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Nursery learning week commencing 7th October 2019

This week the children have been consolidating their learning throughout the week with numeracy and literacy in their play inside and outside in the garden.  They have even had a thought about what they would like to take forward after the holidays and they look exciting projects in the Turtle and Bear Rooms!

The children have been very busy in our potato patch.  This has been on going over the last few weeks and we have had a great potato harvest.  This has allowed us to experiment with numbers and . . . well potatoes!  Great resource for numeracy, counting, measuring, weighing . . . and maybe cooking as the children took their potatoes home!



At the beginning of the week one of our children brought in a big planet and space picture that he had been making at home, this introduced so much discussion about space that we felt we had to take this area of learning forward.




we expect that the space related learning will continue after the holidays as there is so much more to learn.


The children in the Turtle room have expressed an interest in science and experimenting, first just with water and paint but it is building and we have now mindmapped for ideas of how our science lab will look and what we need to help us do experiments!

Now the Turtle room have started their science lab!  We will take this forward after the holidays but we would love to hear any experiments that go on at home over the holidays!




so what happened to the jelly!!?

Baking our own snack, we have done this twice and I am sure we will be doing it many more times.  This is a great experience for the children as they weigh and measure, talk about ingredients and take turns of mixing.  Unfortunatley there was not a photo of our end product cupcakes but it is safe to say that they all disappeared pretty quickly!



So there goes another action packed week at nursery….thank goodness we have 2 weeks holiday to recover!!


happy holidays everyone!!


Nursery -Curriculum Workshop

A big thanks to all of our parents who made it along to our Curriculum Workshop, we had some great feedback about how you are all now more aware of how your children learn through play.


We thought a good way to show how our children learn in nursery would be for them to take part in a circle time. This is very much part of the nursery routine and involves alot of learning, as our ‘Circle Time Person’ soon found out!


From this one daily experience the children are learning so much (as did all of our parents!);

literacy – finding their name on the list, listeing and talking

numeracy – counting and recognising numbers

health and wellbeing – sitting well and being aware of taking turns

developing the young workforce – as our ‘circle time person’ is a job and we talk about the duties they have to carry out the children become aware of jobs in our world, which is a lifelong skill.


Miss Smith talked about how successful our introduction of Makaton signs to the nursery has been this year and how enthusiastic the children are to learn more signs each week, this seems to be happening at home as well with parents commenting on how their children are teaching their whole family signs they know.


Our parents then had the opportunity to look at ‘our big, massive paper book’ (named by the children, situated in our entrance hall for you to look at any time), this is where we record our learning, discussions, ideas and planning and is a continuous child led book .  We though it would nice if our mums and dads could write down something they had learned during the session, a good chance to see if they had been doing good listening!!

Luckily it appeared everyone had followed Bella the Boar’s rules and had looked and listened to the speaker,been nice and quiet and had sat extremely well, this allowed them to add their learning to our big book.


Finally our parents were not allowed to leave until they wrote a a feedback post it , your comments are always taken into account as we continue to strive towards creating an excellent learning environment for your children.



Curriculum Workshop

Thank you to everyone who came to take part in our Curriculum Workshop today in Nursery.

A special shout out to our Circle Time Helper!!

It was lovely to see so many of you and to get your lovely feedback both during and after the session.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it this video may give you a flavour of what we discussed.

Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal

As some of you may be aware, last year we took part in the shoebox appeal in aid of Blythswood, this year we are happy to say we are getting involved again!

If you would like to donate some items, we have a designated drop box located in the nursery hallway, just as you enter the building. We are looking for donations of:

Shampoo, small toys, Soap/facecloths, combs/brushes, Toothbrushes and toothpaste, pens/pencils/sharpeners, notepads/colouring books, rulers/rubbers and sweets (best before must be after March 2020, no chocolate please!)

All donations must be handed in by November 1st if possible. We are hoping to pass our record from last year of 23 boxes!9

Thank you very much!


