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p1 18/19

Bailie Cup Champions!!!!

Today was a simply brilliant day!! Our children do what they do best… make us incredibly proud. A huge congratulations to all our amazing athletes that took part today!! They were strong, fierce and brave winning an outstanding amount of medals. Then the cherry came at the end when we won the cup for our section!! Thank you for everyones support but especially Mrs Dillion and her many members that put together a winning team. We will all sleep well tonight!!

Amazing job!!!


Dance Day Success!!!

Dance Day Success

What an amazing day we all had and raising money for Highland Hospice!! We hope you enjoy the photos, quotes and look out for us in the local paper.  Good luck to Kerry and her journey in Strictly Inverness.  We are so grateful to our school community as you all raised £962.31.  Thank you so much for your continuing support.

“I really enjoyed dance day because we all had fun and we raised money for a good cause” Aimee

“It was really fun and I liked seeing the smiles on other people’s faces” Katienne

“I usually don’t like dancing but the dance day was great fun and I really enjoyed it.”  Primary Seven 

“I liked all the different stations and the flash mobs” Sophie

“I enjoyed taking part in all the different dances” Caitlin

“I was nervous about dancing in front of the whole school and parents but in the end it was amazing and I really enjoyed it.”    Primary Seven 

“I enjoyed all the different styles of dancing.” Primary Two 

“I really enjoyed the dance day especially learning new types of dance.” Primary Five

We had dance stations in the morning.  Thank you to all adults and children for participating in this event.  Special thanks go out to Performers UK, Laura MacLennan and Hollie Simpson – Local Dance Artists for their time and talents.

Dancing with Performers UK

Dancing With Laura 

Dancing with Hollie 

“I enjoyed dancing with Hollie as we learnt lots of dance moves with ribbons.”  Primary Three 

“I enjoyed dancing with the scarves.”  Primary Two

Scottish Dancing with Mrs Nicholson and Mr Henstridge 

“I enjoyed the Scottish dancing because Mr Henstridge made everyone laugh” Shanah-Leigh

“Mr Henstridge’s Scottish Dancing was great fun.”  Primary Five

“I liked the Scottish dancing because it was fun” Ruthie

“I liked the Scottish dancing because it was fun.”  Primary Two

“The Scottish dancing was good fun as we got to dance with a partner a lot.”  Primary Three 

Interactive Dancing 

“I enjoyed the activity where we were doing Just Dance.”  Primary Four 

“I enjoyed the different moves on Go-noodle.”  Primary Two

“I loved doing just dance.”  Primary Seven

“The Frog Dance was the best.”  Primary One

“I enjoyed doing Just dance because it was fun” Robert

African and Smaba Dancing with designing a Costume 

“It was nice to design the African print trousers in one of the class after we learnt about African dancers.”  Primary Three 

“I liked learning all about the Samba.  I did not know the costumes are based on a carnival theme.”  Primary Five


“I enjoyed dancing and doing the Makaton actions.”  Primary Two

“It was nice to teach the Makaton dance to Reach (for the stars).”  Primary Four   Primary Seven

Lunchtime Surprises!! 

We had a flashmob, the newspaper and Bobby the Bee turn up.  What an exciting time.

“The flash dance in the afternoon was great fun.”  Primary Seven

“I loved seeing Bobby the Bee in the playground.”  Primary One

In the afternoon, Bobby came around classes to help sell sunflowers and wristbands for the Highland Hospice. A lady from the Highland Hospice came in to talk to us about the importance of our fundrasing and how Highland Hospice help in our community.  We were shocked to find out how much it costs to run the Hospice daily but were so thankful we raised so much money to help.

Lastly, we were happy to perform our last flashmob at home time to parents.  We loved our day.  Thank you to all the families that helped us be awesome!

Lost Property

A huge THANK YOU to Mrs Williamson and Mrs Main who spent time this morning streamlining our Lost Property.

As you can see below they have allocated a box per class for named items so that they can be returned to their owner or their owner can check their class box.

This however will only work if ALL items are named.

