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First Aid with P5 & P5/6

Today P5 & P5/6 got together to learn about Emergency Action.

  • Know that getting help in an emergency is an important part of first aid.
  • Learn when to get adult help.
  • Know how to call 999.
  • Find out what happens when they call 999 and what information they need to give.
    • I enjoyed first aid because it gave me the experience of how to do first aid.
    • I learnt different ways of treating people if they are in need of first aid – putting pressure on a bleeding wound.
    • I enjoyed the different groups because I enjoy working with others.
    • It was fun doing the quiz because it made me more confident.
    • I enjoyed doing the 999 call because I now know what to do if I am in that situation.
    • If you put butter on a burn it keeps the burn going and it hurts even more.
    • I learnt the basics of first aid.
    • I now know when to phone 999 in an emergency.
    • The computer games helped me identify hazards in the home.

Cycling Proficiency

Pupils from Primary 6 participated in cycling proficiency this week. The children learned how to keep themselves safe when cycling on the road. It was a super workshop.

“It was helpful to know what we have to do when we are cycling on a road. I learned how to do the life saver turn.”

“It was really good when we were doing our cycling proficiency because it all helps me to be safe on the roads.”

“I enjoyed doing the life savers move because it lets you look back to see if there are cars or people on the road.”

“Cycling proficiency helped us to be more aware and safer on the road.”

“I enjoyed the cycling  because we got to learn what to do in different situations.”

“I thought it was good because we got to learn about safety on our bikes on the road.”

“I enjoyed doing the cycling because it was fun and it was a good experience!”


Health Scavenger Hunt C Block

Today is the start of Holm Health and Well-being week and we have lots of exciting and interesting activities to help us learn about the different areas of Health.

This morning we completed a Scavenger Hunt that taught us lots of different facts about the human body.

  • “I enjoyed the hunt because it was really fun.”
  • “I learnt that babies have more bones than adults.”
  • “I found it interesting and I learned new facts such as babies have more bones than adults.”
  • “I was surprised that babies have more bones than adults.”
  • “Your left lung is smaller so the heart can fit in your body.”
  • “I enjoyed being outside in the sun.”
  • “I enjoyed walking around the field, discussing the questions and writing down the answers.”
  • “It’s always fun working with children in other classes.”
  • “I was shocked that you use more muscles to frown than smile.”
  • “I learned that your heart is about the same size as your fist.”
  • “I enjoyed the scavenger hunt because I learnt some new things for example there are four types of blood: A, B, O & AB.”
  • “I learned that it takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown.”
  • “I learned that the brain weighs 3lbs.”
  • “I learned that you have 100,000 hairs on your head and you lose 60 hairs a day.”

DSCN4471[1] DSCN4470[1] DSCN4469[1] DSCN4466[1] DSCN4463[1] DSCN4462[1] DSCN4461[1] DSCN4460[1] DSCN4459[1] DSCN4458[1] DSCN4456[1] DSCN4455[1]




Eco Activities from Holm Groovers

Katie the Ranger 

On Monday, Katie Martin the Ranger, came to our school to talk about Endangered animals.  We learned about the importance of animals’ habitats, looking after/caring for our environment and some pretty cool facts.  P3 wrote some comments about what they learned.  

“Dolphins are being hit by boats because drivers are not looking carefully enough to see the them. Speed boats are the worst. Some people are trying to create a safe space for dolphins to protect them.”  Archi

“There are only 12 000 blue whales in the world.  Katie told us that a blue whale would not even fit in our gym hall.  Then she reminded us how big the world is and how much water it has.  There too much water and not enough whales to help them make that many babies”  Zoe.

“There are red squirrels that are endangered because the grey squirrels have a disease.  Red squirrels would die if they got the disease.  Red squirrels can be found near where we live.  Pine Martens help the red squirrels by eating all the grey squirrels.”     

All the children sat beautifully listening to Katie.  They found the activity interesting and learn a lot from it.  We talked about how some of the facts were shocking and could be very sad to think about.  We were displaying kindness by visualising this and taking the time and care to talk about the importance of animals and our world.   

Eco Activity Day 

On Tuesday morning it was ECO day.  We were so excited to try out our new activities and learn amazing stuff.  The ECO crew were great leaders and we thank them for their time/effort.  Below our some of our comments about just a few things the P4 covered that day:  

“I liked when we went to the String of Life Activity.  We had to play the game.  First, we had to connect two words on different papers.  For example, slug was connected to plants because that is what slugs eat.  

Then we had to hold string to connect them BUT cut the string.  The cutting was to try and make us understand what the world would be like without the connection.  Everything is connected and if you take one thing away this will be bad for our world and many things will be affected.  It is like learning that actions have consequences.”

Keira S – I liked when we did gardening.  We put the soil in pots and planted sunflower seeds.  It reminded me of when I help in the gardening group, and how it benefits our school community.”  

Kirsty – I liked when we played top trumps in Mrs Malone’s class.  The cards had pictures of bugs and it talked about the advantages of each animal.  We played the game with others.  

Nyree – I liked when we were putting things in the bug hotel.  I liked it because we got to work with others that we don’t normally work with especially the younger children.  This was a nice activity to do because it was kind for the bugs and good for our environment.”  

We continued to talk about how the morning had made us feel happy.  We were learning all the time, applying different skills and working with various ages.  This allowed our skills to be pushed but supported at the same time. Some children felt it helped build our school community doing this which was creating a healthy environment.    

