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Nursery 17/18

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Nursery – Sharing our learning with P6/7

Today we visited P6/7 to share what we have learned about kindness and tell them how our kindness jar works.



Nursery – windy weather fun!

Well, we have had a great run of sunny and warm weather so the wind was bound to come at some point, anyway, in  nursery we made the most of the wind when dancing with the scarves in the garden, along with some keen musicians playing air guitar and singing along with Frank Sinatra into stick microphones!


We then took the scarves into the school field where we could say that the wind would make them blow and that we would have to hold onto them or they might just fly into the sky!

Nursery – Our jar of kindness – June 2018

This week we have introduced  a jar of kindness into both rooms in the nursery,this has already been hugely successful with the children and they have really taken on board the concept.

So, here is how it works in the words of the children, after showing them the jar of kindness for the first time:

oh no the jar is empty!”

but we could fill it up”

“yes, fill it up with kindness”

The conversation then developed when the children were asked “But when will you fill it up?”

“when we are kind to each other!”

“then it will be full of kindness”

We then found the bag of kindness full of soft and fluffy kindness balls.

Oh we could put a kindness ball in the jar when we are kind!”




One World Afternoon Nursery and whole school picnic 12th June 2018

The Nursery were part of the whole school Our World picnic this afternoon.

It’s movement time!


We can forward roll!



The downward dog!

The Tree Pose.

   The Cobra.

Nursery transition – playtime play with Primary 1, 1/2 and 6

Another successful transition was held today where our soon to be primary 1’s had time to get used to playing in the big playground. We had some fantastic support from the Primary 6 buddies who organised some good games for the children to join in with, the primary 1’s and 2’s were also there to help and play.

After our playtime we watched the older children stand in their lines, before making our own great line and heading back to nursery.

This afternoon we had a fabulous game of ‘Duck, Duck,Goose’ with all of the children joining in, great fun was had by everyone!

Big thanks again to all of our Primary 6 buddies!

Nursery Visit

Big thank you to the Nursery boys and girls for coming to visit us today!

‘It was fun having them over to play with us.’ –  Lewis

‘It was nice being able to draw with them.’ -Tyler

‘The nursery boys and girls are ready for primary 1- they were so well behaved!’ – Abbie

‘Please come and visit us again!’ – Eva



Outside learning activities week commencing 28th May 2018

The good weather this week has allowed the children to take their learning outside into the Nursery garden and here the boys decided they wanted to set up a cafe.  The boys decided it would sell cucumbers and candy and they set to work making these to sell.  Lots of great work went into their planning and sorting before they felt they had made their cafe.  The boys worked so well together, problem solving when cutting and sticking the pictures to the pieces of wood.  They then wanted to make a banner and decided only a very big one would do!  Great creativity from the boys and others who joined in to make a great banner with pictures, writing and the children’s own individual additions to their piece of work.

Then it was time to put it on the shed wall!  We all think it looks great!  The boys are already thinking what they can do tomorrow to make it better . . . . ‘real cucumber please?’ was one suggestion!

Nursery learning weeks 21st and 28th May 2018

Last week we had our Nursery Sports Day where all the children ran so well although we were also trying lots of different exercises and thinking about ways to move our bodies both indoors and outdoors.  From all of these discussions we were able to create lots of opportunities to try new things to see how good we are at doing them.

First, the children made a race track to run around, but then extended their learning by using the Ipad to time their laps.  This made them think about higher and lower numbers and, of course, it became quite competitive!  This was also a great activity for some of the boys going on to Primary 1.   They could build on their friendship as they had lots of fun together.

And, of course, we kept all the scores!

Some of the other children built a jumping platform and practiced their jumping.  They used pieces of wood to measure how far they could jump and each time they managed a little further.  Lots of good working together to make this activity fun but also active and competitive.

Other children used their time outside to improve their balancing skills using wooden supports.  Some could do it quickly and others took their time and managed to complete the course.

We also made time for some more familiar active games, Duck, Duck, Goose is always a favourite and gets all the children running round the circle.  Some would take a very wide circle to avoid being caught.

Other activities included throwing and catching a ball and of course, dancing to music outside with the use of scarves.  Another favourite which allows the children to move freely and be creative.

As the recent weather is very hot we have introduced a refreshment area so the children can access a drink of water at anytime during their outside play sessions.

When inside Nursery we have been introduced to some relaxing yoga with Miss Campbell.  The children really engaged in this activity moving slowly to music and holding balancing poses.  We call it ‘Sun Salutation’.  We hope to do this more often as it was a very relaxing and enjoyable way to stretch our bodies to music.

Our discussions about exercise led on to thoughts of what exercise actually is.  The children were able to provide great answers such as running, football and gymnastics to name a few before someone suggested an obstacle course. ……and below you will see the results ……look how well so many children wait, take their turns and also help each other around and over the obstacles.

To develop this further we then spoke to the children about what else we could use to make an obstacle course and after gathering everything we could think of the work began…..



Finaly, we were lucky enough to receive a visit from the primary 6’s and 7’s who had taken part in the schools Inter school sports at the weekend, they came to tell us about their successful day and to show us all the medals they had won individually and as a team.  We were then able to tell the older children that we are learning all about exercise and that we know that running is a really good way to get strong and healthy. This was a fantastic link with the school and a great way for the children to share their learning.


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