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Nursery – Happy birthday!

We have a birthday today! Happy birthday to this wee man who is

5 today!

We hope you have a brilliant day, 

Lots of Love from all the teachers, and boys and girls at nursery xx




Nursery – Our Little Workers and Their Activities!

Boys and girls, you have all been super busy at home this week doing lots of different activities. We have had lots of you doing different kinds of jobs. Some of you have been doing jobs that your Mums and Dads do, and some of you have been doing the job you want to do when you grow up!

Well done on all your hard work this week!


Here are some more of your LEGchallenge pictures from last week!



The job centre is open and our young workforce are working 9 to 5!




Learning at home this week!



This little lady made her cousin a picture because she is missing him so much, well done!


These guys have been busy playing games!

Getting out and about and exploring the great outdoors!

Some of you have been watching stories too!

This young man has been very busy this week!

Here is another busy wee dude!

Keep those photos coming on Google Classroom! It’s been lovely seeing what you’ve all been getting up to.

All of us are so proud of how well all our families have been doing at home. It has been lovely to see you all over our Google Meets this week. We are looking forward to seeing what you all get up to next week! 




Nursery – Wear Your Key group Colour!

Tomorrow, (Friday 15th May) is Wear Your School Uniform Day. But since we don’t wear school uniform in nursery, we thought you could wear you key group colour! Below is a list of the key group colours. If you decide to take part, send us in a picture by email or post in our google classroom!

We can’t wait to see you in your colours! #SchoolUniformDay


Red – Mrs Craig

Orange – Miss Cowie 

Yellow – Mrs Hastings

Light Green – Mrs MacRae

Dark Green – Mrs Christie

Light Blue – Miss Smith

Dark Blue – Mrs Bain

Purple – Mrs M

Pink – Mrs Carey


Nursery – caterpillar catch up

Day 21

So all 4 caterpillars are now safely tucked up on their chrysalises (or chrysalides!)






Day 23

Mrs M has now moved the chrysalides into the net, where they will remain until they are ready to hatch. This can take between 5 and 20 days. 



Butterfly hatching fact of the day!

The metamorpohsis process can happen suddenly and if you turn away for a few minutes you may come back to find a butterfly! Keep watching Mrs M!!!!!


Nursery Weekly Challenge – When I Grow Up

This week we have yet another weekly challenge for you all… we are asking you…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

In nursery, we often talk about having a job. This helps the children to develop their understanding of jobs in our world. (Developing the Young Workforce)

The children are familiar with jobs such as snack helper, circle time helper and the yes/no person. (tidy up inspector) All of these jobs are much sought after! Our young workforce are very keen!

They are always keen to get involved in helping out in any way they can, once they are familiar with these jobs they often include them in their play! Here they all are doing some real-life work!


So… we thought this week you could do a real job at home!

This activity can be so simple… your child could be a waitress, helping to serve a meal, they could be artists, gardeners, a chef, or even a hairdresser (minus the scissors…) I’m sure we will also see some mini Mums and Dads too!!

Or you could take some inspiration from Miss Smith, and Mrs Carey and her big sister

when they were little…

Two nurses and a construction worker!!

The job can be little or big… anything that promotes a skill is a good place to start. We are looking forward to seeing what you get up to as always!

Make sure and send us some pictures of what you get up to at

home this week to


And remember to take a look at our Google Classroom for updates!




Nursery – More lego!

The lego master (Mrs Macrae) has finished!


Another good build from Mrs Macrae to go in her very own lego house!



Constructors of the future!

Colouring, finding lego and building.  Another good job! 

Finally, you can’t beat a bit of outdoor lego, especially when the sun is shining!


Have a good weekend everyone.

Nursery – weekly challenge and other goings on!

Lego/megablock challenge

So Mrs Hastings set the challenge this week and has joined in by making a spaceship train (who knows what goes on in her mind!)

Good job Mrs Hastings!


Then you have Mrs Macrae who is a real life Lego Master, in fact, apparently her house is made of lego!! So she didn’t quite find the lego, but she is doing a good job of building!



Now onto our junior Lego Masters, who have all done a fab job of finding, sorting, counting and building.




And those other goings on!

These lucky boys welcomed a new member to their family this week – meet wee Ghillie the dog.  Not only have they been taking good care of Ghillie but they also wanted to wear their school uniforms.




Here’s a girl who doesn’t like to sit still!!

Another busy boy, water play, playing with his brother, gardening and baking!



How to keep busy in the sunshine with the biggest smile!


The Fabulous Baker boys!


Look at this fantastic colouring in



Learning about body parts



Finally, here is a BIG shout out for one of our mums who spent a whole load of time making a super special meal for her boy……now doesn’t he look like he’s enjoying it!


What a fantastic week you have had, we have loved looking at your photos you have sent for the blog, along with all of those posted on the nursery google classroom, keep them coming! 

Nursery – Story time



Check out the nursery google classroom for more stories by nursery staff.  You can access these in the classwork tab once you have logged in!

We are building up quite a collection and will continue to add to it over the next few weeks.




Nursery – Harris, Twilight, Katie and Angus (a.k.a. the nursery caterpillars)

Every day is a learning day,

and there are 2 facts today!

#1 – The only continent where there are no

butterflies is Antarctica!

Day 16 –

look at those crazy caterpillars just hanging out on the lid together.  This means that they are getting ready to rest up and transform.    





#2 – In actual fact butterflies make a chrysalis while other insects, like the tobacco hornworm caterpillars make a cocoon, they then becomes a moth.


Day 19 (today)

So Mrs M reports that we have one chrysalis and reckons that the others will follow suit by tomorrow.  After this it is a waiting game as the butterflies can stay inside their chrysalis for between 5 and 21 days.


Watch this space!



Nursery – it’s those caterpillars again!!

DAY 14!

Another day, another fact!

Caterpillars vary in size and can be as small as 1mm and can grow up to 14cm! 

Maybe you could show your child these measurements on a ruler so they can compare the sizes…you could even measure out 14cm of lego bricks to link with our weekly challenge!


So, lets see our newly named caterpillars (Mrs M’s daughters have thought of some pretty terrific names!)……

…….here we have Angus, Katie, Harris and Twilight, I’m not quite sure which one is which but I don’t think it really matters too much!

As you can see they are moving up the tub towards the lid, this usually means that the caterpillars are getting ready to make their cocoons and have a little rest, we will keep you posted in the next few days of their progress.



Finally, a caterpillar joke! 

What do you call a caterpillar with no legs? 

A worm!!!


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