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Nursery 18/19

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Nursery learning week beginning 13th May 2019


This week we have been  watching our caterpillars get bigger and bigger and we can’t quite believe how quickly they are growing. We have been talking about their lifecycle: how they started off as little eggs and how when they eat the  food (and poo!) in their tub they begin to grow. We know that the next stage of their cycle is that they will make a cocoon to sleep in, then we will just have to watch and wait to see what happens next!!




To allow the children to understand a bit more about the caterpillars lifecycle we used some toilet roll to make them a cocoon, wrapping it round,talking about how the caterpillar has a rest inside it, before bursting out of it as a butterfly.


Sprinkler fun!!! The pictures say it all…….when the sun is shining get the sprinkler out and run through it, nobody is too old for fun like this!!!


We can also grow fun plants which make us laugh.  We didn’t use a plant pot this time but our seeds still grew!

This week we have started an experiment to see if plants need soil to grow.  We used paper towels and water for our experiment and are excited to see the results.




Nursery Learning – Baby Photos

To support our learning this week all about growing we would love the children to bring in some baby photos if possible. Please see below!

Spring Fayre – Tomorrow is the big day!

Just a reminder that the Spring Fayre is tomorrow, Friday 10th May 2:45-5:30. The children have been very busy painting their ladybirds and bumblebees, and planting lots of great plants to sell.

We look forward to seeing you and showing off how busy we have been preparing!


Nursery – STOP PRESS!! School Fayre

In addition to the nursery’s Rock Shop at the up and coming school fayre (Friday 10th May)  we will also be selling the plants that we have been busy  growing and caring for over the past couple of months. Mrs Christie is our green fingered expert who has been helping the children with their planting whilst also continuing to turn our garden into a fantastic growing learning environment.


Our ever developing garden!

Beginning to plant for the school fayre

Some of the plants we will be selling!


Making a sign for our stall.

Nursery learning week commencing 22nd/29th April 2019

We are utilising the current spell of good weather to focus on developing and extending the children’s knowledge of  growing plants.  The children’s interest in plants began before easter as they helped Mrs Christie prepare the garden for this years bumper crop and also when we were making,drawing and painting lots of sunflowers for our day of dance in aid of the hospice.

We decided to start off this learning by planting and growing a sunflower seed.


After planting our sunflower seed and seeing how small it was we were wondering what other seeds might look like. We were surprised to find our that to grow potatoes you actually plant a potato! The potatoes then needed lots of water.


The work doesn’t stop there,next we are having to prepare another of our plots for planting.  We had to add some more compost to make the soil really good.  It was a heavy big bag to move and open up but we did it!



We have still had time to be creative in the garden.


We have also been busy making some very special products for the nursery stall at the school fair on Friday 10th May.

Here you have a sneak preview of our Rock Shop in action, the production line has been busy as we create some very unique bumble bee and ladybird rock ornaments for your garden.

We are still in discussions with the children about how much we should sell the stones for although there was a mention of £20.00!! Watch this space!

Breakfast Club & Out of School Care

Polite reminder to parents that the booking forms for next session are now available via the website or at the school office.

These need to be filled in and returned by THIS FRIDAY (3rd May). Even if you are currently using the service a form must still be filled in and returned to the school in order to secure a place next session.

Spaces are limited and these bookings are made on a first come first serve basis.


Nursery – Where is the Everywhere Bear!!??

Today we discovered that the Everywhere Bear was missing!!!! Luckily we found a clue in his bag which led us on a hunt around the school until we found our bear and a little something else!

The Turtle Room then found out about the missing bear and throught they would like to find and follow the clues.


Happy Easter everyone!!

Nursery Day of Dance – 2nd April 2019

In support of The Highland Hospice the whole nursery (staff included) have enjoyed a Day of Dance. This linked very nicely to our previous 2 weeks learning relating to keeping our bodies healthy, as the children could say they were exercising and that their hearts were beating really quickly after dancing.


Firstly we had to make a big poster to make sure everyone knew what we would be doing.  This involved lots of sunflowers and careful painting, cutting and drawing, the end result was fantastic (and glittery!)


Then the dancing began!  On Monday we had a little practising to do, we also did lots of different dancing – following dance routines on the computer, danced with  scarves and did a scottish jig!


We also spoke about why we were having a day of dance and looked at the special collection box in our entrance hallway.  We shook the box and heard that it was empty, then found out that we would be bringing in pennies to fill the box and that they would be helping people that are not very well.


With our collection box filling up we had to get down to some real dancing!

We have had a great day and would like to thank everyone for their donations, the collection box will stay on the table at the door throughout the week so we can hopefully fill it a little further.

Finally, Happy Easter from all of the staff at the nursery!

Nursery learning week beginning 25th March 2019

This week we have continued our learning about bodies and exercise and how to stay healthy.  While playing outside the children didn’t realise how much exercise they do . . . . lifting, carrying, bending, stretching.  All this while they were working together to make a giant obstacle course.


We also found other ways to exercise outdoors –

Running round the circle of hoops,we had to keep our knees up high so the hoops didn’t move!

And running round the cones in the field. Afterwards we brought the cones back in, helping each other to carry them.

After doing all that excercise, we decided to learn about what was inside our bodies that helped us to do it! We drew around one of our friends, and he looked very healthy to us!

Next, we had to think about what was inside our bodies. There was suggestions of “bones and blood”, so we drew some on our figures!

And of course, we couldn’t forget our heart! As we were sitting down in our circle, our hearts were going quite slowly. Time to do some exercise to see if they speed up, we ran on the spot for ten seconds…

Discussion moved onto muscles, we discovered that we had lots of different muscles in our bodies, our eyes, tongue, and lots in our legs and arms.  Our body specimen demonstrated how he can move his legs… because he has muscles! We all showed off what we could do with our tongues and how we can move them. Some of us can touch our noses and some of us can roll them.

The finished product looked pretty good. We compared our body specimen to our drawing. It was interesting to see what we looked like on the outside compared to the inside.

This week our mini gym got some new equipment. A bench for us to workout on! We have been trying lots of new exercises on it, balancing, sliding on our tummies, and some great jumping. Enjoy these action shots below!

At circle time we had a wee look at why it is important to wash our hands. First, we watched a video about what happened to some boys and girls that didn’t wash their hands. After watching we decided that it was important to wash them before snack or our dinner and after we have been to the toilet. Using glitter, Miss Smith showed us where the germs went if we didn’t wash them off…

We did some more handwashing at Friday morning circle time. We sprayed our hands with the water bottle and them rubbed green glitter on our hands. Some thought it looked like we had sneezed on our hands! We didn’t want to shake each others’ hands when we had the germs on though!

Look at all our germs!

They are all sparkly!

We needed to use soap

We also needed lots of water to rinse it all off.

Giving our hands a good scrub!

All clean now with no germs!


Mrs Cowie visited the Turtle Room today to tell us a bit about her job as an Occupational Therapist.  She brought some things in which she uses to help people.  The boys and girls were very interested and could relate what she was saying to their own experiences with family members.  Now we know what an Occupational Therapist does and what uniform she wears.  We also learned that she works with people in their own homes.   Thank you Mrs Cowie for coming in and sharing your job with us.  We will use this new information in our nursery doctors surgery.




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