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Nursery – 15/16

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Afternoon Nursery Transition Banquet

On Wednesday the Nursery joined Primary 1/2 for our last transition project event.  We celebrated with a castle banquet.  We started with some dancing followed by our buffet banquet and our song There Was A Princess Long Ago which we acted out in the Lilac room.  This is what we thought of the day –

“I really liked it, it was fun.  The best bit was the dancing.”  Daniel McRoberts

“I liked the food we had to eat.”  Layla

“I liked the popcorn.”   Abbie

“I liked the dancing and the music.”  Lennox

“I liked the drinks and the food.”  Erin



DSCN9948 DSCN9949 DSCN9950 DSCN9951 DSCN9954 DSCN9955 DSCN9956 DSCN9957 DSCN9959 DSCN9961 DSCN9967 DSCN9971 DSCN9972 DSCN9975

Afternoon Nursery Smartstart Heart Day!


The boys and girls talked about exercises which keep their hearts healthy. We made a chart and tried each exercise out on the playground. We checked to see if our hearts were beating fast at the end.


We decorated a giant heart and talked about what colour to use. Daniel wanted sparkly bits on it too.


We really enjoyed our ‘food for a healthy heart’ snack. Lots of us liked the strawberries best. Not many of us liked the avocado.


We will add a smily face to the exercises which make our heart beat faster.



We looked up foods on the computer which help our heart. There are 10 which are the best.


We used the red playdough to make heart pictures.


Abbie felt her heat beating after our exercises.

DSCN7709 DSCN7710 DSCN7712 DSCN7716 DSCN7717

Afternoon Nursery Eco Day

Afternoon Nursery joined the rest of the school for some Eco activities.  We talked about what we thought Eco meant and this is what we said –

“Eco means to look after the flowers and seeds.” Lennox

“It means to pick up the litter, litter is bad.”  Lucy

“Eco is looking after our planet.”   Callum

“We should make sure we have forests.”   Nathan

“We need to look after all the petals of the flowers so they don’t fall off.”  Layla

“We look after animals.”  Abbie

“I look after my toys, if they get broken we recycle them.”  Zara

We looked at the Eco flag made by the rest of the school and said we could see a tree in it and plants and a person with their arms out.  We thought the green colour was the grass and plants and the blue colour was water.

We made transient pictures with natural items we found in the garden.  We chalked a frame round our picture and then showed it to the other boys and girls.

DSCN7640 DSCN7641 DSCN7642 DSCN7644 DSCN7645 DSCN7646 DSCN7651 DSCN7654DSCN7637DSCN7635DSCN7633

school lunch


DSCN0232Zara  ‘It was good.’

DSCN0231Emily – ‘My gran had the same as me.’


DSCN0234 ‘This is fun with my  daddy.’



DSCN0236 Lily – ‘I managed my tray all by myself.’

DSCN0235Cameron – ‘I only liked the ice lolly.’DSCN0230James-  ‘I nearly dropped my tray.’

Charley- ‘It was good to have my mummy to help.’

Callan – ‘I loved the mince and tatties.’

Evie  – ‘Yummy Pizza, and I managed my tray.’

Billy – ‘It was tasty.’

Kyle –  ‘Cool Pizza.’

Eco Assembly and Katy the Ranger

Today we had an Eco assembly to let everyone in the school know what the Eco Crew have been up to.We also showed pictures from the wild life camera and let people know what is going to happen during Eco Day.They interviewed the nursery children and they explained what they have been doing for Eco.

  • ‘I felt nervous about the assembly but after I felt happy because we did really well.’
  • ‘I liked seeing the photos of the animals.’
  • ‘I liked that the Eco Crew interviewed nursery because I think it’s a good idea for nursery to do the eco.’
  • DSCN4365[1] DSCN4370[1] DSCN4355[1] DSCN4363[1]

Katy the Ranger presented a talk about Endangered Species in the afternoon. We learned lots of interesting facts.

Here is what some of us learned:

  • ‘I learned lots about animals and how they could become extinct. Now I know more about what’s happening to them.’
  • ‘Now I know about their habitats and where they live. I found out that the red squirrels normally live in Pine Cone Trees and the Pine Martins only go for the grey squirrels.’
  • ‘I know a bit more how they are struggling to live and how they suffer.’
  • ‘It was good learning about different animals. I felt sad that the elephants were endangered.’
  • ‘Now I kind of know if I see one of the animals are in danger I will help them. I feel sad about all of the ones in danger.’

DSCN4392[1] DSCN4391[1]

Afternoon School Lunches!

All the children enjoyed the experience of having lunch in the school dining room. Here are some comments from the children about how they felt.

