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Nursery 16/17

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Aternoon Nursery – Week Beginning 12th June 2017

The children  decided that they would like to create a library in their home corner and chose some categories of books they would like to read, this varied from books about bears, numbers, princesses and school books.  They also thought that we could reintroduce out job of librarian by using and whilst using the lanyard they also thought that a pair of glasses would be a good prop!addition would be for the  The library was well used both indoors and outdoors with all of the children taking turns to take on the duties connected with the job from saying “ssshhh”, using the ink and date stamper to tidying the books away.

As one of the children had requested some ‘school books’ we visited primary 1 and chose a book each from their book corner, we then took these back to nursery where we used them in our own library.

One of the children’s book choices during the week was ‘We’re Going On  A  Bear Hunt’, as we have read this a few times throughout the year the children were able to join in with the words.  The word oozy, which described the mud in the story caused great hilarity and we all though of what this may actually mean.  Answers such as yucky, squelchy and gooey were given, although we then thought it may actaully be quite nice to feel some oozy mud and this may allow us to describe this further and really extend our learning.

So, as you can see we set up a tray with thick oozy mud which the children were going to walk through with bare feet! After the mud they had to  walk over the bridge to get to  the  tray of lovely clean water!

Look, I can see myself.

Are we really going to walk in that?!

it tickles!!

The mud is sticky.

It’s splishy, splashy!

The mud is gooey and oozy!

Look at it in my toes!

I want to do it again!!

I need to go to the water now!

I don’t know if I like it!

I like the way this feels on my feet.


As the children were still quite taken with the word oozy, we created a word wall where there was an example of the word on a brick and lots of space for them to add words of their own.  This was really successful and really encouraged some great perseverence from the children as they wanted to ‘get it right!’


Afternoon Nursery Learning Week 19th June 2017

This week the children have continued their interest in books and the library and decided to add a library cafe to the library.   With this, we have progressed to looking at different places we can have something to eat in a social way.  This has introduced a diversity of foods in a range of social situations. This has given the children lots of scope to have food in Nursery, in the Nursery garden and of course school lunch in the dining hall for some and pack lunch for everyone the next day.


“We matched our cafe ticket names to ones in the library cafe list.”

“I chose the biscuit we had today, I chose bourbon biscuits because I like them!”

“We chose from the menu.”

At snack time we set up a restaurant with a waitress, menu card and a choice of cereals.

We had our snack cafe outside too with waitress service again.

We really enjoyed our trip to the dining hall for school lunch.

On Thursday we all took our pack lunches to the dining hall and ate our food there.



Afternoon Nursery learning commencing 5th June 2017

This week our learning was about valuing the opportunities we are given to make friends and be part of a gorup in a range of situations.  Due to the hazardous weather conditions on Tuesday, we were unable to go on our trip but instead, we found ourselves exploring new areas of the school in completely different ways.  At first this was a little daunting but, our children have experienced all sorts of defferent learning environemts and, as a group they supported each other to make the best of their day.  We moved to the lilac room and set up a fun day of learning experiences and were soon having a very busy  and exciting time.

“We went here because we didn’t go to the farm.”

“We made jigsaws there too.”

“We chose a book.  I wanted the other one!”

We came back to Nursery for a play and have our snack which we loved!

Before returning to the lilac room for one of our favourite games . . . the buzzers!  We had to listen to a sound on the CD player which varied between cows mooing, car engines or children laughing and we had press our buzzer when we could recognise the sound.  We were all very good at it!


“3 boys with buzzzers!   I have the orange one.  We listened to music and animals.”

It was a good fun day even if we didn’t get to the farm!

We continued our learning outside on Wednesday and supported each other as a group during a Primary 1 transition play on the school playground.  We had our snack first and chatted about what we would do before putting our rubbish in the bin and finding games to play with each other on the play ground.  We continued this on the field where we had a further play but also made sure our friends were ok in their play too.

“We went for our lunch in the playground but it was a snack.”

“Then we had to line up . . . I was last!”

This week we tried some ‘transient art’ outside which involves finding all sorts of natural materials and making a picture out of it.  The children were very creative and made some great art works.  This gave us the chance to be part of a group as we shared our ideas with others of what we had made and why we had used the pieces we had.

We plan to re-create our Nursery Library and the children are choosing the books they would like there.   We use different ways to choose books and particularly like voting on our storytime book.

“We were finding book and which one were we chose was the reading one.




Afternoon nursery – learning week beginning 29th May 2017

Alongside designing and building rockets last week the children also watched (on the computer)  the American space shuttle launching.  They were enthralled with how it ‘blasted off’ and wanted to find out what actually made it move……this questioning has formed the basis of this weeks planning where we would learn about forces.

We knew the balloon was filled with air and when we let the balloon go the air whooshing out made it move!

