the next level!

Well done to all of the team . 😀