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ELCC payments

Good afternoon 

Please ignore this post if it does not concern you

The ELCC DD will be collected next week as normal and then suspended until further notice. 

If you are a voucher payer please do not transfer any further funds at this time we will be in touch in due course.

The same applies to parents/carers who pay for Breakfast Club and Out of School Care.

Kind regards

Mrs Webb

Nursery – a few things to do outdoors.

So, as the sun is out, here are a few ideas for outside!


Make a puddle

……….get your wellies on and splash!!



Make your own Sensory Path

…..we just started digging and used up things we already had in our garden





Get painting and chalking!

Any old big paint brushes or rollers, use them to paint on a huge piece of paper outside. (children’s paint, not household!) The good thing is you don’t actually even need paint, use water instead and if the sun is shining watch the water disappear!  Alternatively, big chalk outside is great fun, spray the hose on the chalk picture and watch what happens.



Treasure hunt time

Make a map of your garden with an X that marks where the treasure is!! Children are content with ANY treasure that they dig up!

You could also get your child to make their own map and they can bury some treasure for you to find!

As always, just have fun!


Nursery – more of your moments at home!

Once again , these photos just show us how much we miss all of you. Your mums and dads are all superstars giving you the opportunity to keep on playing, exploring,  learning and most of all having fun! 

You are all WOW!


Keep them coming!

Nursery – sharing your moments from home!

All of these photos just make us realise how much we miss you all…..keep them coming, they brighten our day!



Nursery – time to experiment!


The ice cream experiment

Last week our ice cream experiment was a real hit so along with the photos which shows you how to make your own ice cream, here is a  list the ingredients and resources required.

4 food bags

1 cup of milk, we used semi skimmed and also tried soya milk (the soya didn’t quite freeze in the bag as as well but we just put it in the freezer and after a while it was perfect!

1/3 cup of sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence or 1 tablespoon of cocoa power

1/2 cup of salt


Firstly, put one food bag inside the other food bag (doubling up has proved the best method and the tie handle bags are actually better than ziplock!) then add the milk, followed by the sugar then whatever flavouring you prefer.  We only used the vanilla which is easy to add straight to the milk mixture and cocoa powder which we firstly mixed with a little of the milk to make a paste.  Tie the bag, squeezing out all of the air and give a little shake to mix it up a bit.  The next 2 bags should be doubled up and filled with 2 cups of ice and 1/2 a cup of salt.  Place the bag of milk inside the bag of ice and salt, tie and shake.  And shake some more.  It maybe takes about 10 minutes and you may need gloves as it does get a little chilly! But you should see and feel your milk turning into ice cream.

  • Top tip – the bag with the milk mixture needs to be really tightly secured to stop the salt from seeping into it!

Good luck!

And here is some we made earlier!!


There are so many learning opportunities throughout this activity as you can discuss the ingredients, maybe even get your child to ‘write’ or mark make a list of what you need.  Measuring and talking about amounts develops mathematical skills and language.  All senses are used as you see the change in the milk , smell the vanilla or chocolate, feel how cold the ice is, hear the mixture as you shake it and finally taste as you eat your end product.

So now for the science  (this is adult learning, although I am still not quite sure i understand it!)   Salt lowers water’s freezing point , so, when you are making the ice cream the lower temperature of the ice and salt mixture, which surrounds the milk and sugar mixture is cold enough to change it from a liquid to a solid! 

This is a great activity to do as family as you can all take turns to shake the bag!!


Finally, we would love to see any of your photos from this experiment, maybe you can be extra creative and come up with some new flavours!! Photos can be emailed to Mrs Webb or tweet them to us @HolmElcc.

Nursery – Hello!!

Hello everyone! We hope you are all well and enjoying some time together at home as families. We would love to see what you are all getting up to at home, if you would like to send us pictures of what your child has been getting up to then please feel free to do so. We would love to see them and feature them on the blog as we would do usually in nursery.

Please send them to or alternatively tweet them to us @HolmElcc


Nursery – a few things to do at home!

A big hello to all of our nursery children and parents, we will continue to blog throughout the forthcoming weeks with what we hope is useful information. It would be great to see how you are getting on …..twitter is the way to go with that!



Firstly, please click here Literacy  to see a few suggestions for promoting literacy with your children at home.


Another idea to keep you busy……


Mrs M’s failsafe Playdough recipe

(these are the ingredient amounts that we use in the nursery……which you can probably decrease!)

The children always help to make the playdough in the nursery, with the adult supporting when measuring out the ingredients and obviously being the person that adds the hot water and mixing until the dough has cooled a bit!

2 cups plain flour

1/2 cup salt

2 teaspoons cream of tartar

2 cups of hot water (you may not need all of the water)

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Mix all dry ingredients, then add the water and oil. Firstly, 1 cup of water then another half.  Stir with a wooden spoon before mixing with your hand.  If the dough is still a bit dry then add more water as needed. 

  • Mrs M’s top tip! DO NOT be tempted to add more flour if the dough seems a bit sticky as once you have mixed it by hand for a few minutes it will be perfect (hopefully!)

Other additions you can make to the dough – food colouring, spices, herbs from the garden, glitter and our old favourite cocoa powder (if adding cocoa, decrease the amount of flour you use by the amount of cocoa powder you add)

Playdough making throwback photos!

Have fun!


Finally for today a WOW moment that we never got round to posting!




Independence and a great help – doing her own zip and tidying and doing the dishes!


It would be nice to see more nursery WOW moments on Twitter!


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