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Nursery 17/18

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Sports Relief Day in Nursery. 23.3.18

Today all the children took part in our Sports Relief activities.  Sadly the weather was not good enough to do a final track session on the field but we were able to join the Primary 1s and 2s in the hall for some Sports Relief dancing.  Later in the day we decorated biscuits for our snack.   We helped raise lots of money for children who are not as lucky as ourselves and we were very pleased with that.

And of course, after a week of great running, all the children could take their track certificates home. Well done all the boys and girls!

Nursery transition visit to Primary One 21.3.18

On Wednesday the children in Nursery who are moving to Primary 1 next year had a playtime with the Primary 1’s on the playground.  We were shown where our coats get hung up in the P1 cloakroom and how the children change their indoor shoes and collect their snack before going outside at the bell.  We all had a Primary 1 person to play with and they showed us some new games.  At the end, Mrs Wojtunik showed us where we stand when lining up for Primary 1.  We loved this and will do it again next week.  After the holidays we will have some more playtimes on the school playground.

Next week we will play with the P1’s on a Tuesday.

We also visited the Primary 1/2’s in the afternoon.  This time we had a play in the Sensory Garden which will be an area we will play in when we start Primary 1 after the holidays.


Nursery Sports Relief Daley Challenge

To support this years Sports Relief all of the children in the nursery are taking part in a Daley (as in Tom!) challenge of running as many laps as they can around the school field.

Not only will the children reap the benefits of keeping fit  but they will also learn about why we raise money for Sports Relief.

Below are just some of the fantastic photos of our amazing children running, encouraging and helping each other and having a huge amount of fun.


Each day the children will complete their own ‘lap record’, writing down how many times they have run around the field, this will encourage mark making skills as they write their name and number of laps.


More photos from the rest of the week will follow!

Measuring and weighing learning w/c 12th March 2018

Our learning has moved on this week to incorporate measuring and weighing. We will continue experimenting because the children are still interested in our science work but we will add our new learning into this.

To do this we first introduced the idea of measuring and what we can use to measure things.  This morning Mrs Christie blew up balloons with the children and we experimented with different ways to measure round the balloons – not very easy but with the right equipment we worked it out.  Firstly we used some string then we introduced a measuring tape. The children had lots of ideas after that of what to measure and they took the learning forward during the day on their own.

The children also worked together discovering and experimenting with blocks and the measuring tape to see who could make the biggest tower.  This supported lots of mathematical language – ‘bigger than’, ‘smaller than’ and ‘lets measure’.

At the end, they joined their towers together and continued to make the ‘biggest tower ever’!  The other children joined in and we worked out how many children it would take to measure the whole tower.  Lots of great team work and exploration for all the children.

Once the children had build up their understanding of measuring they took their learning forward themselves, using everything they could to ‘measure’!  Lots of team work, assessing and discussion among the children as they worked to find out what or who was the tallest, longest, biggest and smallest.


And of course, their learning continues outside!

Nursery learning – week beginning 12th March 2018


This week we are focussing on maths and numeracy, more specifically investigating and comparing sizes and experimenting with everyday items as units of measure.

One of our first activities involved finding out how many jugs of water it would take to fill the tub.  We used the jug to take water from the bucket, transferred it to the tub then made a mark on the chart so we could count the total number once the bucket was filled.



All together it took 18 jugs before the tub overflowed, this activity offered a great opportunity to be involved, count, mark make, use mathematical language and learn about capacity.  Although we then reversed the activity and used the big jug to take the water from the tub and pour it back into the bucket…….would we count the same amount of 18? No, we only counted 12 jugs this time,the reason being “the jug is bigger!”


As some children had missed out on seeing our diet coke experiment we felt it was only fair to repeat it (the staff were also just as keen to see what happened!)

Other number number and measure activities carried out this week.


Comparing our size.


Making a height chart.

Back to the rotten apple experiment.

