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P1 17/18

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Party Time for Mrs Wojtunik

Thanks so much for a wonderful last day.

We had a fun party this afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who had kind words today, gave cards or gifts for myself and the baby.  It was very generous and overwhelming.

Enjoy the summer holidays when they come.

I shall come and see you with baby Wojtunik when you are all in Primary 2.

Thanks again.

Mrs Wojtunik

School Trip

We have had an extremely busy week in Primary 1!

On Tuesday, we had a great time preparing and taking part in the One Planet Picnic.

The house challenges were great fun on this afternoon too!

On Thursday we went on a class trip to Strathpeffer Toy Museum of Childhood and then to Marybank Park.  We learned lots about old toys at games at the Museum by taking part in different practical activities.

“I liked going on the bus.”  Kyen

“I dressed up as a queen and Brooke was the king.” Kate

“I was skipping with hoops and ropes.” Sam

“We sat at the old school desk, the wrote on a slate.”  Kai

“I liked playing with the old wooden train.”  Shon

“We looked at old dolls in the drawers.”  Connie

“There were old dolls.  Some were made of wood and some were made of china.  They would be breakable.  The dolls were from all over the world.”  Rose


We managed to avoid getting too wet on our afternoon trip to the fantastic Marybank park.  There was lots of challenging play equipment for the children to have a go on.

“The park was fun.” Ollie

“I was pushing others on the spinning thing.  It went fast.”  Leo

“I went down the tall pole.”  Ayan

“I could climb up the wall using the rope.”  Liam

Our Learning this Week

It has been another busy week in P1.

We’ve been enjoying some fun in the sun.


Sports Day was a great success!  The children loved taking part in the races.  The also loved eating their choc ices!



In Health we looked at Everyday and Somtimes foods.  We sorted food packaging of somtimes foods into categories.

“We looked at the label to see if the sugar was green, amber or red.”  Cole

“Crisps were red for salt.” Lucy

“Sweets have lots of sugar.  You should only eat them somtimes.”  Kai


During maths we were learning about time and clocks.

We used paper plates to design and make our own analogue clocks.

“For o’clocks the big hand needs to be at the 12 and the wee hand at the number it is.”  Joel

“We had to stick the number in the right places on the clock.”  Millie


For topic we were learning about skipping.  We watched videos of children skipping in playgrounds long ago.  We learned some skipping songs and tried out different ways of skipping.  Mrs Henderson was amazed and how well so many P1’s could skip!

“We were learning how to use the wooden hoops.  In the old days they skipped with those.” Alex

“We were learning about skipping.  We were using wee ropes and big skipping ropes.  There were 2 people holding the big rope and someone jumped in the middle. We sang “Cinderella dressed in yella”.  Darci  

“Cinerella dressed in yella is funny song”  Maisie

“We used stretchy elastics.  We made it really big.  2 people put it round their ankles and someone had to jump in and out.” Brooke

“We were skipping.  It was a little easy a little tricky.”Leo


Nursery Visit

Big thank you to the Nursery boys and girls for coming to visit us today!

‘It was fun having them over to play with us.’ –  Lewis

‘It was nice being able to draw with them.’ -Tyler

‘The nursery boys and girls are ready for primary 1- they were so well behaved!’ – Abbie

‘Please come and visit us again!’ – Eva



Some learning this week

In health we were learning about different types of everyday foods.  We should try to eat foods from each of these groups to stay healthy.

“There was a heart group. Our action was boom, boom.  Meat and fish help your heart.”

“I was in the growing group.  We had to grow tall.  Eggs help you”

“There was an energy group.  They had to run on the spot.  Bread and pasta do energy.”

“I was in the strong bones and teeth group.  Milk and cheese help with this.”

The children had to find a friend from each group and join together.  This helped them think about different types of food we could eat each day.

In phonics we made capital letters with stones, chalks, water and pens.

In maths we were learning about volume.  We investigated how many cups of water it would take to fill different containers.

For topic we learned how to play some more old playground games.

There was a ball.  You had to put in down in them and swing it down and up.  You tied it round your hand so it was slower.  I was singing See Saw up and down.” Ayan

“We played a game.  If  you didn’t get through, you had to stay in other people’s team.  I liked it because I wasn’t chosen.  I was too strong.”  Joel

“We had to roll the marble to see how far you get.  Whoever gets the farthest wins the game.” Bethany

“We did What’s the time Mr Wolf.  There is a wolf, you have to ask the time and move forward that number.  When you get close he says dinner time. Then you run and if you get caught you are it.” Leo

Topic and Health

In our topic, “Toys, Games and Grandparents” we continued to have fun learning some old playground games.  We have been working on our own family trees too.

