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Nursery Support Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took time to complete our recent survey.

The results can be found here.

We will follow up with our action points as soon as we can.

Thank you for all of your support at this time.

Stay safe.

Nursery – birthday wishes

Happy 4th birthday to this little lady, we hope you have the best day !

From everyone at the nursery.


Nursery – weekly challenge – Numeracy

So, this weekend I had a surprise visitor, who had obviously heard about all of your kindness and wanted to ask if he could join all of us at Holm when we get back to nursery and school.

It’s another kindness fairy!!  He is called Jojo……

……and he will be coming to Holm to join our other 2 fairies (Rosie and Rosie).  Oh and, guess what, Jojo has already asked if he can visit Primary 1 as well as Nursery! Exciting!!

This week’s challenge!

This week we would love to see what you can get up to with numeracy, it can be counting, measuring, comparing sizes, writing numbers or anything number based!  

The nursery staff are here to give you a few ideas of what you could do!


Mrs Bain worked out how many pieces of wood were the same size as her, she even wrote the number down…..good work Mrs Bain!


Look how small Mrs M is!! And her little girl is so big!!




Mrs M also compared sizes with her 2 girls, using footballs to see how big they were.


Mrs Carey also did a little measuring to see who was the tallest, who was medium sized and who was small.  Looks like Mrs Carey just makes it into the tallest category, or does she??

Not any more!



Mrs Craig collected all of her balls of wool, sorting them into colours.  Can you see which colour line has the most in it and which has the least in it?


Mrs MacRae has been out and about finding lots of things to count and compare.


So, lets get counting, measuring, weighing but most of all have fun!

Have Fun Clipart - Have Fun Clipart – Stunning free transparent ...

Any photos of your goings on can be sent to

Nursery – can you believe there is even more kindness!


thumb image



Firstly, we have some staff kindness

So, Mrs Craig stared off the week by painting some beautiful stones, she planned to place them on her favourite hill when she was out for a walk…….and she did……..and I bet her kindness made someone smile! She even saw some sheep.


Mrs MacRae baked some scones for a friend then delivered them…..maybe she will bake some when we get back to nursery!? 

Mrs MacRae, was also really kind to some ducks that visited her garden, she gave them some food and water.


Miss Cowie’s creatively kind picture for all of you.


Mrs Carey was very kind to Mr Carey as she didn’t shout at him when he made another BIG mess!! 

Although she did send a letter to someone to make them happy, being kind made her feel happy too!

Mrs Hastings was really kind when she made a cup of coffee for Mr Hastings when he was painting.

Mrs Christie was super kind to Mrs Carey as she gave her some plants for her garden.

Miss Smith painted some lovely kindness stones

Mrs Bain was really  kind to this plant,  giving it a big pot all of its own.

Mrs M was super kind when she made a birthday cake for one of her purple group before she delivered it everyone that wanted a bit!  Looks like it went down a treat!

Now onto our kind children

Happiness is helping your mum wash the dishes.  This helpful boy then drew his own kindness tree, he’s going to have to fill it with lots of lovely kindness leaves…..and 2 days later look at all of the leaves!

A super kind girl, helping her mum paint, feeding the ducks with her brother then reading a story to her cat.

This star made some kindness stones and put them in the woods and then someone actually found them and posted a picture on a neighbourhood media page to say that it made them very happy!

Would you believe this, this little explorer found a stone by the river today that said ‘stay happy #TeamHolm’. He moved it further along for someone else to find so it would make them smile too. 

He has also been helping in the garden all week and loves to use the wheel barrow!

More kindness stones hand painted by this little lady, who is also writing a letter for her great granny to make her happy!


Another gardener in the making, a new planter made from an old sandpit!

Seed planting and watering.

And Mrs MacRae has been hard at work creating some new planters from an old sheep trough

(orders being taken soon!!)


Just plain busy!


I can’t keep up with this boy!!

And here is another busy boy!

Here is another busy bee!


A couple of other things to finish a lovely week off!


Remember Sue Barker?  No… either!!


One man and his dog!


Yet another fantastically fun and kindness filled week for all of our children, thank you for continuing to send all of your photos and news!


Nursery – how to comment on our blog!

We now have created an option for you to comment on our blog (as you know we are always keen to to hear and act upon any of your feedback.)


To add your comment you firstly have to completely log into the blog post by clicking on the title as shown below.

Once you have looked through the whole blog there will be a comment box for you to add your thoughts.  You will have to add your name and email address but this will not be used at any time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

From everyone at Holm Nursery!

