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Nursery 18/19

Nursery planning – week beginning 19th November 2018

Please find below planning for next week. We will be continuing to learn more about our World and it would be good if the children could bring any photographs from any holidays they have been on, either abroad or within our own country.  This will give us scope to extend their learning through looking at and talking about the pictures.


Digital Camera

Nursery – Children in Need

Today we have not only enjoyed having fun for ‘Children in Need’  but we have also learned why we donate money on this special day.  We watched a video clip on the computer that explained how some boys and girls are not as lucky as us and that they don’t have nice houses, clothes, toys or even shoes.  We then talked together about  about how the money we bring into nursery will help these children, give them nice things, and, make them really happy.


Nursery Diwali celebrations week commencing 5.11.18


This week we have been exploring the celebration of Diwali.  We have read the story of Rama and Sita and watched some Diwali clips showing us how Diwali is celebrated with fireworks, Diva lights, rangoli rice pictures and many other activities which we have tried within our nursery.  Here are some of the activities.

We made Diva lights in Nursery using clay and lots of paint and glitter to make them bright.

Next we made Diwali firework pictures.

We used our maps and globes to find where the first Diwali celebration took place.

We made Rangoli pictures this week.  This is how we made them . . .

To end our week of learning about Diwali we had a party snack (Party Rings and sweets, pretty much a one off!) on a table that we decorated with Diva lights. We then ended our week by watching a homemade firework which caused a pretty impressive spray in the air!



We have also enjoyed some great experiences outdoors which have allowed us to find out what happens when we mix things together.

Firstly, Mrs Christie filled lots of buckets with water and we began to mix it with the soil, making a lovely mud! We were pouring, mixing, digging, raking and working together to make a real gooey puddle which we then enjoyed walking through and jumping in. We couldn’t believe how deep the puddle was.

We are so lucky in the nursery that we have the red waterproof suits and wellies that makes activities like these possible, also ensuring that we can make full use of our outdoor space throughout the  year.



Next up,  what would happen to our paintings on the playground if we mixed them with water….oh and a few suqishes of fairy liquid!?

The children have been learning a little about India, where Diwali was first celebrated and this has encouraged them to talk about other places they have visited which are faraway.  We will be exploring this next week along with our  Children in Need day on Friday.

Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal

Please see below a lovely thank you message we received at nursery this week.

Thank you so much to all the Nursery families who donated so generously to the Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal.  The girls and boys were great at listening to why we were making up the boxes and where the boxes were going to.  They helped make up 12 boxes filled with lovely goodies and parent volunteers helped make up a further 11 boxes with the leftover donations.  This was incredibly generous and your support is really valued.


Fiona Cameron (parent volunteer)

November Newsletter

The nursery newsletter for November is available here and also on the Newsletter page on the main website.

Emailed copies will be sent tomorrow.

Paper copies are available in the nursery cloakroom for parents not receiving correspondence by email.

If you would like to receive future newsletters by email please contact Mrs Walsh at the office on Tracey.Walsh@highland.gov.uk or 01463 232697

Nursery WOW moments!

Look at all of our WOW moments from home.  This is a great link that we have with home and allows us to celebrate the children’s successes that we maybe don’t see at nursery with their friends.  We will soon be putting all of these current moments in the children’s Learning Journeys from this term, so we will be looking for more to fill the display after the holidays.

Please help yourself to a WOW sheet (under the display), complete and return to the nursery with your child so we can share their achievement at circle time.

Nursery numeracy learning throughout September and October

Our literacy learning within the nursery involved lots of discussion about letters and words, although as we went on a ‘word walk’ around the school  we also began to find, then, talk about numbers.  This provided an opportunity to begin to learn a bit more about numbers and what they are used for.

Telling the difference between letters and numbers at a young age can be pretty tricky and is a concept that we do not expect all of our children to understand just now, but, as we reinforce this learning within the nursery environment on a daily basis we will find that children become far more familiar with numbers.






As part of the school we will be taking part in full school fire evacuations throughout the year so we thought it would be a good idea to have a practice run through.  As we had planned the drill we chose a nice dry day, and although it was a bit chilly all of the children walked from the nursery to our safe place.  Before the evacuation we spoke about what would be happening and asked the children what they thought we should do.

“we have to walk nicely”

“we don’t run”

and on our return to the nursery we could speak to everyone about how well they had done.



Fire evacuation – practice number 2 – as the children all have different pattern’s of attendance we wil continue to pactice our fire drills on different days and times to allow all children to take part in them.


This week we have had some busy construction workers in our outdoor space, this involved lots of working together, discussion on how we could make cement, writing and using a whole roll of masking tape in about 10 minutes!!

Some water fun on a warm day!

After some digging in the garden some of our children needed their welly boots cleaned and whilst hosing them down we realised that the water made some really good patterns, especially when we held the hose up in the air.

We also talked about how the water made different noises when it spashed against the ground and the metal and wooden side of the nursery building.

As you can imagine everyone soon wanted a turn of being the ‘hose person’, making patterns and puddles, although it was just as much fun running under the arch of water.



A big thanks to everyone for donating their old baby clothes, blankets, bottles and nappies.  These resources have made a huge difference in our baby homecorner, and although it may just look like play to you the children are really learning about how to care for others.


Finally we would just like to wish everyone a happy October holiday, we have had a fantastic first term at nursery and we are really looking forward to doing lots more learning when we return.

Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

Our Scripture Union group are organising the  Appeal in school and are also keen to have Nursery involved.

Please click here for more information.

Nursery children can get involved by bringing along any of the following items to Nursery by Tuesday 30th October.

Shampoo        Soap/Facecloth        Comb/Brush     Toothbrush and Toothpaste      Pens/Pencils/Sharpener

Notepads/Colouring books    Rulers/Rubbers       Sweets (no chocolate or any other food. Best before date no earlier than March 2019. No loose sweets, lollies or undated bags of sweets, thanks).

We plan to make up ten shoe boxes in Nursery on Thursday 1st November.

Thank you, in advance from the Scripture Union Group

Nursery literacy learning September 2018

In Nursery, throughout September, we began to introduce early literacy to the children through our everyday play.  This has been in its early form of mark making for writing and simple recognition of the child’s name possibly even by their little picture to begin with.  We also support children looking at stories in books or watching DVD stories on the computer, helping them predict the ending, read through the story using the pictures and possibly using different language – ‘what is happening in this picture?’, ‘who is that sitting in Daddy Bear’s chair?’.  Later in the year we will explore making our own stories and extending onto stories the children know well.  But right now, we’re just having fun with literacy!

We  have been talking alot about words and letters and where we can find them, we have also really enjoyed ‘writing’.


As stated in our blog last week, we intend to continuously develop the children’s knowledge of jobs in their world.  So far we have created a few ‘jobs’ in the nursery with our ‘circle time person’ being a popular position thats is enthusiastically filled each day.  We also have ‘milk carriers’, ‘ lunch counters’, ‘snack helpers’, a ‘tidy up inspector’ and ‘fish feeders’.  These are all jobs that the children can chose to do each day.  We also take every opportunity we can to talk about jobs that other people have, and last week produced an ideal situation when the tree surgeons had a job to do at the school. As you can imagine there was high excitement amongst the meaninful discussions about work.


“WOW, look at that machine!” “the man has got to wear a hard hat so the tree doesn’t hurt hishead if it falls”

“Look how high the man is…..he’s a tree cutter”

“it’s a chain saw the man has to use it to cut the tree”

“I think I’ll do that job when I’m bigger”

We watched the tree go through the shredder……it was great!

The men worked really hard to cut the tree down.

We loved watching it!