We also started to learn some Scottish Playground songs.  They were called You Cannie Shove Your Grannie Aff a Bus and Three Craws.   Mrs Henderson was impressed with our singing!

In health, we continued to learn about healthy foods.  We looked at the concpet of “eating a rainbow”.

We had a super busy afternoon in class preparing and tasting our own fruit rainbow.  We worked very hard to help each other out and complete this class task.

“We ate fruit. We had to cut it up.  I liked the lemons and bananas.”    Maisie

“We had to cut the fruit up. We used cutting boards.  We had to slice it with a knife.  We had to be careful not to cut our hands.” Darci

“We made a rainbow of fruit. We were talking about eating a colourful rainbow with different fruits to be healthy. We can be healthy if we eat lots of fruit and it helps us hydrate more.” Brooke

“We got to eat the rainbow at the end. It was very good.  My favourite was the watermelon because it was juicy. It is really healthy because it has water in it.” Kai

“We made a fruit rainbow because you need to eat healthy foods. It is good for you body.” Cole

“We want to eat a rainbow because we wanted to learn about being healthy. It makes us healthy.  Everyone got to eat some of the rainbow, some of each colour.  It’s important we eat different colours to stay well.” Rose



Primary 1 Term 4 so far…

The first few weeks of Term 4 have flown by!

Primary 1 have been very busy learning lots of new things.

We are learning about weight and volume in Maths.

In Literacy we are learning to write capital letters.

We have been using water, chalks, stones and playdough.

Our new topic is Toys, Games and Grandparents.

We have been learning some old playground games.

“We played In and out the Dusty Bluebells.  We were all in a circle, holding up hands and people had to go in and out the bluebells.  Then you tapped on shoulders and made the line longer.  I liked it.”  Jack

“We did A Sailor Went to Sea clapping game with a partner.  You had to do knee and chop too.  It was funny.”  Lucy

“You had to try and flip the ball on the sting to get it on the cup.”  Bethany

“You had to keep the thing moving on the string.” Kyen

“We drew the numbers with chalks, threw a stone and you couldn’t stand on that number.”  Ayan

“We played hopscotch.”     Shon

We had a visit from John Darcey from NSPCC

He talked to us about being safe and speaking out, he introduced us to Buddy.

‘You need to make sure you are being taken care of and safe.’ Rose

‘You have to get rid of all your worries to stay safe.’ Liam 

‘You can tell a teacher if you are worried.’ Brooke

‘If you get worried you can take a deep breath.’ Sam

‘If people are hurting your feelings you can tell a teacher.’ Lucy 

Road safety magic show

This morning P1-3 received a visit from Allan’s Road Safety Magic show. He used magic to show us how to cross the road safely. He told us that we need to Stop, Look, Listen and think before we cross the road.

‘I really liked the trick that mixed up the balls to fit the colours of a traffic light.’ Kyle

‘I liked the part when we saw how to cross a road using a crossing.’ Emily

Thank you again for coming to visit us Allan.

House Challenge

What an amazing afternoon we had completing our House Challenge.

This term it was the Osprey’s turn to creatively come up with our problem solving activity. They wanted to hold a competition to do with baking.

James:  “We picked baking as we do not normally do this.  We wanted to make the challenge  different and interesting for all the children in the school.  I was surprised at the outcome of the challenge as all teams made an amazing design.”

Lexie:  “It was a lot harder than you may think.  This is because we had to deal with crumbly cakes and runny icing.  However, our team did a trophy which looked fabulous.  We did well to run and organise our team to make a picture perfect design.”

Buzzards were the Best 

The Buzzard’s Captain and Vice Captain allowed each of their members to create their own cakes to show off their individuality.  They then created a giant b to stand for Buzzards.  The Vice Captain went on to explain this was to show the importance of their team.  While the Captain, created a buzzard at the top of the B.  She explained to Mrs Webb this was to show their bird as one but also as a flock.  They wanted to showcase it was all about working together and flocking with each other as a team.  Individuality creates the best teams.

Easter Week in P1

This week we have been leaders of learning, we have done lots of the activities we planned to do in our Easter plan.

We announced the winners of our hard boiled egg challenge, we were all so impressed with the effort that went into making them.

We had a special visitor today, Nessie from Caley thistle with the Cup they won in the Irn Bru Competition at the weekend.

We have done lots of fun Easter activities throughout the week.

Making our Easter baskets and the Easter egg hunt

We hope everyone has a lovely Easter holiday, see you in term 4.

Mrs Wojtunik

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