Now the apple is well and truly past it’s best, we thought we could cut it in half to see what it looked like. We not only spoke about the apple looking horrible and really brown, but also started to discuss how one apple turned into 2 pieces after cutting it “It was big, now it is smaller”. This discussion created an ideal opportunity to develop our counting skills and talk somemore about size.

Outdoor number work.


Size related snack.


Nursery – a trip to the opera.

We were delighted to be asked to the P6 and P7 opera performance and luckily had the best seats in the house for the rehersal performance.

What we thought-

“The boat was a good part – there was sails and water.”

“I liked the starting and when everyone was falling.”

“I liked the singing.”

“I liked the swords”

“I liked the dancing”

“I liked when they sang about home at the end”

“I liked the pirates! I liked the singing”

“I liked when the boy was fighting the pirate! He took his sword”

“It was exciting”

Mrs Bain and Mrs Carey also thought the show was fantastic, amazing job P6 and 7!


Butterfly Room science experiments week beginning 05.03.18

Last week we were so busy conducting lots of different science experiments to fit in with our learning.


We made our own bread. We were learning about how the yeast makes the bread rise and get bigger and then we baked it and got to have a taste ourselves. This made us think about how we could make sandwiches next and talked about the different fillings we could put in.

I’m mixing it up

It needs a big stir

It’s almost ready to bake. First we need to let it get bigger.

It sounds like a door when you knock on it!

Now it’s time for us all to have a taste!


Next we did an experiment using skittles and a jug of water.

I’m starting to put them round the edge of the plate

We need to make sure they go all the way round

I’m going to pour the water inside the plate and see what happens next.

It’s slowly starting to spread the colours

The plate is almost full now!

The different colours have all mixed now!

We also got the chance to make some ice cream today, we took turns to put in the ingredients into our bag and give it a good shake!

It felt really cold in our hands!

The ice cream didn’t work. We put it in the freezer to see if that would help freeze it more.


We were also busy making our own lava lamp and adding all the ingredients to make it fizz!

We had water and vinegar in our cup. It was a bit smelly! We also put oil into it.

I put the blue in it

We put some tablets in it to make it fizzy!

Look at all the bubbles now!

Science learning 6.3.18

We continued our experimenting today with some bottled water and paper clips.  We added coloured paper clips to our bottled water and then started experimenting!  We used a magnet and found the paper clips stick to the magnet even if they are in a water bottle.  We even turned the bottle upside down and the paper clips stuck to the magnet.  This was very exciting.  We can’t wait to try this out in our Science Lab!

Nursery learning – week beginning 5th March 2018

As we continue with our focus of science the children are becoming more familiar with some language that links to this subject i.e. pippettes, test tubes, experiments and science lab. They are all keen to take part in not only group experiments but create some of their own.

The Ice Cream Experiment.

The Rotten Apple Experiment (continued)

We continue to observe our rotten apple, looking every day to see what is happening, we record what we see and think on our chart.

We plan to keep our apple until next week before cutting it up to see what it looks like.



Science and numeracy learning.


The diet coke and mentos experiment.

Luckily we had 2 bottles of diet coke so we were able to repeat the experiment again……it worked again!!

Nursery – promoting numeracy

To provide further opportunities for children to become more confident with, or, reinforce their current maths knowledge we worked with them to support their numeracy skills by counting each other outside.  We started with zero working up to 10 and the children enjoyed adding one more on after each photograph.














We now plan to laminate the photos and display them outside allowing the children to continue to develop their counting skills.


Laminated photos now in place outside, allowing children to count and write the numbers…….great learning opportunities. The children were so enthusiastic we had to do some more!

Lets do 1 and 2 together!! Moving on to adding up now.

We’re 3!



Let’s add one more on and make…..6.

And another ….7!



Double figures……10!

Finally we had to count everyone. A grand total of 19.

A simple, yet effective activity that involves the children and develops their counting skills.


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