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P1/2 17/18

P1 Parents

Thank you to all who attended our recent Parent information session.  We had some excellent feedback.

We hope you have all received a Phonological Awareness:Listening for Learning flyer either at the session or in your child’s home pack.

The website that Mrs Wojtunik spoke about is called Bumps to Bairns you will find this at bumps2bairns.com.  This is a really useful website that gives lots of support and guidance for children from birth up until they go to school.

Questions from Feedback

Reporting to Parents

Throughout the term pieces of work, talking homework and I can caterpillars will go home to illustrate to you where your child is at in their learning.

We also have 2 parents evenings – one in November and the other in March where you have an opportunity to meet the class teacher by appointment and look through your child’s Learning journey.

In term 4 you will receive a written report detailing your child’s progress.

If there was any major concerns with your child’s learning and progress, the class teacher would get in touch with you so that they can work in partnership with you to best support your child.  Similarly if you felt there was anything you were concerned about then we would welcome you to make an appointment to speak to the class teacher.


HLP – Highland Literacy Project

HNP – Highland Numeracy progression

EYP – Early years practitioner

CVC – Consonant vowel consonant word e.g cat  pin  top



Primary One and Two have been learning all about symmetry.

“Symmetry means that something is the same on both sides.”    

We have been learning through a variety of methods about symmetry:

  • Investigating our environment.
  • Modelling our faces.
  • Painting patterns and Drawing pictures.
  • Beading

Next we are going to learn all about shapes.

Please help us at home by talking, discussing and describing shapes all around us.

Miss Penman

Working Hard in P1

Primary One have been working very hard on their learning.

Some of our favourite activities to do in school are:

PE – Jason, Colin and Ethan              PE and Maths – Logan             Art – Maya           Sounds – Eva 

Writing/Handwriting – Tyler, Evie and Elli

They have been practising numbers.  One of their biggest targets is counting backwards and writing them.

Next they are  learning all abut their new reading characters.  We decided to draw our favourite character from the stories!! Who is your favourite character?

We are excited to see what adventures the characters get up to in our new books.

Keep reading along with us at home to find out more.

Miss Penman

Rights Respecting School

Over the past 2 weeks we have been learning about our rights. We know that every child should be able to enjoy the same rights and we all have responsibilities to make sure this happens.

We decided to make our own class charter which shows the 3 rights we believed to be the most important for us in school and what responsibilities we have to make sure everyone in the class is able to enjoy these rights which are;

  • We have the right to education so we need to listen well and try our best.
  • We have the right to be safe so we need to push our chairs in and walk around the class.
  • We have the right to play so we need to be kind to others and respect everyone’s property.

We designed our class charter as a tree which shows our rights on the leaves and our responsibilities on the apples. We signed the tree trunk to show that we agree to follow the responsibilities so that we can all enjoy our rights.

Our Class Charter


Our Signatures

A Summary of our Basic Rights

Welcome back

We hope that you have all had a fantastic summer and that you are ready for another fun year of learning.

We hope that you enjoy following our learning through our class blogs.