What would happen when we let the air come from the balloon behind the car?

yeah….it’s moving!

The children had now learned a very simple concept of force and how this could make things move.


Next we discussed how we can make things move by using force.  By kicking  the balls in the field the children could really comprehend  and understand the different scope of force. They kicked the ball gently only using  a small force and the ball did not move very far  but if they used a big kick they forced the ball to move further.

We had to look after our balls when we took them to the field.

This was a small force.

Getting ready to use a bigger force and see how far our balls moved.

It went further because we used a big force


We understood that air made things move so we used our own breath to blow the poms poms.


We had 2 hair dryers, one big and one small.  We talked about what came out of the hairdryer and once deciding it was air we tried to move some cars with the force that the air caused.  The big hair dryer had more force so made the car move further.  What was more fun was when  Mrs Carey blew our hair with the hairdryer….somepeople’s hair really moved!

We also moved the wooden blocks by pushing them, if we used a small force the wood only went to the first line but if we pushed harder it went further.  This was therefore a bigger force.



We then learned that pushing and pulling was a force and that we could make each other move.  We found a partner, held hands and pulled each other, then put our palms together and pushed.  Finally, we took a skipping rope outside to  practice pulling like a tug of war…..we worked out if we pulled hard we could make our partner move quite alot.

Afternoon Nursery learning week of 22nd May 2017

This week the children have been working on solving problems through design.  As we were reading number books last week and one of the stories was about building a rocket, the children eagerly asked if we could make a rocket of our own!  With this enthusiasm, some boys and girls have been designing rockets inside Nursery using our old pirate ship box.  Others have taken their learning outside to design an obstacle course for their friends or using the EDRA construction to build and design their own models.  There has been lots of problem solving dialogue and, with the use of clipboards or white boards, the children have given their plans lots of thought.

Some great designs!  There are more designs inside on the Nursery window which you may see when picking up your child.

Putting the designs into use, firstly indoors . . . Will this make a rocket?

Then we took our design work outside with the EDRA construction equipment.  Lots of great designs and imaginative ideas here which we hope your children will tell you all about when they see these photos.

The children have been very intrigued with the disappearance of Cupcake and her cousin Pete.  Lots of discussions of travel among the children who eagerly look to Cupcake’s box each day for any new photos of their adventures!  When will they return?

Lots of outside learning this week as we take full advantage of the good weather!  Do please remember to put sun cream on your child each day as we do like to be outside when we can.  Thanks everyone for bringing in snacks on a Wednesday, this gives the children a good opportunity to build their independence skills to open packets, eat their food and then find a bin for any unwanted wrappers!

And of course . . . our Sports Day.  Thank you to everyone for attending this event and making it so much fun for the children to show off their great sporting ability!  Thank you also for a wonderful snack, which the children most certainly deserved!






Afternoon Nursery learning- week beginning 15th May

This week we have continued to offer opportunities for the children to be pirates aboard our very own pirate ship, this has allowed us to reinforce learning relating to numbers whilst also encouraging the exploration of role play.

We ended last week with a pirate treasure hunt with numbered clues that led us around the school. The children listened well to every clue which let them work out where to go next, they were also able to follow the sequence of numbers.

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Afternoon Nursery learning for week starting 8th May 2017

With the better weather here, the children have taken their learning out into the Nursery garden.  The children were very keen to do some digging and planting and, as the garden was still in its winter state, they helped get lots of the weeds up to make space for some of the spring flowers to come through.

This sparked their interest in growing and finding out what happens when you plant a seed in the ground.  The children had lots of discussions before starting to do some planting of their own.

Soil, water and sun were the 3 things they learned were needed and, after a short planting lesson, the children set up their own planting station and took their learning forward.  The children could use some of the sequence cards which helped them see how the plants would grow.

The shoots came through very quickly and we have had some competitive growing discussions throughout the week!  The children are delighted with their success and have monitored their plants’ developments daily.

Nursery has had a new visitor this week.  Cupcake’s cousin Pete the Pirate came to visit and has been helping us with our learning!  Pete loves numbers and he brought his pirate friends along to help us.  He writes to us every day and brings us number games, number treasure hunts and letters from his pirate friends.


We have used this to explore our number knowledge in lots of different ways this week.  We found all of Pete’s pirate friends and matched each one to a number.  Then we matched them again to our Pirate Corner in the garden.  We have loved the hunting and matching games.

We have explored games where we have to use numbers in a sequence.  Some have been outside and some have been in Nursery.

We’ve chosen to work on individual numbers through games or working with a a friend in a game.

But we have also had some pirate fun!  We built a pirate ship, made lots of treasure maps and have had some tricky physical manoevers to get in and out of our ship!  Our treasure maps show treasure islands so we ‘made’ a treasure island using our rainbow circle to guide our paint brushes.  We all loved this so much we made 2 islands!