In the ECO Crew, Shannon and Ella reflected on leading the activity of teaching the ECO song: “We enjoyed Eco day because we got to run a station and take charge of learning the Eco crew song”   

The girls worked well together changing over jobs every time a new group came in. One would lead the workshop while the other assisted, with the technology, giving help when needed.   They were well prepared with a powerpoint for the children to sing along with.  As the morning, went on the children got better delivering the song and instructing/guiding their participants.  They were keen to progressively get better at what they were trying to achieve by working on the areas they needed too.  They did a fabulous job.  Thank you girls for teaching us the ECO song.  

We celebrated after lunch with a whole school sing a long!!    

Thank you to the Eco Crew for organising our day.  

Holm Groovers

Eco Day!

On the 17th May, we all took part in Eco Day at school. We all thoroughly enjoyed the wide range of learning opportunities and experiences the activities gave us.
Here are some comments the class made about Eco Day.

“I enjoyed having lots of different Eco activities because you got to go to stations with other classes.”

“It was interesting learning more about the environment and how we are destroying it. We should keep our environment tidy and clean, for not just for us, but the animals as well.”

“Eco Day was fun, especially when we made the bug hotel.”

“I enjoyed learning the Eco song because I think it is a good song. It teaches you how to save the environment.”

“The activities we were doing on Eco Day were fun because they were all different and interesting. I learned not to pollute or litter as it can affect the wildlife.”

Eco Day

Katy the Ranger visited the upper school to talk about endangered animals.

  • I learnt that some of the animals I like are endangered.
  • I learnt that blue whales are huge, they are about the same size as our games hall.
  • I learnt that the reason  wild cats are endangered is because they are not mating with the other wild cats.


Station 7 – String of Life Game


  • I enjoyed Eco Day because it gave as a chance to mingle with other classes and gave us an opportunity to do fun things.
  • I enjoyed Eco Day because we went round the different classes doing different stations up until lunch.
  • I enjoyed Eco Day because I got to run a station and take charge of learning the Eco crew song.
  • I enjoyed the Eco Day because there was lots of different activities to do.
  • I enjoyed Eco Day because we did a lot of fun things, my favourite activity was the String of Life game.
  • I liked doing the orienteering because we got to learn outside.
  • I enjoyed when we were making a picture in outdoor art, I used sticks, leaves, stones and branches.
  • I enjoyed when the whole school went outside and we all joined in singing the eco crew song.
  • I enjoyed the getting cups and putting them in the bug hotel to help little insects find somewhere to live.

Thank You Eco Crew!

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the Eco Crew members as today went so well. The Eco Crew created the activities and led the workshops. They have worked very hard at sharing our agenda with the school and they showed great leadership skills throughout the day.

Well done,

Mrs Gibb!

DSCN4428[1] You have worked well as a team,encouraging others to get involved in the school’s eco agenda. I can see from the happy faces that as well as having exciting learning experiences, a fun time was had by all. Well done!

Mrs Matheson

Eco Bug Hotel

We had a wonderful Eco day today working our way around 10 different stations. The children worked really well together and there were plenty of smiles around! The children gained more knowledge about biodiversity and the Eco Crew were fantastic leaders.

Station number 8 was helping to make a Bug Hotel to encourage more insects to the school. The school had been so impressed with the nursery one we wanted to create another hotel for the school playground. We aren’t quite finished as we are going to collect more wood and try to add some bricks in but we think it’s a super start!

“I liked collecting all of the bits and pieces to use in the hotel.”

“I think the bugs will like it because the leaves will be cosy for them.”

“I’d say the hotel was a 4* hotel because we need to add even more into it.”

DSCN4422[1] DSCN4425[1] DSCN4419[1] DSCN4397[1] DSCN4394[1] DSCN4402[1] DSCN4409[1]

P5/6 thought the eco day was very successful, here are their thoughts.

“I enjoyed the string of life because I was the sun and the I learned that the sun has a very important job.” 

“It was cool being connected on the string of life and seeing the impact when the web was cut.”

“I liked the eco song because we got to do actions and sing.” 

“I liked doing the art because it was very interesting.” 

“I enjoyed doing the art because we got to find the materials outside.”




Eco Day – The Trouble with Dragons!

A great day was had by all today at our Eco Day!

At one of the stations the children listened to the story ‘The Trouble with Dragons’ and thought about the messages the story was trying to teach us. Here are some of the children’s thoughts:

‘I liked the book because it was about being kind to animals. It was also trying to teach us that we must show kindness and love to our world.’ Melody P2

‘I enjoyed the book because I liked how the dragons had to look after the world and not treat it like a dump. They learned their lesson in the end.’ Suzie P2


DSCN2118 DSCN2119


The children had a wonderful time exploring all of the different activties!

‘It was a really good experience because I’ve never done it before!’ Rosa P2

‘I enjoyed all of it!’ Lincoln P2

‘I really enjoyed listening to the story because I hadn’t heard it before.’ Katie P2

DSCN2108 DSCN2109 DSCN2115 DSCN2122 DSCN2126 DSCN2130 DSCN2132 DSCN2135 DSCN2136 DSCN2140 DSCN2141


Eco Trumps the Day!

Today, at station 6, the boys and girls (a mixture of Primary 1-7 pupils) enjoyed a game of Eco Top Trumps. On the trumps cards there was different information about insects. This included their size, number of legs, popularity and camouflage. Pupils had to compare different subjects on the cards and whoever had the higher number got to keep the cards. The winner was the person with the most cards at the end of the game.

ECO DAY 040 - Copy ECO DAY 041 - Copy ECO DAY 042 ECO DAY 043 ECO DAY 044 Pupil comments included:

‘It was fun when we had the centipede and millipede cards because they had lots of legs and I didn’t know that before.’

‘It was good to learn the different sizes. My favourite was the millipede card because you could win with it.’

‘I learned about insects and bugs. It was fun playing with my partner and helping them to read the information.’

The boys and girls all enjoyed going to the different eco stations! A fab day was had by all!

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