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Nursery 18/19

Nursery learning – week beginning 14th January 2019

This week we have been focussing on literacy and more specifically exploring characters and events in stories. We felt this was a good area of learning to move on to as last week the children had really shown an interest in ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ as they listened to the story and through role play. We can also extend the learning by supporting the children to invent their own stories and characters.

Once we have read the story with our actors , the children chose to use the role play resources themsleves to retell the story.

we are also enjoying looking at and reading books ourselves, in a group and to each other throughout the nursery.





We have also been exploring the characters in the story and chose to make 3 bears for our cottage.  There was a lot of planning and a lot of paint!

Some of the children continued painting pictures of the 3 Bears and making up stories of their own.  Once we were finished we wrote our own names on our pictures.

We made our own story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears by following the events in the story and drawing our own pictures.  We looked at the words as they were written on the page and could retell the story at the end.



This week we have also been looking at our names, as we use our name labels throughout the nursery we are thinking about if we can we recognise them and if we can we write them.

We have even been fishing for letters in our names.

Through our literacy learning we have been inventing stories using props, watching as the words are written down and drawing our pictures to make the story.

Our jobs within the nursery continue with our lunch counters becoming a much sought after role.

Our Helper Person is also a job that is available in our Job Centre each day.  The children know that they can chose this job if they would like to.

And when it snows, we LOVE it!! We even managed to build a snowman!

New Year Nursery January 2019

We are starting a new term in nursery and have welcomed some new boys and girls this week.  There has been lots of interesting play both indoors and outdoors.


One of the new jobs in Nursery is the ‘Helper Badge Person’.  This person volunteers to be a help to anyone who would like a hand to do something or find something.  The Helper Badge Person wears a badge for the day and is very helpful!

Our first Helper Badge Person.  Thanks for volunteering to help, you were a great help today.  ‘Today I helped a friend unclip the cycle helmet.  It was tricky’.

We have a helper in both rooms with the official job title in the Bear Room being ‘The Help Inspector’, At circle time we spoke about what the role of this job would be with the children coming up with lots of good ideas –

“help people who don’t know what to do”

Help tidy up”

Help someone who is upset”

“help find a teacher”

“show people how to play games”


Another new job has been created for our Job Centre in the nursery as there are so many children eager to help.  The job has been named by the children as the ‘lunch helper’ and as well as promoting literacy through ‘reading’ and ‘writing’ it really does help staff prepare for the next day.


This week the boys and girls have spent time in their new play house in the Turtle room.    On Tuesday the house had 3 new visitors for the children to meet.


A great first week of 2019!


Nursery learning – the week before Christmas!

‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

But in Holm Nursery the excitment was high

with songs about Santa and lots of mince pies

there was glitter and glitter and glitter again

as the children all created their gingerbread men

So we close the year showing your children having a ball

And wish a huge  Merry Chistmas to one and all!


To begin our final week at nursery for this year we made a Countdown to Christmas chart.  We can talk about how many days we have left at nursery and are learning about counting backwards from 5 to 1.



And as we we still haven’t had any snow we made our own!

The children have been taking over the Nursery and introducing new areas to their play.  Having finished with the Santa Work Shop they developed their own ideas for the last few days of the term.  Somewhere they can let their hair down!


The children have been learning Makaton this term and this has been supported by our Makaton Advent Calendar which we open each day and find a new sign to learn.  Today we used the buzzers to see if we can remember them!

We worked together to draw a BIG Christmas picture.  This was an opportunity for the children to use their imaginations and show us in picture form what their thoughts are about Christmas.




Some of the children came up with the idea of making a walking line between the Turtle and Bear Room, this was to help people to walk rather than run in the corridor.  The children actually planned this full activity themselves,firstly,thinking about how they could make the line.  The answer was of course to cut up pieces of paper and selloptape them along the floor.Although no line would be complete without a bit of colour and a sign.



Finally, from all staff at the nursery we would like to thank you for all of the lovely cards and gifts and to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nursery / Primary 1 Christmas Party

WOW what a party! The Nursery and Primary 1 children had their Christmas party on Friday morning. The morning was filled with dancing, eating and playing games. They enjoyed playing Santa, Santa, Elf; musical bumps; corners and musical statues. It was such fun joining together in our first transition event of the year. We even had a very special visitor… we were all excited to see SANTA!

Thank you to the canteen staff for the amazing Christmas biscuits, they all disappeared in no time.

Also, Thank you to all the staff who made the party run so smoothly with so much Christmas fun!

Here are some of the pictures from the morning…

Nursery and Primary 1 Christmas Party

This week we just have a quick blog full of photos from our Christmas Party. The children all had great fun joining in group games and showing off their moves on the dance floor.  After some snack and a few more games the children were then delighted to see Santa.

We started off with ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, although we made it a bit more festive by saying “Santa, Santa, Elf!”


This was followed by a game of musical bumps which involved some high energy dancing.


Food time!!!

Some group shots.


Finally, a visit from Santa.

Nursery learning – week beginning 3rd December 2018

It’s advent calendar time!! We are lucky enough to have to have 3 calendar’s in both rooms all counting up to Christmas whilst also providing some great learning opportunities.

Each day the children have to find the day number on the list and the calendar number (numeracy) before writing (literacy) their name so we know who has had a turn.



Storytime in the igloo!



The Elves workshop has been a busy place with lots of toys to make, sometimes it’s a bit tricky to keep tidy but . . .



Throughout the week both rooms have provided lots of opportunities and resources for the children to be festively creative, this has involved quite a bit of imagination and lots and lots of glitter!


Outside fun! Most of the children link Christmas with snow, so as we haven’t had any so far this month we thought we could make our own. The blizzard blew in on Thursday but luckily didn’t last too long and the children did a great job of brushing up any difting snow!


Makaton Sign this Week in Nursery

This week our Makaton sign has been ‘thank you’.   Here is how you sign thank you.

Nursery learning week beginning 26th November 2018

This week we began to learn about why we celebrate Christmas.  We could initially talk about presents, Christmas trees and santa not quite realising that Christmas really is about the birth of Jesus.  Although through cicle time discussions in both rooms, and providing lots of resources geared towards the Nativity  the children are now far more knowledgeable about the Christmas story.






Other activities throughout the week have linked to the forthcoming festive season, which we shall continue into December.


Next week our Christmas learning will be ongoing and we will continue to make lots of glittery,festive creations!