Afternoon Nursery Learning for Week Beginning 27th March 2017

This week we have been talking  about the different jobs that people do in our community.  The idea for this learning came about after the recent visit from the Fire Service, and when thinking about our up and coming trips to Ach An Eas,  and means we can explore and begin to understand the roles that people play within their jobs.

The children throught we could make our home corner into a hospital, where they could be doctors and nurses and generally “fix people!”  All patients were  well looked after, having bandages wrapped around them, injections and their hearts listened to by some very attentive staff.

We are going to fix him….i think he has a sore tummy.

I am listening to her heartbeat.

We spoke about other people that work in the hospital and thought that there would be “cleaners to keep everything clean”, and “cookers to make the food”. We also  looked at some x-rays and  thought that they must have been taken by the “x-ray people!”

Mrs Grant also visited us and showed us her nurses uniform.  She told us all of the jobs that she does when working in the hospital.

The left hand column says what the children thought a nurse might do before our visit, with the right hand column telling us what they had learned after Mrs Grant came to see us.

We would like to thank Mrs Grant very much for spending the time with us and answering all of our questions.


We moved our fire station role play outdoors and once again this allowed the opportunity for the children to take on the role of fire fighters, driving the engine, using the hose and completing the necessary paperwork.


We held a practice fire evacuation to reinforce what we should do if we did hear the fire alarm, or if there ever was a fire. On this occasion we employed out very own Fire Warden whose jobs included making sure that everyone was safe and accounted for when we reached our safe space.

That’s the way we go out if there is a fire.

I was the Fire Warden

The Fire Warden made sure everyone was present and correct.



The children were also keen to use the Police resources and we had some quite officious officers writing tickets for speeding motorists, and for those who jumped the red light!

You need to stop at the red light.

I was going way too fast!

I am writing a ticket.

I am the police officer.

We stop people going too fast.


We enjoyed our trip to Ach An Eas,with the bus journey there and back being a bit of a highlight!

We took our rainbow circle to sit on when we were singing and we used our big voices to entertain everyone, then we finished off with a tasty snack.


After our trip it was straight to the gym for our final football session, and we all enjoyed a great game, scoring quite a few goals. We all earned our certificates for all of our good listening and hard work.

Another busy and great week!

Planning for next week.

AM Nursery 30/03/17

What a busy week don’t know how we fitted everything in but we did, we had Star of the Week, Adventures of Fish and Artist of the Week, a visit to P1/2 for a indoor egg hunt then a game of matching the eggs, we also met them in the big playground for a play.

The children were working together to complete jigsaws and make Otogon shapes, outside play they were making potions and playing football. Inside they were putting Jewels in the playdough, playing hospitals and making a bus out of the construction blocks.

Our last session with Ross County went very well, with all players shaking hands at the end.

We went to visit Pink Panther to hear the Easter story read by one of the parents.

We had another fantastic visit to Ach An Eas, making Easter Cards with the Residents, the children were chatting away to them with they made their cards, one lady said “this has just made my day”, so we are looking forward to another visit soon.

Mr Laird came in and spoke about his job as a Chef and made Smoothies with the children, mixed reaction to how they tasted.

We would like to thank all our parents for all their support over the last term and wish you all a very Happy Easter

Afternoon Nursery learning week commencing 3rd April 2017

This week we continued our interest in people who help us in the community by having Pam and Laura, 2 Community Police Officers in for a visit.    They told us about their police station and some of the things they do when they are are working, then they let us try on some real police jackets and hats.  They were very helpful and answered lots of our questions.

We found out about police dogs and how they help the police sniff out things we can’t smell.  We learned about police cars, motorbikes and helicopters and that they even have a police boat they use in the sea.   But most of all we found out that the police are there to keep us safe.  We felt very safe with Pam and Laura.

We went out to see their police car and saw the flashing lights and heard the siren.  It was pretty loud but Pam only put it on for a few seconds.  We aslo found out that the police cars have numbers on the roof to help the police helicopters know where they are.

After the police left, we made our own police station and dressed up as the police.  We could write tickets for anyone speeding or driving carelessly.

Then there was a real live traffic incident and all the police came to help out.  Thankfully the casualty was not hurt but had only lost her shoe.  All in a day’s work . . .

In Nursery we have 2 police officers who will help each day.  They can volunteer for the job which will involve helping others and Mrs Bain and Mrs Carey and keeping everyone safe.  They will need to wear ID badges like Pam and Laura had.  Our first 2 police officers did a great job today helping outside and with their friends.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely Easter break and we look forward to seeing all of the children back with their usual enthusiasm!

On our return our plan will be to settle the children back into their routine, and, observe them at play so we can plan our next area of learning.

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