Nursery learning – week beginning 30th September 2019

We have had a great week in nursery extending our learning about how we feel and making lots of music with musical instruments (especially drums)  and our voices.


We have used our emoji faces to sign in each day and are able to talk about how we feel and why we feel that way.  We also painted HUGE faces outside with the children, they decided what the face was feeling and then asked “can the face have a word about it?” As this focus continues we expect that the children will come up with more ways that they may feel.  The children are also learning more Makaton signs that describe their feelings, one of the favourites is ‘angry’ (just ask your child to demonstrate this sign at home!)


We continue to enjoy our music in many different forms which included playing the guitar, xylophone, drums and sticks (tapping out rhythms), dancing and singing in different kinds of voices – from grumpy to happy!


As always many other activities remain ongoing.  This week we investigated how ice is made and what happens to it when you take it out of the freezer.  This came about as we had some ice to play with, although when asked the children were a bit unsure how it is made…….what better way of finding out but to make our own!


On Friday 4th October the nursery will join the whole school with a charity day.  We can dress up in pyjamas and buy a cookie made in the school kitchen for a dontation of £1.50.  The charity is Stand Up For Sophia and we hope to make lots of money for this cause.  Many thanks for your help.



Nursery – audit of your feedback!

Thank you everyone for returning your feedback forms.  From these we have created an audit of your replies which you can read if you click here.  We feel that we have answered all of your queries and responded to all of your comments, although please be assured that staff are always available if you have any further questions or comments.

Thanks again!

Parental Engagement in Learning


As parents/carers you have a vital role in your child’s learning and development.

Here at Holm we would like you to engage with us and your child’s learning while at Nursery.

Many of you are already doing this, thank you!

Please click here to view our Parental Engagement in Learning calendar which details the ways in which you can be involved in supporting what your child does at Nursery at home.

If you have any questions just ask a member of the ELCC team.


Curriculum Workshop

Please check your child’s tray next week for an invitation to our Curriculum Workshop.

More details can be found here.

Please hand in any reply slips to a member of the ELCC team.

Week commencing 23rd September 2019

This week we have been learning about our feelings and how we feel.  We have been doing this in a number of ways.


Throughout the week the children have already extended their learning as  they have been able to talk about their feelings and come up with other emotions that they may feel.  They can discuss these further by saying what may make them feel this way.

We will watch over the weeks how the children use these charts and what feelings they want to add to them.


We have also been expressing ourselves to music, thinking about how it makes us feel and using it throughout our nursery day while we are busy.






This week we have started a nursery floorbook which will document the children’s learning in a very child friendly manner. This means  that the book will reflect our  interests and learning and will continually develop as the children do.  The children will be working on the floor book together and it will be their evidence of their work.   It  will also be in the cloakroom for you to look at and should allow you further insight into what we are doing in the nursery and how we take your child’s learning forward.


When we first looked at the book together the children were surprised to see that there was “nothing in it”, “it’s just empty”, but then they thought that we could maybe write words and draw pictures.  Another great idea was to call the book ‘Our Big Paper Book’, although this was taken one step further when someone else thought we should add the word “massive”!


The children then thought that they could draw some faces in the book as we had been talking about feelings……and so our first floorbook begins!


Please have a good look at ‘Our Big, Massive Paper Book’!  (If it isn’t in the hallway then the children will be adding to it.)


Finally, the whole nursery were delighted to recieve ‘star class of the week’ award from Mrs Webb at last weeks school assembly.  The children have shown that they are always kind and very good sharing….oh and the clincher may have been that they always offer Mrs Webb snack when she visits the nursery!!


Stars of the week!

Sign of the Week – 23rd September

To link in with our learning, this week’s sign of the week is “feel”.

We have included the youtube link and image below, as usual, so you can sign along with your child at home.

We are hoping to teach the children some more signs for their emotions. Below are a couple to get you started.

If you have any questions then please do not hesistate to ask a member of staff.



Image result for makaton happyImage result for makaton sad