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P1/2 17/18

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Wester Hardmuir trip

On Tuesday we went on our school trip to Wester Hardmuir farm. We got to take part in 3 different activities.  They included a tour of the farm, picking strawberries and playing in their park.  We were allowed to try one strawberry while we were picking the fruit and it was delicious and sweet.  Just before we left we all got to try some freshly made berry ice cream.


‘I liked the park because there were 2 trampolines that were built into the ground.’ Amber

‘I liked sitting on the bus and looking at the different crops on our journey to the farm.’ Lennox

‘I liked eating the ice cream and playing in the park.’ Oscar

‘Billy and I fell asleep on the bus on the way home because we were tired out!’ James

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P1/2 P2 Creative Café

On Tuesday we delivered our creative café to our family and friends. Our creative café was about farming, crops and machines.  Our café had biscuit decorating, a ‘how to make butter’ stall, refreshments, a gallery of our farm models and floor book tables run by our experts.  Travelling Ted even came along dressed as a pumpkin for the occasion.  We had lots of different jobs to do from tour guide and gallery guide to servers and a press team.

We all really enjoyed ourselves and hope you did too!


‘I really enjoyed being part of the butter station. We had to make butter with the adults and then serve them some bread and butter.  We had normal, salted and rosemary from our own herb garden.  It was great!’ Eliza

‘I was a gallery guide. I had to everyone the models and explain how we made them.  I loved it because I got to speak to lots of different people.’ Cameron P


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Achievers Alert!

Well done boys for doing so well in your rugby tournament!

Well done for winning your trophy in your dancing competition!

Nursery Visit

Big thank you to the Nursery boys and girls for coming to visit us today!

‘It was fun having them over to play with us.’ –  Lewis

‘It was nice being able to draw with them.’ -Tyler

‘The nursery boys and girls are ready for primary 1- they were so well behaved!’ – Abbie

‘Please come and visit us again!’ – Eva



Double Trouble!

We loved learning how to double a number! All you have to do is add the same number twice!

The primary 2’s enjoyed teeny teaching the primary 1’s all about doubles!

We took the opportunity to take our classroom outdoors which gave our brain’s lots of fresh air even if it was a bit windy…

Class Talks

Well done to all the pupils in Primary 1/2 for delivering excellent class talks! We loved hearing and learning about your favourite holiday, hobby or toy!

We were also learning how to be a quality audience, we were able to sit and listen very well and asked some great questions at the end of everyone’s presentation!

Great work everyone!


Creative café preparations

Primary 1/2 and Primary 2 have been very busy this week making their final preparations for our Creative café next week. We have been making posters, designing banners, rehearsing our parts and putting the finishing touches on our farm models.  We are feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing now!

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 5th June at 9:30am to share our learning with you.


Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from the NSPCC.  John took in Buddy to help us learn all about being safe, speaking out and getting rid of any worries that were on our mind.

I liked the video about the girl called Sam.  She told a teacher to help her. Logan.

Our assembly was all about staying safe.  Georgia

I liked the green puppet called Buddy.  He was a cute guy. He wants us to stay safe by speaking out.  Evie and Cameron.

We need to tell an adult if we are worried.  Nathan.

You need to keep asking for help if you need it.  Lucy

We learnt that there is a telephone number we can call if we are worried called ChildLine.  We remembered the number was 08001111 by air writing it together in the hall.

Maths Madness!

Primary 1 / 2 have been learning lots this term in practical maths.


We are learning:

  • the names of both 2D and 3D shapes.
  • to spot them in our everyday environment.
  • talk, describe and discuss different shapes using such words as side, face and angle.
  • identifies 2D shapes in 3D objects and can name 3D shapes from drawings.

    During active stations the children sorted the shapes into groups,  built models and made play dough shapes.  Can you spot the shapes?


Before we started our work on measure we discussed the following questions.  Here are some of our quick fire answers too.

What do you measure?  

  • People – Floor – Table – Fence  

When do you measure?  

  • Build a house or furniture for a house.  
  • Buy clothes and shoes.  

Why do you measure?  

  • We measure so we are happy and get the correct items.  

“You can use a ruler or metre stick to measure.”  

“Last year we used our hands and feet to measure.”

“We looked at pictures on the smartboard.  We saw lots of clocks to measure time.”

“Then we saw some scales.”

The children were very familiar with length in measurement but after discussion they realised the importance of weight and volume.  The children in Primary Two went on to learn about different scales and how to record in standard units for measurement.  Below are some of our group activities we got up to in class.


We measure heavier and lighter items in class.  We used our snacks to find out if our estimation was correct on who’s snack was the heaviest/lightest.



We started learning that area is to do with how much space is on the inside of designated spot.  We started using counters…

We now know that area is worked out by counting how many squares are in the inside.  We add cm2 after each area to know that is what we are talking about. We counted the areas on our flags and tried to draw our own area flags too.

We had so much fun during our biggest term in school either remembering or learning new maths skills.  We tried to make all these maths parts hand on to help us learn.  It is important we try our best and stay focussed.  We have GoNoodle breaks to help us.  Check out our fun photos below:  What do you do to help you learn?

Road safety magic show

This morning P1-3 received a visit from Allan’s Road Safety Magic show. He used magic to show us how to cross the road safely. He told us that we need to Stop, Look, Listen and think before we cross the road.

‘I really liked the trick that mixed up the balls to fit the colours of a traffic light.’ Kyle

‘I liked the part when we saw how to cross a road using a crossing.’ Emily

Thank you again for coming to visit us Allan.

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