Nursery mid week post! – Kindness challenge and other stuff

So, this week, we have decided to blog twice as the children are being so kind and have been up to so many other things too!

It seems only right to showcase everything they are doing.


thumb image


Mrs Craig started off the week by making kindness stones, she is going to leave them somewhere when she is out for a walk, and I know her stones will make people smile!

One of our little kindness stars decorated his own stone with his big sister…..leaving it for lots of people to see.


Look at the super kind big brother reading to his little sister.

Another brother being kind, helping his big brother with a maths project around the house.

Look at this little lady helping her mum paint her room.

A kind girl helping in the garden, great watering skills!

Helping mum to plant some flowers….and giving her a hug…..double kindness!

This happy boy painted his granny a gnome for her garden because he thought she might be a wee bit lonely.

And it’s not just gnomes this artist can paint,  now he has  moved on to stone painting with his brother to make people happy… looks like their dog approves!


Look how kind and gentle this little one is with his cat.



Yet another act of kindness, this thoughtful little lady made a bed for her teddy.

This little princess is really missing her cousins, so she made a special card to post to them.

A big clap to all of our kindness stars so far!


Oh, it’s good to be outside!

Being creative

A couple of tree climbers…..happiness is hanging from a branch!



Who wouldn’t want one of these cakes…..another Mary Berry in the making!

And another star baker, this time love heart cookies.


Monty Don?? 


We have our own radish king!




Part 2 of the blog will be back at the end of the week!

Nursery challenge – week beginning 25th May

So, this week, our challenge

(should you choose to accept it)

is to be kind to someone you know!

An Inspiring List of Kindness Quotes For Kids »


Last week one of our children, and his big brother, created their own ‘Kindness Tree’, a bit like the ones we have in nursery.

They worked really well together adding lots of kindness leaves.



Maybe you could make your own kindness tree and add a leaf every time you do something kind 



Another of  our little artists spent a lot of time making his own kindness stones so he could create a calm space for him and his brother in their garden.


Maybe you could paint some stones with leave them in one of your relatives or friends garden with a nice message to make them happy!



Or you could help your mum or dad in the garden.


Or help wash the dishes!


Or help mum or dad get things ready for dinner.

Or make a cake for someone.

There are so many kind things you can do that will make  people happy, sometimes you just need to say hello and smile to someone that you see when you are out for a walk. 

Maybe you haven’t been able to see you granny or grandpa for a while, you could send them a card or picture (which I know will brighten up their day!)


So, get thinking and be kind!

As always we would love to blog your photographs of kindness (or anything else you have been up to) on the blog at the end of the week, just email to


P.S. this message will self destruct in 15 seconds!!!!!!!

Nursery – Exercise challenge and lots of other things!



Exercise Challenge!

So this week our challenge was to work along with all of the older children in the school and exercise, trying to move around as much as we could.  

I think you will agree the children are fantastic!


A 1.78 mile walk and remembering the makaton sign for tree!

The woods are a great place for exercise….I wonder if the boys found the Gruffalo?


Another superstar who takes his exercise very seriously!



More cycling and making rainbow patterns!

Move over Sir Chris Hoy, this boy is aiming to beat his brother on his bike!

Climbing a tree is one way to exercise, although just chilling out sounds good too.


Look at these boys completing their obstacle course – jumping, balancing and ball skills!

Another obstacle course hero!

Here is a boy who created his own obstacle course, running, jumping over the horse then scoring a goal….then he made his mum do it!

A happy girl going for a walk and getting plenty steps in!


Another cyclist who took the time to stop for a pose!

Look at this pocket rocket go…..8 miles…..WOW!


Here we have a triathlete!

Lionel Messi!!



Swiftly followed by the up and coming new generation Brownlee brothers!


I think we may have to contact the International Olympic Committee so see if they will consider this new multi discipline sports event!


Even the staff have been getting their exercise in!

There is not just exercise, look at all of this other stuff going on!



Outdoor numeracy

Guess how old this tree is? Well one of our explorers, found out that you had to count the rings on the tree trunk to find out….he counted 35!

Counting the spots on a ladybird.

More ladybird hunters, look how kind and gentle they are being


Mrs Christie will be pleased to see how green fingered the children are being at home.


A helping hand around the house always comes in useful!

Don’t forget, you can now comment on the blog; if you scroll to the bottom of the page….as always your feedback is always taken into account us to allow us to continually improve!

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