‘I felt happy because I liked the lolly at the end!’   Callum

‘It was great! And the pizza was nice too.’   Daisy

‘It was good. I liked mum there and Finn was beside me.’   Erin

‘The mince was great!’   Layla

‘I liked the ice lolly. I spilt my water but I got another one.’ Lennox

‘I liked the pizza and carrying the tray.’   Lucy

‘I was a wee bit scared then I was happy, I liked the pudding!’   Abbie

‘I thought it was joyful! The pudding was fun. I was scared to carry the tray but I managed.’   Tillie

‘I liked the strawberry lolly, it was nice’   Nathan

‘It was fantastic! I liked the pizza and having a blue band. Dad had mince and tatties.’   Ala

‘I liked the pizza.’   Finn

‘I didn’t eat very much.’ Georgia

‘I liked it.’ Calum

‘I didn’t like the pizza so much but I liked the chips and yummy things.’   Daniel

‘It was brilliant! I liked being in a line.’   Zara

‘I was excited and I liked my mum being there.’   Amber


DSCN7572  DSCN7568 DSCN7566 DSCN7565 DSCN7564 DSCN7563 DSCN7560 DSCN7559

Afternoon Nursery “How we felt about our visit to the Dining hall”



‘The dining hall was good. I saw what was going on.’ Lennox

‘The dining hall was good, lots of chatting.’ Layla

‘Our visit was great, I saw Anna.’ Callum G

‘The dining hall was great!’ Tillie

‘I saw Chloe.’ Lucy

‘I saw the cooks and the kitchen.’ Abbie





Tuesday 15th March

We had a busy day today of Transition with P1. Mr MacRoberts came and read the Easter Story.DSCN8532 DSCN8534 DSCN8535

We had outside snack today in the big playground.

‘It was fun’ James.

‘I had a banana’ Clement.

‘My strawberries are so big’ Kaiyan.DSCN8553 DSCN8541 DSCN8542 DSCN8543 DSCN8544 DSCN8545 DSCN8547

New class teacher today Charley read her favourite story, The Gruffalo to the whole class. Charley explained that she was able to read the pictures as she did not know the words.DSCN8538 DSCN8539 DSCN8540DSCN8550

Afternoon Nursery Eco Day

On Friday the Nursery had an Eco day.  We took our learning outside and looked at ways of developing our outside area.  Have a look at what we achieved!



“We made a Beastie Hotel for spiders to live in.” Daniel and Calum. “We made a Bug Hotel. We got some wood and some yogurt pots and we put some leaves inside the pots. The leaves are for the bugs to sleep in. I am learning to be patient and wait for the bugs to come. There are no bugs in the hotel yet!” Finn



“I was planting my flower. I put a seed into a yogurt tub then I watered it and put in soil. When I take it home I will water it.” Abbie


“I was digging the soil to find worms. They are for our Beastie Hotel. It was quite easy to dig and we found some worms. I used a spade to dig the soil.” Amber. “I was digging for some worms. My worms were for the wormery. We put them in the wormery and we filled the wormery with soil and sand. We then put some water in it and a worm slid down because he didn’t like the water.” Georgia


“I found a worm. It was underground. Someone helped me get it out. It was going into the wormery.” Ala


“I was digging out the ground so we could plant our potatoes. I put 4 potatoes in the ground. I learned that potatoes have shoots.” Nathan


“We went with the P6 Eco Group helpers to find leaves and twigs for our Beastie Hotel. We looked for them in the School garden and brought them back.” Lennox and Calum


“We put sticks and leaves into our yogurt pots. We want beasties to live inn our Beastie Hotel. If a bug comes in I want to name it Twiggy!” Tillie “We made a Beastie Hotel. We used sticks and yogurt pots for the beasties to live in.” Daniel


“We put soil and sand into our wormery. We found quite a lot of worms and put them in the wormery. We put leaves on top for the worms to eat.” Callum


” I was painting with paint and mud. It made my picture look lumpy. It was funny to do that! I made a picture of the whole world!” Daisy


“I was painting a picture of the sunshine. I used paint and mud. It was like a little gooey! My picture turned out nice because it was the sunshine.” Zara


“We planted potatoes. The potatoes have shoots already.” Tillie

DSCN7348 DSCN7361 DSCN7362 DSCN7363 DSCN7364 DSCN7375

Spring Fayre

We are fast approaching  the day of our Spring Fayre, run by the Parent Council. This takes place on Saturday, 23 April from 12pm-3pm. There are a LOT of exciting things to do, including;

  • Bouncy castle
  • Fun slide
  • Stalls
  • Competitions
  • Stocks – throwing things at teachers!

We hope you can make it and we look forward to a great community event

Spring Fayre

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