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Nursery 18/19

Nursery Learning -week beginning 18th March 2019

This week we have been talking about how we can stay healthy and will be learning about healthy food and how we need to exercise to have healthy bodies.




We have also been talking about our bodies and how to look after them.  One of the questions was “What happens when we fall and cut ourselves?”


Our healthy lifestyle continues outdoors when we were racing each other, we had a starter and ran really fast as the crowd cheered on. We also used the space hoppers to bounce, jumped in the hoops and played hopscotch.

Obstacle course time – more exercise which made our hearts go faster!



The girls and boys have been talking about healthy food to look after our bodies.  We talked about what healthy food looked like and we decided to make some vegetable soup.


We also knew that fruit and vegetables are good for us so we had a taste tray where  we talked about, handled and tried the fruit and vegetables.



Spring cleaning!  When we were outside the children decided that it was a good day for a bit of cleaning, so armed with sponges and squeezy bottles they set to work!

Today’s fruit tasting at circle time!

Following on from our ‘keeping healthy’ topic, our teacher brought in some different fruits to try. We talked about how we need healthy foods to keep us healthy as well as exercising.

We guessed what fruit this might be; some thought an apple but it was too big to be an apple and had a different bit at the top!

It smells like some strawberries.

It’s quite heavy!

We weren’t quite sure what it was!


It was a pomegranate! Some of us hadn’t seen one before so we cut it open to see what it looked like inside!


We had to be careful when using the sharp knife! We were excited to see what was inside it.

“It looks like a flower!” “It has lots of red seeds inside!”

Next we tried a new fruit, we had to guess which fruit it was before we were told!

“It looks a bit like our avacado stone from yesterday.”

“It was yellow inside!”

“And it had seeds too!”

“I tried it!”


Next we tried some celery.

“It sounds crunchy when you chop it up.”


Last we tried some blackberries.

“I like the blackberries”

“The blackberries were my favourite”

“The brambles were my favourite too!”

“I tried the blackberries”

“Mrs Christie grows blackberries in the garden. She calls them brambles.”

Security Gate

Polite reminder to parents to please close the security gate behind them when approaching and leaving the ELCC building. This gate is used as a safety measure for the building which is rendered useless if left open. Keeping the gate closed not only safeguards your child when leaving the building but other children as well.

We appreciate your cooperation on this matter.


Literacy and World Book Day in Nursery

To link in with World Book Day and to develop an ongoing interest in books and stories the children have been reading stories brought in from home, making up their own stories and acting out stories this week.  As the children have listened to their peers reading to the group they were then able to ask questions about the story and talk about what they liked or disliked about the book.

To celebrate actual World Book Day on Thursday the children dressed up as a character from a book and were able to tell their friends all about their costume at circle time.




Next week we are going to continue to explore books and we would love to see more of the children’s books from home.

Holiday Childcare Provision

As most parents are aware Holm ELCC do not currently offer childcare provision during school holidays. However, Highland Council will soon be offering holiday provision at Milton of Leys Primary starting July 2019!! Below is the information that was posted directly from MOL Primary:


“Changes to Childcare

As you may be aware the Scottish Government has a drive to provide accessible childcare for all families across Scotland. With this in mind Milton of Leys Primary has been selected to  move to 50 weeks of childcare provision across the year starting in July 2019. What this means is when the school year ends on July 4th the childcare department will remain open, providing care for children aged 3 – 12 throughout the Summer, October and Easter holidays, only closing for 2 weeks at Christmas.  This provision is open to families across the area and children do not have to attend school at Milton of Leys Primary to qualify for childcare in the holidays.

Opening Hours

Childcare will be available from 08:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday throughout the holidays. The same rules apply, so we must have 48 hours notice to book or cancel a space. Payment is by Direct Debit or Childcare Voucher only so a payment plan must be established prior to attendance.”


Updates regarding holiday provision will be posted as we get them.

Nursery learning – week beginning 4th February 2019

This week Mrs Craig brought in her treasure chest full of coins. We talked about how many coins were in the box with “loads and loads” being a good answer. We then thought we could make a coin boy to see if we had enough pennies to go all the way around the outline. So we found a suitable candidate to draw around before working together to make our very own coin boy!  As we worked we could talk about the coins we recognised which really reinforced our learning.  After finshing the outline we added a few features to our boy,including eyes, nose and smiley mouth and spikey hair!


The next day Mrs Carey brought in a big bucket of coins and we thought there may be enough pennies to make a bigger coin person, so once again we found a suitable candidate before working as a team to create our coin lady. We talked about the money and could again recognise and name the coins. Finally our original coin boy lay next to the coin lady just to see who was the biggest.


We have had lots of fun being creative during the week and have been trying out lots of different ways to mark make on our huge piece of paper in the Bear Room, it is great to see the children coming up with their own ideas on what was a blank canvas.


The children have refreshed our cafe by adding new food and ideas to it.  It is now a cafe that sells pizza and sandwiches which has required some modification of our menus and some new cooking plans in the kitchen.


To futher embed our learning relating to money and Developing the Young Workforce we have added another job to our day in nursery. We have introduced a ’till person’ at snack time as on occassion we are paying for our snack.



Nursery – soap dispensers!




We are currently looking for any empty soap dispensers that you may have at home to allow us to develop our creative area within the nursery.


Image result for soap dispenser clip art

Reception ideas- use old soap dispensers to store your classroom paints! Children can take one or two pumps while choosing which colours they would like to use.

Thank you!!

Nursery Learning – week beginning 28th January 2019

As the children enjoyed their play in the cafe we felt it would be a good opportunity to support further numeracy learning by adding money and coins.  To allow both rooms to focus on this learning outcome a shop was added to the Bear Room.


We created 2 new ‘shop keeper’ jobs and a ‘writer’ job, both with lanyards and used our circle time to introduce the roles they could play within the shop.  We named our shop, made a sign and then we were open for business!



Outdoors we introduced using money when the children had to rent some time on the bikes and cars:  they had to match the coin on the price poster to allow them to have a turn.  We also opened our very own farm where an entrance fee was paid, although  this was a bit trickier as the children had to cut their own money out first.

To allow all of the children to understand our new learning and how the money was being used outdoors we firstly showed them what they had to do before they capably added it to their play.


Following the children’s interests this week we have moved on from our house for the 3 Bears.  The children were less interested in making porridge and more interested in making other food items particularly smoothies with our toy smoothie maker.  There was talk of hotels and restaurants but they finally settled on a cafe kitchen to make their smoothies.  There’s lots of numeracy learning attached to a cafe in particular understanding and using money.  This became the focus for our week and we let the children decide how they would take this learning forward.




Whilst looking at money we touched on what the coins were made of and after much disucssion we decided that they were metal. We then added lots of coins to the sand and of course some metal detectors to allow the children to find the pennies.  Lots and lots and lots of beeping later we knew we had reinforced the learning!!