We still have a  box of unnamed items and lunchboxes/water bottles.

Unclaimed items will be removed as per the Holm Primary and Parent Council Procedural Guide for Lost Property, a copy of which is displayed next to our Lost Property area.

P1 and P2 enjoy a Burns Supper

The Primary 1’s and Primary 2’s had a fantastic day experiencing what it is like to attend a Burns Supper. The children enjoyed designing their own tartan. They then took on the challenge of tasting haggis, oatcakes and cheese, followed by some energetic Scottish dancing.

The children commented on the day:

“I liked the dancing games.”

“I enjoyed the tartan.”

“It was the first time I have tried haggis and I liked it.”

“I enjoyed designing the tartan.”

“It was a fun day.”

Here are some photos of the celebrations.

Thank you,

Mrs Mackenzie, Miss McHardy amd Mrs McAra

Maths curriculum event

What: An event to share practical games to support maths at home.

When: Wednesday 16th January. 6-730pm

Where: Holm Primary School Hall

For who: Everyone

If you can make it: Please return the slip to let us know how many people are coming. If you do not have a slip, simply put a note into school stating how many people are attending.

If you cannot make it: Information will be shared on the blog after the event. If there are any further questions, please get in touch with Mr Ross.

Hope to see you there!

Nursery / Primary 1 Christmas Party

WOW what a party! The Nursery and Primary 1 children had their Christmas party on Friday morning. The morning was filled with dancing, eating and playing games. They enjoyed playing Santa, Santa, Elf; musical bumps; corners and musical statues. It was such fun joining together in our first transition event of the year. We even had a very special visitor… we were all excited to see SANTA!

Thank you to the canteen staff for the amazing Christmas biscuits, they all disappeared in no time.

Also, Thank you to all the staff who made the party run so smoothly with so much Christmas fun!

Here are some of the pictures from the morning…

P1 and P2 Christmas Cafe 12th December 2018

All the children enjoyed the Holm Primary P1 and P2 Christmas Cafe today. It was amazing to see so many parents joining us for some christmas fun!  The children did an amazing job of singing the christmas songs, selling their handmade christmas crafts and making crafts with their families.

The children were delighted to see so many visitors and had many lovely things to say about their morning:

“I liked my mum coming.”

“I loved singing the songs and mummy watching.”

“I enjoyed making the snowmen at the cafe”

“I had a great time at the Christmas Cafe. I enjoyed having my parents in.”

“I liked selling our Christmas crafts and working out the change.”

“I liked working in a team and helping each other.”

“I sang a solo. I wasn’t nervous.”

“I liked counting up how much money we made. We made £295.28”


Thank you for your support with this event,

From all of us in P1, P1/2 and P2.

P1 and P7 Reading Buddies

Throughout term 1 P 1 and P7 joined together to enjoy stories. The P7 children read stories to the P1s. The P7s showed maturity and excellent paired reading skills. P1 children really enjoyed the experience and showed excellent listening skills.

We were reading the Snail and the Whale. It was really good fun.

We read “I’m a little teapot”. My partner listened well.

I enjoyed listening to the story the Wheels on the bus.

My favourite part of the story Said the Mouse to the Mole was the end as there were questions to answer.

The best part of Farmer Ham was when the said boo to the crows to scare them away.

I enjoyed reading books to P1s as I got to meet children I hadn’t met before.

This experience helped me learn to read with fluency and expression.

As the year progresses P1 and P7 will explore different curricular areas together.

Family learning event

Literacy Family Learning event:
Wednesday 3rd October. 6-730pm. Holm Primary School hall.

Mr Ross is hosting an event to share the new approach to spelling within the school.

The event will share:

  • Information about the new approach
  • the rationale behind it
  • examples of the activities your children are involved in each day
  • ways to support this at home

All families are welcome to attend, but the event is mainly aimed at families with children ranging from P3 to P7.

There will be another event soon aimed at the children in P1 and P2.

Children are welcome at the meeting.

Hope to see you all there.

Michael Ross