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Nursery – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

During our first week of December we asked the children why they thought we celebrate Christmas.  We had varying answers mostly mentioning Santa and presents before someone said “it’s because Jesus was born.”


We then read the Nativity story and looked at the Nativity scene talking about Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, angel, wise men and baby Jesus.We also learned some of the Makaton signs for these characters.


Towards the end of the week we were able to act out the Nativity story with very little prompting from adults and nowalmost all of us know the real reason that we celebrate Christmas




This week’s baking activity was to try and create a dinosuar from 2 round sponge cakes!  After some discussion it was suggested that we cut the cake in half, then cut some legs and a tail…..and it worked a treat!


Advent calendar time!!


In the Turtle Room we open our special box advent calendar each day. Inside the box there is a decoration for our kindness tree and also a little treat.

The Bear Room advent calendar relates to the Christmas story and will build up a nativity scene throughout the month.


The children are aware that they will all have a turn of opening a box or finding a character from the nativity and when they do they firstly have to find the number before getting the treat

Playdough time!

We have all been busy making festive playdough. Our Breakfast Club children made some lovely red dough, whilst the nursery boys and girls had a team playdough making session, opting for green and sparkly.



ELCC December Newsletter

Our Early Learning and Childcare December newsletter is available here or on the Newsletter tab on the main website. This contains information for both Nursery and Out of School Care.


Nursery – Big Build Update

It has begun! We have spent a week constructing our igloo. It has sparked lots of interesting discussion about safety, numeracy, and the world that we live in. Even though it is not complete yet, the children have still been using it to play in. They have been using their own toy tools to “build” when one of the adults isn’t about. It is great to see them taking the learning further themselves.

We have already made great progress with our build, but we have run out of eggboxes already! If you could keep empty half dozen or dozen egg boxes for us and drop them in the box outside the bear room then we would be so grateful!

Watch this space for the next update!!


Nursery – The Big Build… 2.0!

Nursery are looking for empty dozen eggboxes for a big build! We are hoping to build another igloo! If you can save them and drop them in the box shown below outside the bear room we would be very grateful!

Many thanks… and watch this space for a progress update!!


Image result for dozen egg boxes

A warm welcome to our UHI students.

We are delighted to welcome 3 students from UHI to Holm Primary.

They will be working in the ELCC building and Primary 1 for 2 days a week for the rest of the session.

As part of their studies for HNC in childhood practice, they are required to undertake observations of their children during daily activities as a method of enabling them to develop their practice and gather evidence for tasks and assessment.

To respect parents individual preferences and prevent the risk of sensitive information being available out with the placement setting, in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) and Confidentiality policies and procedures we ask that parents notify us if they would prefer that their child/children is/are not included in any of the student’s work.

Nursery parents have already signed permissions for this as part of enrolment.

Please be reassured  that the students will be upholding the SSSC Codes of Practice (2016) in order to maintain professional standards and quality practice throughout their placement.

Please contact Mrs Webb if you have any questions.

Nursery learning – week beginning 10th November 2019

We started this week with a visit from Mrs Cameron from Blythswood and 2 school parent helpers to make up our Blythswood Christmas boxes.  Thank you to everyone who donated items for these boxes which will be sent to Eastern Europe to help children whose circumstances are so much less than ours.  We saw pictures of children who looked very happy to get Blythswood Christmas boxes last year and this energised the children to put lots of goodies in our boxes.  Thank you to Mrs Cameron and her team for helping us in this great activity.


Over the past few weeks we have also been focussing on numbers with lots of numeracy activities taking place throughout the nursery.




We have some star bakers who love our baking sessions.  Today we made cupcakes, measuring, mixing and talking about all of the ingredients before discussing how they turn into cakes.  We then decorated the cakes with special pens, sprinkles and icing….YUM.



Icy, cold weather!




Therapy Dog

We have just heard that we will be getting a visit from a Therapy Dog in the near future.

Could you please let a member of the team know if your child has any allergies to dogs or if they may be anxious about being close to a dog so we can best support them.

Many thanks.

Nursery Newsletter

November’s newsletter can be found here and there is also a copy in the Nursery Cloakroom.

Copies will be emailed to those of you accessing newsletters by email  very soon.

We are collecting!!!

We have registered with the free books for Nurseries scheme to try and receive a box of 40 new books worth £250.

Tokens will be printed in The Sun newspaper between 11th Nov – 15th Dec and we are aiming to collect 1750.

There will be a box in the Nursery cloakroom for you to drop in any tokens.

Thank you in advance.